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News Briefs 27-05-2010

Farewell, Mr. Vargas. And thank you for starting my social awareness at an early age, with the help of your beloved characters :'(

  • With all the recent hyperbole re. the ‘creation’ of synthetic life, Micah Hanks asks: Could mankind be hijacked? Personally, I’m more worried about copyright issues.
  • Jon Ronson: the man who stares at other people’s writing —he’s not a spell check Nazi, though.
  • The next Moon race is not US vs China: it’s humans vs robots.
  • First human ‘infected with computer virus’. Rick has been complaining recently that his laptop gave him the clap 😛
  • Tracking the ancestry of corn back 9,000 years. Man & tortillas have been almost inseparable.
  • Blame the methane: are the accursed hydrate crystals responsible for the Deep Water explosion? IMO what we’re dealing with here is Lord Chtulhu’s poop.
  • Do humans need a golden rule 2.0? Great, *another* gold scam…
  • The unlikely Jesus: reading & unreading the Gospels.
  • Beware of Prince William, for he is the Anti-Christ, cloned from the shroud of Turin! At least this is the theory of Dr. Joye Pughe, recently interviewed by the unbeatable Tim Binnall. Listen, if you dare [Caveat auditor].
  • The Large Hadron Collider is not only good for, you know, colliding hadrons —it’s also the world’s biggest (and most expensive!) musical instrument. Harmonics & Creation makes good food for thought, no?
  • 13-year-old Jordan Romero is the youngest climber to conquer the Everest —shouldn’t you be playing some videogame or something, you overachieving brat?? [Video]
  • Vindicated!! Playing video games can train you to experience lucid dreaming.
  • House for sale: great opportunity for young couples with children —with just one minor irrelevant kink…
  • Big surprise: British government does a 180 on Gary McKinnon.
  • How to Train a Human, by Chris Holly —to be followed next week by How to Spay & Neuter a Human.
  • 1977: Best year in Science Fiction —Hey, Close Encounter is NOT fiction; it was real!
  • DARPA’s new sniper rifle gives perfect shot across 12 football fields —painting my windows black, BRB.
  • Russian general says Stalin blocked two attempts to assassinate Hitler. He was probably waiting for his army of humanzees to be ready.
  • The subtleties of time travel
  • Movie product licensing: U r doin it WRONG!! >_<

Thanks to Greg, Rick, Kat, Susan & Borola Burrón.

Quote of the Day:

“I have an immense respect for Craig Venter, whom I consider one of the smartest men who ever breathed, but, giving fallible humans such powers is similar to giving a small child a bunch of explosives.”

Nassim N. Taleb. Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering, NYU-Polytechnic.

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