News Briefs 11-03-2010

May your skies be full of vibrant iridescent clouds…

Thanks to Rick, Kat, Greg & Moezilla. And also thanks to Corey, for teaching me how to recognize a master vampire —Very handy info y’all.

Quote of the Day:
“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Albert Pike

  1. demise of civilization hastened
    The demise of civilization is upon us already. Links to New Scientist typically result in
    You have now viewed your 6 free articles.
    And then to promise relief for those who don’t read more than the first line
    Registration is easy and grants you access to up to 15 articles per month.*
    Up to 15 is usually a guarantee of one thing – it won’t be 16.


    1. The End is Nigh (insert password)
      NS new policies are a pain in the ass; but a few weeks ago I had no choice but to acquiesce. It’s a very good source of info.

    1. LOL
      It’s the porn version of St Thomas skepticism 😉

      If you read the comments on that article, you can see that pretty much everybody is in agreement that getting into such discussions is pretty much pointless at this point, given that the existence of Bigfoot has not been confirmed yet. To me it might be a reflection on how some researchers in that field as desperate to gain a level of respectability —and it turns into exactly the opposite.

      Having said that, I’ve always been a fan of speculation; it’s great fun, provided you are aware it’s nothing more than that.

  2. Zheng, He in America?
    No mention of Gavin Menzies (author of 1421 & 1434) in the article “The Search of Zheng”.

    E.P., you wouldn’t have an opinion about Menzies would you?

    1. 1421
      Thanks for asking, Charles

      I enjoyed his book “1421”. When I read it I was wondering if the destruction of the capitol city had been by comet fragment impact, rather than by lightening in a windstorm.

      It seems likely to me that Zheng explored the Pacific and Africa, probably to Timbuktu and the West African coast. Whether he made it across the Atlantic is open, but right now my inclination would be no.

      Some of the archaeological materials he cited held up, some no. It hurts to be on the cutting edge, and you bleed.

      Menzies is very conversant with the Chinese materials, and he may end up being the first to provide Chines documents concerning the Great Wall of Water impact mega-tsunami. Right now the dates are coming in around 1443, but the Inka goes out to take a look in 1465.

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