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Just when you thought you had hit rock bottom… you find out you’re standing on quicksand 🙁

  • Space elevator gets first acquaintance with the hard reality —and the even-harder ground.
  • The success of future rocket space missions depends on… balloons.
  • James Oberg on why human exploration of Mars is surprisingly hard —Shhhh! Nobody tell him about Alternative 3
  • Video: Deleted scene of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind —and no, it’s not when Richard Dreyfuss discovers he’s an alien-human hybrid… although THAT would have been really cool 😛
    [PS: Don’t you find the location of the scene marvelously ironic?]

  • New British crop circle: is it Mothman, or the Tick’s faithful sidekick Arthur? either way, I bet John Keel’s smiling from his new home in the 5th dimension.
  • The problem with über-skepticism.
  • What does Zahi Hawass fear the most? (A): The possible discovery of an Atlantean chamber under the Sphynx; or (B): The tourists’ breath. The answer is…
  • Proof #543 that time travel IS possible —but is restricted only to the super-rich 🙂
  • Missing AA link: Monkeys with a particular gene variant more likely to get drunk.
  • Orphaned gorillas sent to isolated island —is this a ‘Lost’ spinoff??
  • Hobbits may be older than Homo Erectus —so I guess that makes them 2nd Age, right?
  • Pie Grande: Scott Corrales discusses Bigfoot reports in Latin America.
  • Loren Coleman reviews how the Fortean archetype of the evil clown has showed its wicked grin during the summer of 2009.
  • These knuckle-draggers had some serious flight power.
  • Marijuana smoke more damaging than previously thought —and a Marijuana fire? that’s like… super bad, man!
  • “Turn on, tune in & drop *the enemy* out” : Psychoactive drugs as weapons.
  • Robert Novak, the journalist who revealed Valerie Plame’s CIA cover, died last Tuesday.
  • Big love? Not! Rest easy, Octomom: your freaky title remains unchallenged 😉
  • Researchers think Mozart was killed by strep throat —seems he didn’t clean his ‘magic flute’ regularly enough.
  • Aibo? Meh… check out Leonardo’s kick-ass mechanical lion —probably intended to viciously maim all those who made fun of his dreams of flying.
  • Eccelente! Italy launches first clean hydrogen power plant.

Thanks Rick, Greg, Kat & Moonchild.

Quote of the Day:

“If you want to make light solid, show it to the moon”

‘Alchemic’ translation by Dr. Mario Pazzaglini of one of Betty Andreasson’s ‘alien writings’ —mentioned in Greg Bishop’s “The Magus of Delaware”, as part of the Darklore 3 anthology. (Feel free to comment on what you think it means).