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Tell me your favorite conspiracy theory, and I’ll tell you your political affiliation.

  • After being a wrestler, a movie star and a governor, what’s left to do? How about hosting a Conspiracy Theory TV show? Guess Jesse will not be invited to the Bohemian Grove again πŸ˜‰
  • Dan Brown to suggest George Washington was a traitor? or even worse… a pirate??
  • From Freemasons to “Birthers”: The rise of D.C. conspiracy theories β€”until Obama shows us his original birth certificate, there’s every reason to doubt that he was born at all!
  • 10 amazing truths you already suspected, so go ahead & click the link, just to confirm your suspicions.
  • Cloud ships on course to beat climate change. Is as if Al Gore was using a Ouija board to ask Jules Verne for advise; so I feel it is only fair we design those ships with a more steampunk style πŸ˜‰
  • Video: Elaine Morgan, almost 90 years old (!), and she can still kick Richard Dawkins’ ass when discussing her ‘aquatic ape’ theory.
  • 17 questions with alternative Egyptologist David Rohl β€”a 18th one would be: “where can one buy a cool hat like that, amigo?” πŸ˜›
  • Stunned archeologists have discovered that Walt Disney was envious of China’s first emperor β€”what a small wold this is πŸ˜›
  • Pterosaurs were such skilled flyers, that after being dead for 130 million years, they still manage to travel from China to Brazil.
  • Rex’s Anatomy: Scanning technique reveals fossils in 3D.
  • Have you checked for fossilized footprints in your garden lately?
  • Those ancient British really liked each other β€”so much that a dinner invitation was *very hard* to refuse.
  • A druid protester has collected thousands of signatures on a petition to return the human remains that were taken from Stonehenge β€”signatures?? that’s the best you pagans can do? couldn’t you send a few decapitated heads instead?
  • Tired of beating the crap out of New York for the umptenth time, Roland Emmerich now turns to Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy.
  • Ford almighty! Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio will bring a Brave New World to the movie theaters β€”but Leo is too short to be an Alpha!
  • A Perth resident β€”in western Australiaβ€” snaps a picture of misterious lights flying over the city.
  • Sleep paralysis: when you’re taken hostage inside your own body πŸ™
  • Tracking the source of Gaia’s hum.
  • Astronomers release imagery of “exotic” star which spurts out regular ejections of matter, as a result of occasional interactions with a longtime companion β€”you find rude neighbors in every parsec…
  • If you have no home in land, then it’s time to conquer the seas: Two dozen Polish homeless men are building a ship to sail themselves around the world.
  • The luckiest kid on Earth lives in Paraguay.
  • Easter island has football debut β€”finding uniforms big enough for the local team must have been a bitch πŸ˜›

Thanks Kat, Greg & Moonchild.

Quote of the Day:

“Certitude is seized by some minds, not because there is any philosophical justification for it, but because such minds have an emotional need for certitude.”

Robert Anton Wilson