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  • Why did Buzz Aldrin back down from his UFO-spotting statement during Apolo 11? Is it perhaps because he’s hanging out with Snoops?
  • Close Encounters with the Pentagon: how the US government has tried to manipulate the public perception of UFOs through Hollywood movies (H/T to Nick Redfern).
  • 8 Ways Scientists Look at —But Don’t Yet See—Dark Matter. The same way politicians hear —but don’t yet listen— to our complaints :-/
  • How Einstein was coaxed to go to America by the Zionists —Oh Noes!— and his noble reasons to concede —Huh?
  • “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” & “Lucy’s Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia” are both showing in the Big Apple right now. Can you imagine the Titanic movie with Lucy co-starring Leo DiCaprio? Is the fact that I actually can something I should worry about??
  • Hoopla & disappointment in Schizophrenia research. But really, wouldn’t that be best suited for Manic-Depression research?
  • What do dreams mean? Whatever your bias says —personally I’m afraid of being a BIASexual…
  • People unsure of beliefs are more close-minded. Hmmm… not sure what to make of this one.
  • Hey atheists: send your skeptic kiddies to Uncle Dawkins’ Happy Godless Summer Camp. It’s great critical fun!!! 😀
  • First there were snakes on a —motherf*%cking— plane. Now there’s snakes on a —motherf*%cking— nervous system @_@
  • “Billy!! chew with your mouth closed for Crissakes, you look just like an hadrosaur!”
  • Dinosaur mummy yields its secrets —without a curse, I might add.
  • The extinct moa reveals its true colors —it was no chicken y’all.
  • Hug a tree today: they saved us from an icy fate.
  • Global Warming: it’s good for empires —at east in South America.
  • It ain’t no gator, but it’s still pretty weird! ‘Unknown’ life form in North Carolina sewer.
  • The ants want to take over the world. Damn! and all these time we thought the real enemy were the cockroaches.
  • Robots have taken the jobs of the blue-collar workers. Now it’s time for the egg-heads to know how it feels!
  • Epigenetics: Beyond the Book of Life —because the Book of Love is a much tougher read.
  • Was Michael Jackson a Transhumanist? Well, I dunno about the King of Pop, but when it comes to his plastic surgeon…
  • New Michelangelo self-portrait found in the Vatican —I think he’s pissed with all the attention Leo has been receiving lately.
  • Email patterns can predict impending doom …or compulsive Viagra sales ^_^
  • You need to take those mini-mes out for a stroll every day so they can grow big & strong.
  • Man uses nail clippers to circumcise himselfOi! Oi!! Oiiiiiiii!!!!!!

Thanks to Greg, Rick, Kat, & my parents —for circumcising me when I was little 😛

Quote of the Day:

“Solitude & Silence are either the greatest gift or the worst punishment”

Guillermo del Toro