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Who’s that knocking on my door? Oh, it’s Andy 🙁

  • Happy new Aymara year!
  • The Kamakhya temple in India: think of it as a 7-11 for miracles —Uh, make that a Kwik-E-Mart 🙂
  • Urban sprawl hastened Angkor’s collapse. Are you reading this, Marcelo??
  • Hurry Obiwan Google: you’re Mexico’s archeology only hope —these ARE the sites you’re looking for!
  • “Oh she’s a gold digger way over time/That digs on me”: Housewife discovers £250,000 gold treasure. UH!
  • 35,000 years ago it was the flute the musical instrument favored by our Stone-age ancesters —despite rumors to the contrary.
  • Scientist build a model of primitive primate’s brain. A geek’s love for Legos never really dies off…
  • Almas & the Yeti are a myth, because there’s not the slightest shred of evidence that supports their existence in the fossil record, right? *Eeeeeh!* WRONG.
  • Does Bigfoot like garlic? Our friend Loren Coleman has received an e-mail that might become the last nail in the coffin of the controversial Carter farm case.
  • Burmese pythons from Florida are slowly slithering up North. Maybe they want to go visit their kin in Washington?
  • After 40 years since Dick Nixon started the war on drugs, and a trillion dollars spent —not to mention the countless lives— is the US waiting for their Joan of Arch before calling it quits?
  • Turns out the Dead Sea can be deadly @_@
  • Grey hair may be protecting us from cancer. Wow… Steve Martin must be a ticking melanoma bomb.
  • After a discussion in quantum physics between two hobos got too thermodynamical, it was quickly followed by an experimental smashing… of heads.
  • Best proof that the French love comics more than the Americans do: they just built a museum focused entirely on the ‘sequential art’.
  • [Disclaimer #1] The next link involves ancient Japanese art, and large testicles. [Disclaimer #2] Rick was the one who recommended it —He made me do it, I swear! ;_;
  • Secure a loan with your soul as collateral —do you have to sign with your own blood?
  • Man! you know times are tough when even famous vampires can’t avoid to get evicted from their homes :-/
  • As a youth, Guillermo del Toro was haunted by lucid dreams. Now he wants to share his nightmares with all of us —how thoughtful 😉
  • Ray Bradubury loves libraries and loathes teh Internetz. That’s not very futuristic of you, Mr. B.
  • I’m telling you guys, little kids are made of rubber: they fall off & bounce back as good as rains —well, at least Turkish kids do.
  • I have a 5-year-old Nokia cell phone. I feel I owe Neda an apology 🙁

Thanks Rick, Kat & Neda.

Quote of the Day:

“Libraries raised me. I don’t believe in colleges and universities. I believe in libraries because most students don’t have any money. When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money. I couldn’t go to college, so I went to the library three days a week for 10 years.”

Ray Bradbury