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I’m running out of ideas for a gift to give to my old man on Father’s day. A book? a CD? a DVD? Booooring… Wait! I’ve got it: A tattoo!! Now that’s something he’ll never expect 😉

  • Scientists show that monkeys also use what we once thought was mankind’s greatest invention: Lying.
  • Did gene mutations give raise to human thought? Maybe Yahweh’s finger is radioactive 😉
  • If your boyfriend is an insensitive pig, it may be because he doesn’t get enough sleep —Gee, 2 AM already?
  • Interview with Keith Aronowitz, director of Metamorphosis —an Ayahuasca documentary.
  • First glimpse at James Cameron’s Avatar —both video game & movie— looks fairly promising. But don’t take my word for it & see for yourself.
  • Oldies but goodies: Restored 1967 photos focus on moon’s south pole.
  • Future lunar astronauts will get a guardian angel, in the form of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), programmed for launch today.
  • Black triangles are being observed from both sides of the continental U.S.A.
  • (Audio) Gene & David from The Paracast interview 2 heavyweights of the Alien Abduction movement: Dr. David M. Jacobs and Budd Hopkins.
  • The truth about Roswell is out there —that is, if you can actually manage to separate the facts from the compost.
  • You know the old saying: “Where there’s smoke, there’s UFOs”.
  • The Military are looking in an unexpected place for new weaponry ideas: the Book of Ezekiel.
  • Chiropractor Richard Brown argues that the criticism of his profession is um… let’s say ‘quite misaligned’.
  • Physicists create ‘black hole for sound’. Wait, hadn’t they accomplished that since the 60s?
  • From jumping over babies (is that some sort of morbid revenge?) to battling with tomatoes & oranges, behold the world’s weirdest festivals.
  • Story that takes 1,000 years to read is antidote to Media whirlwind. But who’s gonna write its review in 3009, a cockroach??
  • This pile of rocks, once the seat of kings, proves that the fate of all empires is to crumble into dust.
  • Cities are like cells: you let them grow without control, and they turn into tumors —for which there’s only one solution.
  • What’s brewing beneath Mt St. Helens? Best case scenario: a super volcano. Worst case scenario…
  • Video: Why the Hell is the Media still talking about GM, and not talking about this Japanese car that runs on water??
  • WARNING: This story about a new documentary that focuses on the US food industry might leave you a bad taste >_<
  • I used to get upset with the NSA for slowing down my incoming e-mails, until I found out I’m part of a VIP group that includes former US presidents! 😛
  • As a way to empower citizens against their government, Teh Internet RULZ! Exhibit (A): Mexico. Exhibit (B): Iran.

Thanks Rick & Kat.

Quote of the Day:

“Voting for the least bad candidate is like buying the least rotten fruit”.

José Antonio Crespo Mendoza —Mexican historian, PhD