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Hell hath no fury as a giftless mother on her day.

  • Think you got it tough with your mom? Just be glad you’re not the offspring of a burying beetle, or a Panda bear!
  • The operators of Britain’s first “biofuel” power plants are considering burning palm oil. Ecology + Shortsightedness is just what makes Momma Gaia cry.
  • For the future of clean coal technology, steer your gaze to the East.
  • Everybody talks about saving the Amazon, but what about Brazil’s other endangered rainforest?
  • As any self-respecting villain, the 2nd biggest shark has a Caribbean hideout.
  • ‘The Great Orangutan Escape’, now playing at a Zoo near you…
  • More enduring a mystery than ‘The Da Vinci Code’, it’s ‘The Da Vinci Face’.
  • How much has MJ-12 & the Avary infiltrated the UFO/ET community?
  • Aliens disguise themselves as jellyfishes to attempt an invasion on Staffordshire.
  • The Sun’s leaving it’s period of slumber. Which is a good thing… right?
  • Popular Mechanics looks at the Tunguska event of 1908, so we can prepare for the worst… in 2045.
  • To reach Warp speed, just add dark energy—and a humongous amount of juice.
  • Memo to NASA: If you still want to return to the Moon, then invite Obama to watch the new Star Trek movie, pronto!
  • The scientists trying to put into operational orbit ESA’s 2 multibillion space telescopes, feel just like a teenager valet trying to park Russell Crowe’s Bimmer —Yikes!
  • Requiem for a space telescope: Space shuttle ready to fix Hubble for grand finale.
  • Hear no evil: The US Senate won’t hear anything about a single-payer health care plan (Video). Any attempt to bring this issue on the table will be met by the official “Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na!” procedure.
  • Video: Combine one of the world’s most ancient written sagas —Valmiki’s Ramayana—with some 20’s Jazz songs, and what do you get? If you’re as talented as Nina Paley, you get ‘Sita Sings the Bues’.
  • You’d better warm up those fingers of yours, Greg old boy!
  • Magneto & Charles Xavier are not waiting for Wolverine; they are waiting for Godot.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

“Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.”

Brandon Lee in The Crow