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Boom goes the dynamite… of news

  • Mars rover Opportunity catches a first glimpse of its final destination.
  • The GOCE Satellite will map the subtle variations in Earth’s gravity field. Hmm… I wonder what would happen if they scanned the Bermuda Triangle with it.
  • The pics that these teenager Spanish kids have posted on their Flickr page are *literally* out of this world!
  • UFOs photographed over London.
  • the Cylons take over the UN. Srsly!
  • Robot Madness: Creating true Artificial Intelligence. That’s not madness, Doc; that’s Loonicy!
  • Study rules out Fröhlich condensates in quantum consciousness model. As if you didn’t know all about fröhliching and the condensation it causes, right? 😉
  • Shining a light on the black box of decision-making.
  • An interview with Italian journalist Matt Baglio about the life of modern-day exorcists
  • Thousands in Tanzania fill anonymous forms naming suspects of involvement in the killing of albinos for ritual purposes. You don’t have to be a witch to foresee the outcome.
  • What good is Harry’s invisibility cloak, if you can’t bloody see where you’re going? A Chinese muggle is trying to solve that problem.
  • The flying car has finally taken off and it can be yours… if you can afford both its price and its *fuglyness* (Video).
  • Egyptian’s 3,500-year-old tomb discovered in Luxor, covered with hierogliphics inspired by the Book of the Dead—they didn’t have Kindles back then, you know.
  • What’s all the fuzz with the dinofuzz? Click here to find out.
  • Jurassic Nanopark: Smallest meat-eating dinosaur in N. America discovered.
  • Bubbles are a dolphin’s Game Boy (Video).
  • If you have diabetes, tobacco will save your life. Ok, put the damn cigarette out, ’cause that’s *not* what I meant.
  • A plan that seeks to increase US competitiveness in the global markets involves sending 1 million college students a year to study abroad, especially in developing countries. Um, not to be cynical here, but I think the students are WAY ahead of this already XD
  • Obama needs a good advisor on Latin America, and he needs it faster than the rise of my murderous urge whenever I hear La Macarena (AAAAAaaaaargh!!!!).
  • Wasting Away in Hooverville—or why the neocon criticism of FDR’s New Deal is stupid.
  • Go to your kitchen & turn on the faucet to fill a glass with water. What you just did will be considered a luxury to 5 billion people by 2030—now try to swallow…
  • The bad news: A huge chunk of Antartic ice will melt, raising the global sea level by 15 or 20 feet. Click here for the good news.
  • New article in Nature confirms what Hollywood has been preaching us for the last 10 years: New York city is f*$#ed.
  • We’ve seen the future … and we may not be doomed. But governments are failing to respond to critical time-sensitive opportunities.

Arigato Greg.

Quote of the Day:

“Father Carmine saw a case where a woman vomited up a small black toad that was still alive. He went to catch it, and it dissolved into saliva. I had another priest who I talked to who dealt with a woman who vomited up seven little black nails, six of which dissolved into this black liquid. Father Carmine saw a woman vomiting up buckets of human sperm.”

Extract from Matt Baglio’s interview regarding modern-day exorcists. ‘The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist’ @ Amazon US & UK.