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My eyeballs are hurting and my stomach is in reverse. Please excuse the brevity of today’s news, it was quite the effort just to remain upright…

  • The enigma of Kryptos, and how it relates to The Da Vinci Code. Of course, any of you who have bought a certain book advertised on this website will be well acquainted with the subject. All the same, a very interesting transcript of the David Sanborn interview is available there as well.
  • Global satellite disaster alert system planned.
  • Have Italian art historians uncovered Da Vinci’s hidden studio? This British art historian says not.
  • The paranormal: it’s stale and boring.
  • Is erratic weather a revival of the past.
  • Scientist’s murder sparks controversy over claims made on Coast to Coast AM.
  • Sci Fi Channel presents, Chupacabra: Dark Seas.
  • Britain’s X-Files come to light after FOI release. Let’ s get this straight – does the public really think that FOI will uncover all the really top secret things? Puh-leeze.
  • You might have more luck looking from the UFO watchtower.
  • Newly discovered tomb may be the oldest in South-East Asia.
  • Permission denied for scientists wishing to examine the alleged remains of Christopher Columbus.
  • Document concludes no human explanation for Italy’s weeping Madonna.
  • James Randi reviews his annual Amazing Meeting, discusses British mentalist Derren Brown, and continues his attack on Gary Schwartz and Allison Dubois.
  • Here’s the latest Near-Death Newsletter.
  • No smoking please! Titan is a flammable moon.
  • China set for second space mission and their very own ‘Space City’.

Thanks Pam and David.

Quote of the Day:

I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

George Best