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Cernig’s Ars Gratia Artis

In case you missed it, Cernig – one of our Knights of the Daily Grail – posted a blog a couple of weeks ago, featuring some of his personal prose and inviting contributions from others:

It occurs to me that we have an incredible number of talented wordsmiths amongst our members. Not all of us feel forced to write pedantic and deliberately obfuscatory rants in an attempt to impose our spirituality on others or to justify our leanings towards a spiritual path, but just occasionally those of us who have a mystical bent may attempt to express that leaning. I therefore am opening this blog as a place to post such, please feel free to do so.

Others have gladly taken Cernig up on his invitation, and his blog – titled “Ars Gratia Artis” – has taken on a life of its own. Take a look, it’s becoming somewhat of our own ‘poetry corner’.

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