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Today’s menu includes plenty of space and a hot serving of french flies. No, that’s not a typo…

  • Forget flying cars…just get some wings and a pair of jet engines, and fly like this French rocketeer. Some video of this flight would rock.
  • Fact-checking Dan Brown’s research. No, not the Davinci book – space.com takes a look at his astrobiology novel Deception Point (Amazon US only).
  • More background on the controversial SETI signal. And just to fill in the empty corners of your brain, revisit the original Wow signal from around thirty years ago.
  • The question is: is there anybody out there? I prefer to be comfortably numb.
  • Linda Moulton Howe finds high strangeness in soil and plants at an Ohio crop formation.
  • Mysterious cattle mutilations – do they still happen? Apparently so. I wouldn’t be a cow for quids.
  • Explanation of an alleged UFO video.
  • Conversely, what about the failure of UFO skepticism.
  • It may be required, when we start talking about photographs of orbs.
  • Struggling farmers note – forget the crops and cattle and just build yourself a UFO watchtower.
  • Mystery sky sausages were probably just a school project.
  • NASA’s Starship 2040 may be coming to your town soon.
  • Speaking of, instellar travel is just an antimatter of time.
  • Get a grip on the distances involved in space travel with this website.
  • Genesis ‘sun-catcher’ spacecraft on schedule for a Wednesday re-entry.
  • Space News celebrates its 15th anniversary by compiling a Top 10 of the most influential people in space over the last decade and a half.
  • A replica of the Kon-Tiki is set to sail and study the Pacific in 2005.
  • New study finds that European gypsies came out of India around 1000 years ago.

  • If that sounds like big news, what about the first Americans coming from Australia? I claim dominion on behalf of my country.
  • French ‘amateur’ archaeologists defend their secret chamber theory. With requisite Hawass hyperbole. I’d say the smart money would be on an exclusive National Geographic ‘discovery’ in about 2006.
  • Gordon Rugg, the apparent cracker of the Voynich Manuscript, is the scientific method man.
  • How did hundreds of bronze coins end up at the bottom of the Dead Sea?
  • King Solomon persists at Armageddon dig site.
  • Honolulu businessman’s bid to search for Noah’s Ark foiled by Turkish authorities.
  • Phaistos disk is a menu? Probably doubled as a lazy susan as well.
  • More British ghost-busters wise up and go to the local hotel to check for ghosts. A good rort that one.
  • Miracles draw crowds to the Lady of Beshwat.
  • Humans and parrots may share sharp tongues.
  • Hair analysis could reveal your recent travels. Expect a wave of bald terrorists.
  • The deep sea visionary who opened the world’s eyes to the strange world beneath the water.
  • Images of hurricanes from space look impressive, but at least we don’t live on Saturn.
  • Historians plead case for Tacoma’s ‘little Stonehenge‘.
  • North Korea ‘bred spies using former US soldiers‘.
  • Ireland’s first floating church explodes, then sinks. Bishop heard yelling “Ah, to the shore, to the shore”.
  • 1st Space Elevator competition set for mid-2005. Let’s hope it fares better than the floating Irish church.

Thanks Pam and Bill.

Quote of the Day:

Truth and technology will triumph over bullshit and bureaucracy

Rene Anselmo