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The seasons are changing, but the news keeps rolling in. Make sure your cuppa is a big one, there’s plenty to read about today…

  • Amateur archaeologists track lost tomb of Cheops inside Great Pyramid.
  • A wooden carving of the bisexual Viking god Odin was part of Seahenge.
  • Unearthing the Bible: the hunt for treasure and truth grows ever wilder.

  • Technology unravels new views of mummies.
  • Sudan’s ancient treasures reveal the mighty culture that humbled Egypt’s pharaohs.
  • Analysing the firestorm that has erupted over the Qumran community.
  • ‘Lucy’ may be going on show, after all these years.
  • Catch a ray of falling sunshine – NASA’s daring “catch” of the Genesis spacecraft bearing solar samples is coming soon. No doubt you’ll see this one on the television news (success or failure, it’s all good TV). More at space.com.
  • Life on Mars a definite possibility.

  • Geobiologists create novel method for studying ancient life forms.
  • ESA space technology may yield house designs that can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, flooding.
  • Expedition to seek 50-million-year record of Earth’s climate in underwater mountain chain.

  • Brain scans reveal that revenge is sweet.
  • Forget planes and skyscrapers – protect the cows and chickens from Al Qaeda!
  • To learn about the Earth at the time of life’s origin, just look for footprints on the Moon.
  • Shock and awe – author Linda Simon chronicles history of electric inventions in Dark Light (Amazon US and UK).

  • Lining up charged particles called free radicals, British scientists have developed the first practical plastic magnet. That’s going to cut the weight of my fridge in half.
  • Could a single dark matter particle be light-years wide?
  • Quark study breaks logjam between theory and experiment.
  • Plumbing the nature of nature comes natural at the University of California, as leeches, moss, microbes, and worms make the cut for genome sequencing.
  • Scientists may use drugs to stop addiction.
  • Viagra helps climbers deal with high altitudes. I’m biting my tongue on this one, the punchline possibilities are endless…
  • Study finds that children from tidy homes grow up more intelligent. I better stop neglecting my kids and wash the dishes.
  • Carrie-Anne Moss bullet times her way from the Matrix trilogy into a new thriller about remote viewing.

  • Farmer baffled by Wisconsin crop circle.
  • A circle with a difference: this one has been evolving for three years.
  • Manager of Dryden Airport wants to get to the bottom of recent UFO sightings in the area.
  • New Zealand man plans expedition to find Noah’s Ark. Maybe he should concentrate on the One Ring.
  • Scorpion Queen eyes record, despite being stung twice (you’d have to expect that, living with 6000 scorpions).
  • Is there something to the Mothman death list, as more tragic deaths are added?
  • New Age magazines are ready to enlighten you.
  • Fiction is stranger than truth, at least when you talk about the Bear Lake monster and the Kelly Green Men.
  • Meet the man who studies alien abductees and ritual abuse victims.
  • Computer maker in an alien world.
  • The latest rant from Randi. Speaking of which, where have all the skeptical websites gone? Skepticweb is blank (perhaps hacked), Dangerous Ideas has definitely been hacked, and the Hall of Ma’at has disappeared (hacked as well?). Fill us in if you know the answer.
  • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, pioneer thanatologist and NDE spokesperson, has passed away. Bon voyage!

Thanks Kat, Vincent and Rico.

Quote of the Day:

I’ve told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I graduated. For me, death is a graduation.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross