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Rico’s set a tough challenge this week with his kick-butt news update yesterday. But I’m ready to leap above him and take the mark…

  • Professor Paul Davies says if we’re looking for a message from ET, we should perhaps look at our own DNA. I wonder if Zech Sitchin’s ears are burning? David Grinspoon also discusses this ‘living message’ theory in Lonely Planets (see my review)…looks to be heading mainstream.
  • So why wouldn’t aliens look like us? That would make it real tough to fight off the alien invasion…
  • Where’s ET? That was the big question at the latest SETI conference.
  • UFO enthusiast begins work on his next book.
  • Three dummies die tragically as a rocket entered into the X-prize explodes just 1000 feet above the ground. Wonder how many volunteers they’ll get to ride that sucker in future?
  • NASA scientists sees possible mat of Martian microbes.
  • New NASA super-computer to aid theorists and engineers. I bet that requisition form got filled out as soon as DOOM 3 got released last week…
  • Good chance it could be a bumper year for the Perseid meteor shower.
  • Hubble in trouble.
  • Quantum entanglement and advanced space propulsion add up to spooky spaceflight.
  • A conference where ‘weird’ is the standard fare. Sounds like our kind of gig.
  • Security cameras catch waterspout in action.
  • Ancient rock paintings found along river in south-west China.
  • Underwater search of Mediterranean for Persian fleet concludes.
  • Officials lose pub. Probably with the WMD somewhere…
  • Don’t panic, but a wall of water might be about to hit the east coast of the US. I think I’ve seen that film.
  • Koko the signing gorilla asks for a dentist. Hell, I can talk and I still don’t ask for the dentist.
  • Cursor control by eye movement is good news for the disabled.
  • Smart glass‘ keeps the heat out. I’ll call it smart glass when it learns to brew beer and make pizza.
  • New chemical method of predicting earthquakes?
  • Laziness conference to be held this weekend in Switzerland. Write your own one-liner for this one.
  • Antibodies clear Alzheimer’s brain plaques.
  • The latest JREF bulletin from James ‘The Amazing’ Ranty…err, Randi.
  • While Paul Kurtz and the ‘Center for Inquiry’ go “quietly about their business“. Is that ‘quietly’ as in with a loudspeaker and a baseball bat?
  • Does witchcraft deserve a bad name?
  • ‘Grass circle’ caused by wind?
  • Meet the doctor who officially investigates miracles at Lourdes.
  • The odd cult of Philip K. Dick. I don’t think the writer is a fan of PKD somehow…

Quote of the Day:

It requires an act of will not to notice thematic parallels between ceremonies of dismemberment undergone by shamanic initiates inside traditional round initiation huts, on the one hand, and the invisible ‘medical’ procedures experienced by UFO initiates inside rounded operating theatres inside disk- or oval-shaped craft, on the other.

Keith Thompson