News Briefs 13-07-2004

Why is the word abbreviation so long?

  • Robert Bauval tells us about France’s followers of Isis.
  • Scientists reopen the Romanov mystery after DNA results are challenged.
  • Archaeologists discover ancient graffiti on China’s Great Wall.
  • Star chart in ancient Japanese tomb to undergo restoration.
  • Descendants relive 200-year-old duel to the death. Except this time they went for beers afterward.
  • Readers respond to Bigfoot hoax story.
  • Ghost-hunting night at the local pub raises money for charity.
  • A night at a pub sounds better than this charity-driven world-record attempt at firewalking – where 28 people were treated for burns. Leave it to the yogis folks.
  • Forget about the water witches – this dude is a corpse witch.
  • UFO hangs over Baku.
  • Amnesic memory may have put man in twilight zone.
  • Educate yourself about our latest poll subject: Terraforming Mars – the Noble Experiment?
  • Get ready for the next space superpower – Kazakhstan.
  • Mobile TV coming of age. How about they channel funds into making TV watchable first.
  • Researchers warn AIDS vaccine still years away.
  • Major study finds no evidence for Gulf-war syndrome.
  • Fertility expert Lord Winston accuses Prince Charles of scientific scare-mongering.
  • Terahertz wand to unmask terrorists. Gotta get me some terahertz glasses…
  • Hi-fi failure helps to make beer better. These are a few of my favourite things…
  • Europe plans to build bunker…er, I mean lab, beneath the Alps.
  • Indonesia’s man-eating lizards invade London. Okay, so they’re at London Zoo…just thought I’d try my hand at a little sensationalism.

Quote of the Day:

The after-death state is very much like the dream-state, and its dreams are the children of the mentality of the dreamer.

Tibetan Book of the Dead