News Briefs 22-06-2004

Dang, see that video of SpaceShipOne? That’s a hell of a ride….

  • SpaceShipOne makes history. A blow-by-blow narrative. And the funky dude behind it all: Paul Allen.
  • The planetary uncertainty principle. Should we terraform Mars?
  • The cosmic collision that gave birth to our Moon.
  • Speaking of Moons, some of you might like to ask your congressman why they attended the coronation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the Prince of Peace, dresssed in maroon robes and hailing himself as the second incarnation of Jesus in a lavish ceremony held in a Senate office building. You can’t make this stuff up. Advertisement must be viewed to access article.
  • UFO connection to crop circles still unsure.
  • Bob White wants you to see his metallic object, which he saw fall off a UFO.
  • Is Bigfoot out there?
  • Has it come to this? Researchers test Bigfoot buttocks imprint. That’d be one big ass.
  • Paranormal research group explains weirdness to the public. Listen to some audio.
  • Naked shoppers hunt for bargains in London shopping centre. I guess you could pick the shop-lifters by the way they walk.
  • I have enough problem with my lawn…but this lady says she even has a stone that grows.
  • The Grayson County Courthouse is surrounded by mysteries.
  • The town of Blind River is right out of the X-Files – something is moving clocks ahead by 10 minutes.
  • Does the music talk to you? That’s because it’s language, dummy.

  • Mmmm, pork fat covered in chocolate. ‘Supersize me’ has nothing on this…
  • Wireless pebbles to track glaciers. Personally I haven’t seen too many wired up pebbles.
  • Nuclear terror a matter of time. Sounds like a good time to buy a country home.
  • Douglas Adams’ voice to appear in new radio adaptation of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • More on the Welsh creators of Stonehenge.
  • Outrage over vandalism of 3,000-year-old Celtic fort in County Kerry, Ireland.

  • US and UK sign treaty to protect Titanic.
  • Study finds that dogs predict epileptic seizures in children – and what’s more act to protect them.
  • Global study links climate change to rise in asthma rates in children.

  • Scientists have engineered a virus which curbs cocaine cravings.
  • How to trick cancer cells into committing suicide.
  • Smoking triggers genetic changes.
  • The Earth Simulator retains its place as the world’s fastest supercomputer. That’s right folks, this is just a simulation. The real thing will begin in 2012.
  • But finally, to the important question: why do men have nipples?

Quote of the Day:

We believe no more in Bonaparte’s fighting merely for the liberties of the seas than in Great Britain’s fighting for the liberties of mankind. The object is the same, to draw to themselves the power, the wealth and the resources of other nations

Thomas Jefferson

  1. KATYA: Pork fat covered in chocolate
    It is not so unusual to eat the chocolate on pasta, meat, fish or fruit…
    Never lose the chance to eat the chocolate because it is GOOD and produce good
    mood! Exist many recipes, this is an italian dish:
    TAGLIATELLE AL CACAO (4 persons)
    – Dust of bitter cacao: 20 gr
    – Meal: 300 gr
    – Eggs 3
    – Salt
    For the flavouring: Butter, grated Grana.
    To put the meal on the baking-board, break in the center the eggs and add salt
    and cacao. To knead and amalgamate very well, after work with more energy
    to obtain a homogenous and smooth dough. Give to this dough a form of a ball and
    leave it to rest into a tureen covered with a napkin. After 30 minutes: to divide the dough
    into the halves to level by roller to create 2 thin foils. Refold many time every foils and
    cut the Tagliatelle of the bigness that you want. Open the Tagliatelle by the hands and
    leave them to dry. To boil the Tagliatelle (underdone) drain them (no too much) and
    flavour them when they are very very hot with the melted butter and grated Grana
    turning them by 2 forks.
    …I hope that my traslation makes eatable this good dish 😉
    Anyway HUGS and BUON APPETITO!

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