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No matter whether your day is really long, or really short, there’s still plenty of news. TDG serves both hemispheres with equality…

  • Rupert Sheldrake gets funky with his latest column for the Daily Mirror, “Sexual Telepathy“. Somehow I can’t see Marvin Gaye singing that…
  • Meanwhile, Timothy Good says that aliens have been living on Earth for a long time….and we’re not the ones running the place. Douglas Adams was on to something…
  • Ghostly activity may be on the increase in Wisconsin.
  • Sylvia Browne says she’s a telephone. I think James Randi may have called her worse.
  • David Booth, the disposable prophet of the apocalypse.
  • Documentary shines light on the sex magick of former conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
  • 3CPO and Astroboy are to be inducted in the Robot’s Hall of Fame. Wonder if there’ll be a jam as good as Prince’s induction into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame?
  • SpaceShipOne takes off for the 100km mark today – but is it a historic flight or just stunt-flying? Would you climb aboard for the first flight? Even if you don’t make launch time, here’s a viewer’s guide.
  • Astrobiology has posted the final instalment of the Great Terraforming Debate. The previous five articles are linked from the bottom of the page if you haven’t been keeping up.
  • Should we rename Comet Wild 2 to ‘Dark City‘?
  • Eckankar, a New Age religion that emphasises spiritual development.
  • Adding a chromosome may be just the trick for gene therapies to treat genetic diseases. 46&1 is just ahead of me.
  • WHO lists Europe’s top 5 child-killers.
  • Future cities to swelter in summer.
  • Stonehenge built by Welshmen? I don’t think so, otherwise it would have been called Styphonddggehengyrrrrre or similar.
  • Regardless of who built it, Stonehenge always has plenty of friends come the Summer Solstice. Let’s hope they stay friendly to the old girl.
  • The White Mountain treasure still inspires searchers.
  • Hilltop sites in Arizona functioned as communications hub over 100s of kilometres.
  • Whassamada Torquemada? Vatican downsizes the Inquisition. Is that like neo-Nazis downsizing the Holocaust?
  • The problem with restoring Cairo’s Islamic archaeological treasures.
  • Archaeologists seek to unlock answer to mystery anchors.
  • Identical twins break arms identically.
  • Trackers to search for Sydney’s mysterious black panther.

Quote of the Day:

Like Marks, I am a sceptic, but of a different kind. His scepticism is directed towards anything he regards as “paranormal”, taking as normal that which lies within the limits of current scientific understanding. My scepticism is directed towards the assumption that we know enough to proclaim what is possible and what is not.

Rupert Sheldrake