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Apparently nothing below is happening (although paradoxically, that would then include the story that tells us none of this is happening). It’s tough being my brain…

  • Taking life’s final exit. Really nice piece.
  • Climber says Mount Everest is haunted by spirits.
  • Teenagers really like the new magazine-style Revolve Bible. Wonder what’ll be in the next issue?
  • ‘Invisibility cloak’ inventor looks to make invisible walls, as others worry about the criminal implications. “It would become incredibly difficult to spot a thief…if the items they were taking were simply disappearing under the cloak.” Ummm, doesn’t that happen with a normal cloak/coat/pocket anyhow?
  • Memory fails under stress, throwing into doubt witness testimony extracted during psychological trauma.
  • Cocaine vaccine stops addiction.
  • Parkinson’s vaccine shows promise.
  • Independent inquiry to be held into Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Scientists determine solar storm speed limit. Who’s going to give the Sun a ticket?
  • Taiwanese space authorities say they may sell imagery from their brand-spankin’ Earth Observation satellite.
  • Cassini sends back some nice pictures of Phoebe. No, not some Italian voyeur on holiday…it’s the Cassini space probe.
  • Milky Way’s satellite enigma solved.
  • Giving life back to Mars – a debate on terraforming the Red Planet. Astrobiology just keeps serving up the tasty stuff.
  • Nessie, UFOs, and ghosts – where are they all? I think the best measure of weirdness is my spare time…and it has been non-existent for a couple of months. Somebody pass on a few decent web addresses to this guy.
  • Analysis of the Utah UFO. Obviously can’t be a UFO as we’re in a weirdness drought.
  • But wait, there’s more – exhibition traces UFO signs in Slovakia.
  • Researcher returns for another crack at the Sumatran Yeti (known to his friends as orang-pendek).
  • What do you do with a piece of UFO? Leave it at the scene like a hubcap?
  • Research on Nazi underground systems.
  • American travel writer Bill Bryson wins the Aventis Prize for his book A Short History Of Nearly Everything (Amazon US/UK).
  • Divers fail to find Babe Ruth’s piano in Sudbury Pond. It’s like a mix’n’match headline isn’t it?
  • Richard Branson sets the record for the fastest crossing of the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle. If Sir Rich needs to spend big to keep himself entertained, me and my balloon animals are just waiting for the call.
  • Iraqi authorities smash illegal trade in ancient artifacts.
  • More on the new discovery in Egypt.

Quote of the Day:

What if Earth

Be but t’ shadow of Heaven, and things therein,

Each to the other like more than on earth is thought?