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It’s always interesting to watch the media rewrite the history of a previous generation…been watching it happen for these past few hours. Wonder how they’ll remember this era?

  • Latest ice cores give Earth’s climate a clean bill of health for the next 15,000 years. You can pull your trousers up now Miss Gaia.
  • Travelling England, getting a bit of Yin-Yang out of crop circles. Beautiful area the south of England, replete with stunning megaliths…make sure you visit sometime in your life.
  • A review of Megalithic Mysteries Of Cornwall.
  • Make sure you change in your currency and stock up on the Galacto before the UFOs open trade negotiations. Has anyone consulted Alan Greenskin about this?
  • Visiting monks urge spiritual advancement.
  • Mars rover Spirit finds more evidence of past water as it prepares to head for the hills. Would that be considered spiritual advancement?
  • If Spirit doesn’t make it up the hill, perhaps one day this little sucker will.
  • Moon-Mars report to be released a little late, on June 16.
  • New NASA satellite to check on the air we breathe.
  • Some lovely images of the Venus transit. The cosmic dance continues…
  • Heart of French boy king finds a resting place at last.
  • Does Benny Hinn pray or prey?
  • More treasures found beneath the sea at Alexandria. I wonder whether Zahi is getting scuba training…
  • Perfect pterosaur found in fossil egg. Mmmm, fossil eggs.
  • Rainer W. Kühne’s “Location and dating of Atlantis”.
  • The golden ratio, the source of all things divine. Bunkum, apparently.
  • Before tackling Titan, the Cassini probe will fly-by Phoebe.
  • Birds know how to keep their cells young. Anyone know the language of the birds?
  • Atkins dieters celebrate – the low-carb potato is on its way.
  • Autism symptoms in mice linked to vaccine ingredient.
  • When is a UFO not a UFO? When it’s sometimes a man-made UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Check out the gallery, and see what I mean.
  • Dead wallaby found on Scottish island. Work of a hopeful Scottish rugby fan perhaps?
  • Nigeria divided over ban on television miracles. I define a television miracle as turning on the TV and finding something on that is actually worth watching.
  • Next reality TV show in the works – Ghosthunters.
  • Ghosts and paranormal phenomena in Pacheco Pass.
  • Robert Bauval goes and visits Mr Big in Memphis.

Quote of the Day:

Today history is what we say it is.

Unnamed Television Executive