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Hi and welcome back to all former TDG users! Things have certainly changed a little, as I explain in my first blog for the new TDG-DUAT combination. I’d like to thank you all for sticking by TDG as we’ve tried different things, this is a real community we have and it’s good to see so many back here.

To help out, TDG uber-geek David has hacked away at the old database tables and has made all the old member usernames available for those with the associated email address. Unfortunately, re-establishing passwords was beyond us (because they’re secret obviously!), so if you would like your old handle back, simply request a new password and it will be sent out to you at the email address we have in our database (the login box in the left hand block has a ‘request password’ function, please use that rather than emailing us).

If you’ve changed email address in the meantime or have any other problems, feel free to register under a new username of your choosing. However, if you really need that old username back, then email me and I’ll do my best to reunite the two of you.