All there is to know about Rennes-le-Château

The Rennes-le-Château research and resource pages have been completely overhauled. New content, new video, new audio and new navigation.

Here's a taste of what there is to check out:

The three original BBC Chronicle documentaries from the 70s that launched the mystery of Rennes-le-Château into orbit. The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem (1972), The Priest the Painter and the Devil (1974) and The Shadow of the Templars (1979). All three written and presented by Henry Lincoln. You won't find these anywhere else.

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All 26 audio interview podcasts from the days of Radio Rennessence. Listen to international bestselling authors like Kathleen McGowan, Steve Berry and Kate Mosse and learn how their research and insights into the mystery influenced them and their work.

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An interactive Google Map with 75 locations from the Mystery with links to their articles and photos.

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Brand new articles about the biggest treasure hype in the last 50 years in France the Pech d'en Couty, the only doomsday safe haven in the world Mount Bugarach, The Red Serpent, The Knights Templar and countless more.