Have you seen the secret Federal Reserve OP Center?

A secret unmarked facility has been located and identified as a federal reserve operations center....



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14 April 2009
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Neat-o! Are you going to apply for a job there?

I wonder what they do there? Probably vast amounts of alchemical and physical investigations into different monetary systems.

I boggle at the security there -- perhaps smart matter? Imagine breaking in and your clothes fusing to the ground? Or signs that are really magickal sigils that would cause you to just sit and stare?

The amazing things that corporations do for their holdings, otherwise known as 'Countries' :3

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake

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3 July 2009
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definitely no need for me to apply there.... according to the MIAC report, Ron Paul supporters are domestic terrorists.... i think ill steer clear.