Contact Lens Displays with Transparent Circuitry?

A contact lens with transparent circuitry is being developed at the University of Washington, and "Those components will eventually include hundreds of LEDs, which will form images in front of the eye, such as words, charts, and photographs!"

They've already developed a lens-with-LED prototype that's powered by 330 microwatts of wireless radio-frequency power, and believe the lenses could also be used as biosensors to deliver body chemistry readings (including blood sugar levels). "What we've done so far barely hints at what will soon be possible with this technology," says Dr. Babak Parviz.

"We already see a future in which the humble contact lens becomes a real platform, like the iPhone is today, with lots of developers contributing their ideas and


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Perhaps with some supporting data, such as where I'm supposed to know this person from.

You know, a system like the Terminator has.

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