2012 and APC/Tool

Just posted this on Tool Army. I thought you'd appreciate. I'm in sydney and love your site. i'm on myspace/auroboros too. keep up the good work greg.

Track two. 'To throw this dollar down before your holiest of alters. for one chance, one kiss, one taste of you my Magdalena'... then track 8 (Thomas the doubter/twin)... 'show me the way to forgive you/Christ. allow me to let it go. just praying you will show me where i'm to begin. hoping to reconnect'.

Being that 2012 is the second coming of christ/quetzalcoatl/ma'at, it is clear to me that a perfect circle (where precession of equinoxes is the key secret to divination...refer Cayce nostradamnass, Orwell, Poussin, da vinci, Crowley) is referring to just that... precession. Tool is also a clever way of expressing precession as the t is Christ o and o is the male and female and l is Lucifer. You cannot find a more Christian band on this planet folks. Does this even kick at you the idea to change your view off the idiot televan to a more say I dunno...WARNING approach? You have been warned time after time. Wings was the pinnacle tool song for me, simply perfect timing. Just think to yourself this question..."are you turning out to be the dumb founded dipshit"? I love everyone here and appreciate everyone's struggles but why is it that we can't discuss the world's season less right now. Im fucking freezing right now and it's the last day of summer in Australia. Edgar Cayce said "in this time you will only know the seasons by the budding and falling of the leaves". This is what I have to offer you, a perspective in this time. I'm just sick of reading about zeitgeist and mjk avclub interview. I love jokes, but there are no values here. Same old bullshit. Band hasn’t shown up yet have they? Go figure.