The New Underground Stream

Two new changes to TDG worth pointing out. Firstly, as you've probably noticed I've added a links bar to the top of the site, beneath the banner ad. This should help in navigating between the various sections of TDG, and our related websites.

Secondly, many people have asked how they can submit interesting news or websites to TDG, so I've now added a section to the site for submitted news (as well as giving members the ability to submit stories to that section). I've given it the short title of the old Underground Stream of Consciousness site (the 'Stream'), and you'll find a permanent link to it in the above-mentioned links bar. Members can submit stories in the same manner as adding a new blog entry (in the menu, click on 'Create Content', then 'Submissions'). Please try and keep some formatting about it, as the submissions will be read by many people. Occasionally I will also take important news from the Stream and promote it to the front page of TDG. This new 'Stream' area solves the problem of people not wanting to post news items in their blog, and also offers a new facet of TDG where stories/interesting links can be posted which wouldn't normally make it to the front page. Post away!