Which Daily Grail frontpage do you prefer?


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30 September 2006
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50 weeks 1 day

Somewhere recently I saw an infographic giving the relative weights of all the packets now going across the internet, and there in the middle was this great sudden bulge labelled "Websites" ... only it was a bulge, a great surge followed by a near drop to, well, not zero but dramatically less than the peak.

In its stead we see the rise of the Special Apps, the cellphones, the RSS readers, the Chrome plugins, all the various other ways that the words and works become remashed to make up a stream of connectivity of information.

That's where I sit. I haven't looked at the Daily Grail homepage since probably last century, and even of the item pages themselves, I only tune in if the News Summary has an item where the link was omitted and the headline is just too compelling not to see what it was all about.

Sorry, but that's just the way it is with me, and according to that infographic, its the way it is with folks who are now a majority online. We get what you say, but not the where of how you say it. But we never miss a word!

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27 June 2007
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4 years 9 weeks

Shouldn't it be possible to do both? For example the river of news in one big column on the left, and an overall summary section in a big column on the right..

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10 August 2004
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3 years 4 weeks

Of the two options on offer, I think I have to say I prefer the current one, although I do like the continuous newstream listing too.

However, if I had a third choice - namely to return to the old Grail frontpage which was superceded by the current one (and with a black background from the start) - that would be my first, last and only choice. I really miss all the small side listings from a multitude of sites which are now lumped into only two categories.

Regards, Kathrinn

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14 June 2007
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6 years 30 weeks

I've been comming here daily for years and I still have no idea who you guys are... An "about us" page would be nice. Tell us who the contributors are. Short bio, a paragraph is fine.

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16 March 2010
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4 years 30 weeks

I think you should combine the "featured story" and the "story spotlight" sections, to the very top where the "featured story" is now. The "featured story" seems to rarely be updated (Vallee: Author of the Impossible has been there since December) and it leaves a lot of "Wasted" space at the very top of the page, so combining them seems like a good move.

then move the news scans up to the "story spotlight" section.

This way, both are directly viewable from initial page load, and you've got the best of both worlds.

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8 March 2010
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4 years 44 weeks

The Summary is good for me!

P.S. I'm sure it's been suggested before but, i think we need to get a chat room in this place! Registered members only of course.

Just a thought.

Step Through.

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1 May 2004
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3 years 11 weeks

I must admit I've always preferred the river of news - I have TDG as my home page and so like to glance at the stories of the day and click any that I fancy. I know it's lazy but I've found I'm less inclined to get clicking with a main summary/headline section getting in the way (except if I'm interested in that of course).

How about a slightly wider page (browser permitting - I use chrome) with river on the left and main articles on the right. Then maybe expand the 'menu' bar at the top by putting (for example) 'features' and 'stories by category' alongside 'home', 'recent posts..' etc.

How about a BBC/Yahoo-esque customisable page where you can move the blocks around?

To be honest although it's nice to look at something nice - it's the overall quality of the site that keeps me coming back for more, keep it up Greg!


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14 July 2008
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5 years 16 weeks

I like the current set-up... though I do agree with Kathrinn that the previous incarnation was quite nice.

My personal choice of colors would be black, black, black with a blend of earthy, fall colors like deep dark reds, silvers, and golds...

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1 May 2004
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3 days 6 hours

I still have the old 'river of news' set when I visit. It is so much easier to trawl through the postings by date, picking out the jems. Certainly helps viewing this way if you only have a limited time to be on-line.

The current summary page confuses the hell out of me - I see something of interest then when returning later, cannot find the link again.

As long as an option to retain the 'river of news' is included in any update, feel free to do your thing Greg!



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26 November 2009
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5 years 42 weeks

I still miss the black background and old format with the links down the side. Still, I appreciate all your work so whatever is easiest for you guys will be fine.

Cosmic Betty

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1 May 2004
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1 year 39 weeks

.....by me. What is here now works well. The news scan is on the front page, so is lastest posts with links to story's and featured articals are right there.

I have my Grail set to black as per the old days.

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28 June 2006
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4 years 15 weeks


I like things the way that they are. But, I liked things the way that they were and I'm sure that I'll like thing the way they will be.

What do you think?


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10 August 2005
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20 weeks 4 days

I vote current 'summary' page


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18 September 2007
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2 days 3 hours

I have arrived at that point where I am daily lamenting "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Every time the IT and design people "upgrade" something it just means I will be fumbling about for a few days trying to learn the new navigation. Once it is learned there is usually a distinct feeling that it is no better and maybe even a little worse than the thing it replaced. I am beginning to think that the golden age of GUI was some years back in the 1990's when designers were still cognitively fresh to the task and before they got into the death spiral of needing to change things periodically in order to keep justifying their jobs and salary.

By the way, I am not meaning to imply that TDG is rejiggering the format to keep a designer feeling wanted still, but am throwing a curmudgeonly rant into the mix just because I can. SNARF! TDG has the some of highest integrity of all the gathering sites out there, so whatver they decide to do I will still be reading it anyway.

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9 February 2009
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32 weeks 1 day

agree with you, emlong... i hate it when i finally get used to looking at/navigating a given webpage/site then it gets changed, AGAIN! and i too will be at tdg daily regardless of what it looks like :) thanks for curmudgeon-ing for me :)

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30 April 2004
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4 years 34 weeks

The original(old)"black" Daily Grail frontpage.

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29 June 2010
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1 year 16 weeks

The white river of news Daily Grail.

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3 July 2009
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4 years 25 weeks

I would say 80% of my time spent on tdg is spent browsing the daily news scans...