News Briefs 14-09-2007

Doubt whether I'll be making the trip across the pond....loose ends just won't come together.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. In fact, some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it is that it is unquestionably correct.

Michio Kaku

Radio 14-09-2007

Here's the rundown on the radio schedules for the second half of the week:

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: This week features a dust-up between Whitley Strieber and Daniel Pinchbeck concerning our uncertain future.

Coast to Coast AM: Friday is open lines. Early show Saturday 'Art Bell - Somewhere in Time' returns to 1/22/97 for a conversation with speaker/author Wayne Green. Later, Glenn Kimball will discuss what diverse ancient cultures recorded about the year 2012, and the grand implications of what could be in store. On Sunday, guest host George Knapp welcomes investigator of alternative technologies Joseph P. Farrell for a discussion on the Third Reich's secret weapons project which involved anti-gravity and manipulation of space-time.

More details including relevant websites are available at the linked pages above. Remember also that while Coast to Coast is subscription, Dreamland is free. Dreamland also now offers a podcast of the most recent show.

Undead Zep

Not really TDG related, but...damn...Led Zeppelin to reunite, with Jason Bonham standing in for his father. I've always pictured a Zep reunion with Danny Carey standing in, but hey, I'm not fussy - this is going to be quite a gig. Good luck to the 20 million people vying for 20,000 tickets.

News Briefs 13-09-2007

Happy birthday for yesterday to my little nephew Ethan!

Quote of the Day:

The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though its first material expression be destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living beings breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again.

William Beebe

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls?

The title for the upcoming Indiana Jones sequel was revealed earlier in the week as "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Serious TDGers into their 'hidden history' will be familiar with the real-life controversy over the discovery (and alleged powers) of crystal skulls, perhaps the most famous of which is the Mitchell-Hedges skull (I reported earlier this year the death of Anna Mitchell-Hedges, aged 100). It will be interesting to see how much of this mythos is incorporated into the new movie, or if the crystal skull just makes for a good prop.

Update: No sooner had I posted this, when I came across this article at MTV which features Harvard lecturer Dr Marc Zender doing his best to expand on the crystal skull mythos while looking down his nose at the topic.

See You Alex

I missed this the other day - Alex, an African grey parrot renowned for his language cognition and communication skills, has passed away aged 31 (more here). Very sad to me personally, as I did a lot of research on Alex and Irene Pepperberg for a course I did a few years ago on consciousness and language. Even though our class was small, I found it interesting to watch the varying responses from individuals on Alex's abilities - from 'trick pony' to 'just like us' - all based more on the person's worldview than the actual data.

For more on Alex, SciAm has revisited an interview with Alex from a few years back. Also, Wired have a video with Alex in action. See you Alex, be good.

News Briefs 12-09-2007

Jameske's having Windows problems...Bill Gates is heading out for some personalised service.

Thanks Jameske.

Quote of the Day:

I think that fantasy must possess the author and simply use him. I know that is true of ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ I cannot possibly tell you how I came to write it. It was simply a book I had to write. I had no choice...It was only after it was written that I realized what some of it meant.

Madelaine L'Engle

Pinchbeck takes 2012 on Tour

Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, is heading out for a bookstore tour in support of 2012, so it might be worth checking his website for the schedule in case he swings by your locale. Daniel is a brilliantly gifted writer and eloquent speaker, and has some very interesting things to say - would definitely make for a worthwhile outing. I'm still waiting for Brisbane, Australia to pop up in his schedule...

Tuesday Roundup 11-09-2007

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Radio 11-09-2007

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: This week Hilly Rose talks to Stanton Friedman about the abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, and Stanton's new book about it, Captured (Real Audio or mp3).

Coast to Coast AM: First hour Monday Katherine Albrecht has an update on the use of RFID chips in animals, followed by Senior Risk Analyst for Strategic Missile Defense Command, Tom Campbell, who will discuss his experiences creating the Hemi-Sync technology at the Monroe Institute, which induced altered states of consciousness. On Tuesday Jaysen Q. Rand says he has deciphered pictograms which describe the return of the Red Serpent (Planet-X). Wednesday's guest is former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who will discuss his efforts to further humankind's eternal thrust to widen its horizons as well as its inner soul. Thursday is TBA at time of posting (check the link for updates).

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website.