Sub Rosa I5 Supporters

A quick nod of the head to the advertisers that gave much-appreciated financial support to Sub Rosa Issue 5:

  • Art of Illumination has "esoteric art to illuminate your heart".
  • Hovering Object offer TDG-themed posters and T-shirts to kit yourself out in - see their range of crop circle and UFO merchandise for some really nice designs.
  • New Dawn magazine questions consensus reality, investigating topics from ancient mysteries to secret societies and conspiracies.
  • Consciousness is a 5-DVD box set of scientists such as Dean Radin, Stu Hameroff and Susan Blackmore discussing the mysteries of consciousness. Not bad value for only $29.95...
  • CircleSpeak is a truly excellent DVD on the crop circle phenomenon, one of the first to investigate the topic without taking sides or having an agenda.
  • Walter Cruttenden's book Lost Star of Myth and Time looks at ancient myths about cycles of Golden and Dark Ages, and ties them in to the precession of the equinoxes and the possibility of our Sun having a distant twin. Furthermore, Walter and big names like Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch are lined up for this year's Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, to be held at the University of California in October.
  • The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest by Gary A. David shows a possible depiction of Orion on the ground - not in Egypt, but in the layout of villages of the Hopi people of the Americas.
  • Eccenova Editions have plenty of great books on TDG-related topics. In November they'll be releasing Jesus, Mary, and Child: Samaritan Blood and the Kingdom at Shiloh, by Janet Tyson.

Check out their wares and please do support them in return if you find them of interest.

News Briefs 07-07-2006

TDG - the place to be for all of us thinking mouse potatoes.

  • Gene reveals mammoth coat colour.
  • Age of the Sierra Nevada revealed.
  • Two centuries after he dropped anchor in Botany Bay, Capt James Cook has sailed into a political storm in Australia, the country he put on the map.
  • In his new book, Arcadia: The Solution to the Templar Code (Amazon US & UK), code-buster Clifton Power claims to have solved the mystery of the cryptic letters on the Shepherd's Monument.
  • Acoustics and Mayan Architecture.
  • Mystery object found in supernova.
  • Brown Dwarf = Bad Weather: Failed stars found to have astonishing weather patterns, such as iron rain.
  • Astronauts to go farther on Saturday's spacewalk.
  • NASA's Mars mission faces rocky future.
  • Weapons in outer space.
  • In the first paper on music theory that the journal Science has printed in its 127-year history, composer reveals musical chords' hidden geometry.
  • Can they make you invisible? Rescuers could use this beam of light to peer through rubble after an earthquake, while doctors could gaze at a damaged lung after making a patient's skin and ribs vanish.
  • Global Warming, a Lost Cause?
  • The ice cream man cometh... to save a melting world.
  • Biologists solve plant growth hormone enigma.
  • On microchips, beams of light traveling through microscopic waveguides may soon replace electric currents traveling through microscopic wires.
  • New ion trap may lead to large quantum computers.
  • Solitons could power molecular electronics, artificial muscles. Did Star Trek get it wrong about Data's positronic net?
  • The big sleep: There may be a link between the way memories are formed and the adverse effects of sleep deprivation.
  • Baboons talk with their hands.
  • Getting soccer down to a science: Scientists and mathematicians are trying to create a formula for the perfect penalty shot.
  • Fifty of the world's leading conservation experts call for urgent rescue mission to save frogs, newts and other amphibians from extinction.
  • Duh! Research of the Day: Warming climate plays large role in Western US wildfires. A close second.
  • Even though they've been immunized, 40% of UK's coughing kids show evidence of whooping cough infection.
  • Go-ahead granted for UK hacker's extradition.
  • Consultant who hacked FBI's computers in 2004 says, frustrated by bureaucracy, agents approved and aided the breach.
  • 'Security' fight expanded: With only a letter, FBI can gather private data.
  • Man raided by FBI, ATF, and Canadian Law Enforcement after handing out 'subversive' Alex Jones material.
  • No worries - it's just unexplained cracks in reactor cores.
  • The psychopaths among us: Research shows they're oblivious to the obvious.
  • A matter of taste: Americans read food labels, then eat the bad stuff anyway.
  • Here's a preview of tonight's Sci-Fi channel special, 'Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Secrets'.
  • Arggh! Pirate news for me 'n Rico: Walking the plank on Scotland's west coast. I was planning to see Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man's Chest today, but the critics are really slamming it.
  • Homeless farmer forced to sell home-made robots. What a headline!
  • Tahoe bear takes to the back seat of a vintage red Buick convertible, snacks on pizza, and then swills Jack Daniels, an Absolut and tonic, and a beer. First the video of a bear snoozing in a backyard hammock, and now this. What's up with bears this year?
  • Mouse potatoes, himbos, googling and drama queens make cross-over from pop culture to mainstream English. Sorry, Jameske - it looks like shemale didn't make the cut.

Thanks Clifton.

Quote of the Day:

Global warming may or may not be the great environmental crisis of the next century, but—regardless of whether it is or isn't—we won't do much about it. We will (I am sure) argue ferociously over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairly solemn-sounding commitments to avoid it. But the more dramatic and meaningful these commitments seem, the less likely they are to be observed. Little will be done... Global warming promises to become a gushing source of national hypocrisy.

Robert J. Samuelson, Newsweek, July, 1997

Weekend Roundup 07-07-2006

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...


Radio 07-07-2006

Here's the rundown on the radio schedules for the second half of the week:

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: This week's guest is Michael Baigent, who will discuss his new book The Jesus Papers (Amazon US and UK). Afterwards, Linda Howe looks into the possibile discovery of an ancient ship (ark?) in a region called Ararat.

Coast to Coast AM: Friday is open lines, early show on Saturday has metaphysical author Doreen Virtue will discuss her latest work on Mer People, the Aquatic Ape Theory, Indigo Children and Atlantis. In the late show brain researcher Neil Slade will discuss the newest discoveries relating to the human brain and its potential, while Sunday is a replay from 2005 with Art Bell hosting a special Open Lines show discussing the 'Coming Gas Crisis.'

More details including relevant websites are available at the linked pages above. Remember also that while Coast to Coast is subscription, it can be listened to through KOGO, while Dreamland is free. Dreamland also now offers a podcast of the most recent show.

Fate 07-2006

The July 2006 issue of Fate Magazine has been released, and as per usual there are a number of free articles from the mag offered online as tasters to the full deal:

For full details of the paper issue, see the Fate Magazine website.

News Briefs 06-07-2006

My Maroon cup runneth over...

Thanks Kat!

Quote of the Day:

The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within.

Mohandes Gandhi

Fortean Times Reading

The Fortean Times website has been updated with the addition of a bunch of 'new' articles (free reading from previous issues of the mag). New on site:

  • What Lies Beneath?: Tracking down the monster myth of Italy's Lake Maggiore
  • Attenborough’s Fabulous Animals: We unearth a long-unseen BBC TV documentary on strange and mythological beasts
  • Dragons of the Gambia: On the trail of the Ninki-Nanka
  • Yowieland: In pursuit of one of Australia’s most mysterious inhabitants – the Yowie
  • Into the Lost Valley: Richard Freeman goes in search of giant snakes, mystery cats and the elusive orang-pendek in the jungles of Sumatra
  • Edinburgh Ghost Fest: Gordon Rutter reports back from last month's Ghost Fest, where he bravely subjected himself to Electronic Voice Phenomena, a new practice known as 'stool-tipping', and a rather flaccid dowsing session.

Plenty of reading there to keep you busy - remember too that Fortean Times #212 is recently released and is well worth checking out.

News Briefs 05-07-06

A lot of mindless reading for you to point and click with your bionic arms.

  • Confirmation bias in the political mind.
  • Meet the Malthusians manipulating the fear of terror.
  • The freedom to ridicule religion and deny the holocaust.
  • Critical Thinking: what is it good for, in fact, what is it?
  • Heat really does relieve pain.
  • Mindless reading seen as fundamental.
  • Bionic limbs in five years.
  • Global warming: crisis for earth? Jellyfish can save us.
  • Miraculous garlic vodka treats diabetes and cancer. It’s quite a drink that gets you pissed, wards off Dracula and treats medical conditions.
  • Large lake which disappeared last year in one night returns to its place.
  • Fizzy bubbles or plasma layers?
  • Deep space explosion baffles astronomers.
  • Stupidity: how humans follow the dumb course.
  • The return of nuclear fusion. It’s a 50ft bastard.
  • 2300 year-old artefacts may change Ashoka-Buddhist history.
  • Moyers: the secret government, constitution part 1 and part 2.
  • The Enlightenment has been taking its knocks.
  • Christopher Knight: who built the moon?

Quote of the Day:

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.

Mark Twain

Priory of Sion Documentary

Here's an interesting soon-to-be-released documentary. "Bloodline: Inside the Priory of Sion" announces itself as a genuine look inside the secret society at the heart of Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code - "in their own words":

With unique and unprecedented access to the Priory of Sion and its archives over the last year, Bloodline will reveal who they are, their mission, and above all, the secrets they say they have guarded for so long.

There is a nice, moody trailer for the documentary available to watch on the website. Hard to judge the credibility of the film at this stage (apart from the fact that is well-made) - for all we know it could be a mockumentary. In any case, it seems that the makers are hardly uninterested observers - the contact for the website domain is listed as "du Foix, Esclarmonde" of Gisors. Esclarmonde de Foix was well-known as a female Cathar parfait at the turn of the 13th century (sacred feminine tie-in?). Worth keeping an eye on all the same...thanks Rob for the heads-up.

Tuesday Roundup 04-07-2006

A strange (and large) assortment to get you through the week...