News Briefs 03-04-2006

Daylight Savings just ended down here, but instead of winding the clock back one hour, I wound it back one day. No wonder I don't know what time it is.

  • Surf's up, Captain. Giant waves seventy feet high pound a research vessel for 12 hours off the coast of Scotland.
  • Undeterred by reports of a 90-foot wave, a Dutchman has built a replica of Noah's Ark. Perhaps he knows something about the Netherlands' dykes that we don't.
  • The European Space Agency's chief scientist says there should be a Noah's Ark on the moon, in case life on Earth is wiped out. Me, worried?
  • Two months after accusations of censorship, NASA commits to free discussion.
  • Why does NASA refuse to spend more money on the enigmatic moons of Europa and Enceladus when they have more chances of finding life there than they do on Mars? I just answered my own question.
  • A review of Programming the Universe by Seth Lloyd (Amazon US or UK), who says the universe operates like an enormous computer. Mac or PC?
  • The collision of two superdense stars would produce the strongest magnetic fields in the Universe, say scientists. I've never heard of that Magnetic Fields album.
  • Physicists have confirmed that neutrinos, which are thought to have played a key role during the creation of the Universe, have mass. Does that make them Catholic?
  • A review of Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (Amazon UK) by Lewis Wolpert, a passionate rationalist exploring the scientific roots of religious belief, superstition and plain old luck.
  • Music may have played an important role in the evolution of early humans.
  • Which ties in nicely with a new article by Mike Hayes, who discusses the number seven, octaves and extraterrestrial DNA. A great read.
  • Out of control -- nearly 4 million Americans, most of them children and young adults, are being prescribed hyperactivity drugs. Ah, so Indigo Children are named after the colour of the pill they take!
  • Perhaps the Nepalese boy claimed to be a reincarnation of Buddha was diagnosed with ADHD.
  • Sharpen your crayons and start drawing pictures of that Bigfoot or Chupacabra you saw -- a cryptozoology museum exhibition needs your sketches.
  • Amazing dinosaur fossils are being excavated on New Zealand's Chatham Islands. This is the first evidence that dinosaurs lived on isolated islands in the southwest Pacific.
  • MUFON discusses time travel, aliens and government coverups.
  • There's only one thing worse than Rense, and that's the UK's Sun -- but it has an interesting statement by SETI's Seth Shostak, who says we'll make contact with extraterrestrials between 2020 and 2025.
  • Among the ruins of a 3200-year-old ruins near Athens, archaeologists believe they have found the palace where Ajax, the legendary Greek hero of the Trojan war, ruled.
  • Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of stone tablets from the Sumerian civilisation of Ur, some dating between 2700 BC and 2100 BC. I can't wait for Zecharia Sitchin's translations.
  • It's a confusing website, but a good one detailing archaeoastronomy across the world.
  • Sheriff Zahi Hawass says the St Louis Art Museum has a week to turn over the allegedly stolen 3200-year-old mask of Ka-nefer-nefer, or face legal action. Ka-nyah-nyah.
  • A big happy 71st birthday to Erich Von Daniken, who has never ceased wondering at the mysterious. All the best mate.

Thanks Kat for the Dixie Chicks video.

Quote of the Day:

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whosoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.

Albert Einstein

Da Vinci Code Shock

I just received an email from an 'insider' friend in London who says that the copyright court case concerning The Da Vinci Code (see a partial history here) has been thrown into confusion this morning, with the Catholic Church launching a cross-claim against both Dan Brown and the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. Apparently lawyers for the Catholic Church are claiming that Dan Brown, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh have all breached the Catholic Church's copyright on information held and owned by them. Citing never before seen documents in the Vatican Archives, they claim that ideas central to both books - that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child, and that this bloodline exists to this day - have been plagiarised from real historical documents which the Catholic Church has kept concealed for centuries.

As my insider friend wrote to me: "It's a unique day, not only in court history, but also in religious history and in other ways too. Some might think the Catholic Church to be fools, coming out with this information, but then when you look at the profits to be had - and the control they will now have over the ending of the film version of Brown's book - perhaps this is a mind-f**k which has been in the planning for some time." Certainly seems to be a power-play, with the express intention of removing Dan Brown and Michael Baigent as threats to their authority.

Interestingly, the 1st of the 4 documents released to the press says that the Catholic Church's agent is accepting bids on the film rights to the 'real' story of Jesus' life - and, funnily enough, that Martin Scorcese would be the preferred choice as director due to his "previous experience". I'll update further on this tomorrow.

Update: Yes, in case you missed it, this was our usual April 1st prank. Besides the utter incomprehensibility of the Catholic Church owning up to documents proving that Jesus got married and had kids, the other in-jokes were "unique other ways too", "to be fools", "perhaps this is a mind-f**k", and "the 1st of the 4". And the Scorcese bit was just some icing on top. Thanks for the good humour everyone took it with. Cya next year!

Sub Rosa Supporters I4

A few more props to our advertisers in Sub Rosa Issue 4, who via their support help keep TDG running:

  • New Page Books have a number of books which would interest TDG readers, including The Templar Papers, The Atlantis Encyclopedia and Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America.
  • One of our good friends, Karen Ralls, has a book titled The Templars and the Grail, and also hosts a travel experience to Malta ("Chivalry, Knights and the Grail: A Quest for Malta").
  • Art of Illumination has "esoteric art to illuminate your heart".
  • New Dawn (who we already post updates about each issue) is a magazine which questions consensus reality, investigating topics from ancient mysteries to secret societies and conspiracies.
  • The Ahriman Gate by Thomas and Nita Horn is a paranormal thriller novel which has been getting a lot of very good reviews.
  • Another great resource which I've mentioned on TDG before is the Broadband Learning Channel (which has just been renamed 'The Conscious Media Network'), which provides free video interviews of researchers such as Graham Hancock, Walter Cruttenden and Stuart Hameroff.
  • CircleSpeak is a truly excellent DVD on the crop circle phenomenon, one of the first to investigate the topic without taking sides or having an agenda. I was so impressed by this DVD that we are going to feature it further in Issue 5 of Sub Rosa.
  • The Midnight Sun, a book on the mysteries of ancient Egypt by well-known author Alan Alford, is available from the Eridu Bookshop.

As I mentioned last week, some great content amongst those links, so take the time to check 'em out.

Death Books

Another two books that might be of interest to TDG readers are now available. Dr Gary Schwartz (The Afterlife Experiments) has released another book, this one titled The G.O.D. Experiments (Amazon US and UK) which "draws on quantum physics, psychology, mathematics and evolutionary biology to convert unbelievers to the idea that a G.O.D. (the 'Guiding, Organising, Designing principle) exists." Another 'afterlife' researcher has also released a book - Dr Sam Parnia has catalogued his research into Near Death Experiences in What Happens When We Die (Amazon US and UK). Dying to read it?

News Briefs 31-03-2006

Most of us English-speakers weren't able to see the recent total eclipse first hand, but we may yet get our chance to stare upward in awe from the path of totality - in Oz on Nov. 13, 2012, from Darwin to near Cairns and onward across the Great Barrier Reef; and in the U.S. on Aug. 21, 2017, in a 70-mile wide path beginning in Salem, Oregon, reaching the eclipse maximum near Paducah, Kentucky, and onward to Charleston, South Carolina. Thrill-seekers with ample funds have more opportunites. Also, watch out for Jeff's curve balls at Rigorous Intuition - he rarely ends up where you think he's going.

Thanks Greg

Quote of the Day:

Eclipse Dance

The Sun and the Moon are dancing, circles in the sky,
The shadow is advancing, the dragon passes by.
And in the darkest moment, in the soul's dark night,
Great Mystery reveals itself, and the darkness turns to light.

Bryan Brewer, author of Eclipse.

Weekend Roundup 31-03-2006

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...


Radio 31-03-2006

Here's the rundown on the radio schedules for the second half of the week:

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: This week author Joshua Greene discusses the spiritual quest of Beatle George Harrison. Afterwards, Linda Howe looks at the satellite photos of Mt Ararat...does it show Noah's Ark?

Coast to Coast AM: Friday is open lines. Saturday and Sunday are still TBA, check the link for updates to the schedule.

More details including relevant websites are available at the linked pages above. Remember also that while Coast to Coast is subscription, it can be listened to through KOGO, while Dreamland is free. Dreamland also now offers a podcast of the most recent show.

News Briefs 30-03-2006

I'm in need of employment. Anybody got a decent offer?

Quote of the Day:

Democrats are attacking the culture of life, traditional family values, and the institution of marriage, the very code words that make this country sound so great.

Stephen Colbert

News Briefs 29-03-06

Surely there is more to Coral Castle than a fanciful myth. Post your thoughts.

  • Physics world buzzing over faster than ever particles.
  • The Lincoln conspiracy: inside the plot to avenge the Confederacy.
  • Coral Castle: a fanciful myth.
  • Asteroid Itokawa and why Saturn shouldn’t float on water.
  • Stanislaw Lem is dead.
  • Searching for the invisible man.
  • Earth is at the tipping point.
  • The Dam is breaking on the 911 cover-up.
  • Skull find could force rethink on human origins.
  • A pill to beat fear?
  • Great fakers scammed Ancient Italy.
  • Italian scientists find Ancient Ur tablets.
  • Garlic has efficacy against cancer and heart disease.
  • Forbidden planet Mars.
  • Noah’s ark plan from top moon man.
  • Surgeons remove two foetuses from infant.

Quote of the Day:

If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake.

Frank Wilczek

Solar Eclipse

No, it's not the End Times. Right about now a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from within a narrow corridor that travels across half the Earth over the next 24 hours. There'll be two paths, the major one being that of the Moon's umbral shadow. Beginning in Brazil, it's extending across the Atlantic, through northern Africa and central Asia where it'll end at sunset in Western Mongolia. A partial eclipse will be visible in the much broader path of the Moon's penumbral shadow that includes two thirds of Africa, Europe and central Asia. For more information, including some fantastic graphics, click here. If anything weird or wonderful happens to you today, please post here or tell Jonathan Cainer about it. Blink and you'll miss it.

UPDATE: You blinked, and missed it. For a stunning photo gallery click here. I'm still looking for a news story that showed footage of crowds watching the eclipse at the Pyramids of Giza, on the banks of the River Ganges in India, the plains of Africa ... stunning.