Hunting Skinwalkers

Another guest article here on TDG this week, with Colm Kelleher and George Knapp contributing an essay which asks "Skinwalkers: What Are They?". With a number of books, movies and TV shows using the concept of the skinwalker recently, Colm and George give a bit of a rundown on the mythology behind the term: both were intimately involved in the 'Skinwalker Ranch' investigation by Robert Bigelow's National Institute of Discovery Science, and afterwards co-wrote the book Hunt for the Skinwalker (Amazon US and Amazon UK). Just don't read this feature article late at night with no-one else about...

Weekend Roundup 10-08-2007

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...


News Briefs 10-08-2007

Happy birthday to our good friend Mark James Foster, currently hard at work on the design of our anthology for us!

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teachers. I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them.


Radio 10-08-2007

Here's the rundown on the radio schedules for the second half of the week:

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: This week William Henry interviews Bruce Burgess and Renee Barnett about their new film, Bloodline.

Coast to Coast AM: Friday is open lines. Early show Saturday is ' Art Bell- Somewhere in Time', featuring an interview with Major Ed Dames from 5/30/96. Afterward, Ian Punnett talks to Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. about his most recent work on energy healing experiments. Sunday's guest is Bruce Lipton, discussing the molecular basis of consciousness and the future of human evolution.

More details including relevant websites are available at the linked pages above. Remember also that while Coast to Coast is subscription, Dreamland is free. Dreamland also now offers a podcast of the most recent show.

New Dawn #103

The latest issue of New Dawn Magazine (#103) has now been released, and as usual the ND folk have some free offerings from the latest mag as tasters for the full deal:

  • "The Real Secret of The Secret", by Richard Smoley: The inside story of Rhonda Byrne's hugely popular book and DVD The Secret. Richard Smoley uncovers what's really behind The Secret and explains how you can manifest your true will...
  • "The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria - Was Australia Once Part of a Sunken Continent?", by Brian Haughton: Was there once a lost land located in the southern Pacific or Indian Oceans? Brian Haughton, author of a recent book on hidden history, examines the story of Lemuria and asks, was Australia once part of this sunken ancient continent?

Also newly available from New Dawn is their Special Issue #3, which is packed full of articles on everything from telepathy, to hidden history and reincarnation (see the link for full line-up). Remember that you can order New Dawn on their website, or if you're an Australian, both new issues should be available in your local newsagent.

Editorial note: the New Dawn crew have gone out of their way to support the Daily Grail over the past couple of years (for example, the current banner ad), which we appreciate very much. Worth keeping in mind if you're looking to buy a mag...

News Briefs 09-08-2007

Military and Intel news dominates, with subtopics of secrets, murderers, torturers, and Christians. Mix and match as you please...

  • Yahoo profiles John Greenewald Jr. in their 'People of the Web' feature, who maintains the website The Black Vault (story has an attached video).
  • Is the CIA responsible for a number of mysterious deaths some 50 years ago, including that of Secretary of the Navy, and possible MJ12 member, James Forrestal? For more background, see Richard Dolan's essay on Forrestal.
  • Conspiracy-inclined investigator of Robert Kennedy's death Dr William A. Bailey passes away aged 68.
  • Psychologists at centre of military/intel torture allegations.
  • Army and Air Force officers face disciplinary action for appearing in Christian fundraising video.
  • 'Strong probability' that foot-and-mouth outbreak originated in lab.
  • Scientist suggests that Jesus was able to walk on water because freak weather conditions made the Sea of Galilee ice over. This one ranks up there with the explanation of freak wind conditions allowing the Red Sea to part for Moses. So very sad when scientists feel the need to scientifically explain 'miracles' told in folklore and religious stories.
  • Were New World settlers annihilated by a comet explosion 13,000 years ago?
  • Nefertiti has wrinkles (being around 3400 years old, I'm not particularly surprised).
  • China's Terracotta Army is on the move.
  • Colossal statue of Roman Emperor Hadrian discovered in Turkey.
  • Tara group vows legal action over 'preserve by record' excavation/destruction of historical site. And if that doesn't work, expect a couple of heavy set Sidhe gangsters to drop in for a visit...
  • New fossils challenge human origins theory - habilis and erectus may have been 'sister species'.
  • Dust storms loosen their grip on Mars rovers.
  • NASA takes inspiration from Hollywood's Armageddon for asteroid blasting. Hopefully not the Aerosmith soundtrack part...
  • There's an army of galaxy hunters out there, and they look just like you and me.
  • Woman has pencil stuck in her head for 55 years. If that story doesn't make you cringe enough, Cabinet of Wonders has plenty more...
  • Ukrainian man named world's tallest - at 2.57m (8ft 5in), he beats out the previous title holder, Bao Xishun of China by 22cm (8 inches).

Thanks Arlan.

Quote of the Day:

Although the evidence offered by addicts of the marvelous for the reality of the phenomena they accept must be critically examined, it is equally necessary on the other side to scrutinize just as closely and critically the skeptics' allegation of fraud, or of malobservation, or of misinterpretation of what was observed, or of hypnotically induced hallucinations. For there is likely to be just as much wishful thinking, prejudice, emotion, snap judgement, naivete, and intellectual dishonesty on the side of orthodoxy, of skepticism, and of conservatism, as on the side of hunger for and belief in the marvelous.


All the Best to Marcel

Just a quick note to offer TDG's support and best wishes to Marcel Cairo, of Afterlife FM, who has endured two separate family-related illnesses/losses in just the past few weeks. Marcel has been doing a great job with AfterlifeFM, bringing humour to some pretty deep topics. Note that due to these recent issues, Marcel has had to postpone his exclusive interview with George Hansen which was scheduled for this week. All the best Marcel, hope to see you back on deck soon.

News Briefs 08-08-2007

Despite being penniless all week and having nothing to eat but bread, tzatziki dip, cheese and green tea, I'm managing to survive. Can't wait for payday on Friday though!

Thanks Greg, Kat and Neil.

Quote of the Day:

If you drilled from Hopiland through the center of the earth, you would exit in Tibet, another sacred culture situated on a high and dry plateau. Certain words in the Hopi and Tibetan language have reversed meanings – for instance, the Hopi word for day, “Nyma,” is the Tibetan word for night. The word for Moon in Tibetan, “Dawa,” is the Hopi word for Sun.

Daniel Pinchbeck, "2012: The Return of Quetzelcoatl" page 382 (Amazon US or UK)

The Enemies of Reason

Richard Dawkins' new television series will go to air next week in the UK - following on from his attack on religion, "The Root of All Evil" (and in book form, The God Delusion), the new series is titled "The Enemies of Reason", and in it he sets his sights "at the whole new age caravanserai, including astrologers, spirit mediums, faith healers and homeopathic medicine.":

Leaning back on a sofa in the faded gothic splendour of Oxford’s 14th century New College he sighs with something approaching despair: "It belittles our universe. To have astrologers demeaning astronomy by tapping into the spine-tingling wonder of the universe is..." he struggles briefly for a word, then finds one and pronounces it with a keen awareness of the irony: "Sacrilegious!"

I actually don't think he has a "keen awareness of the irony", otherwise he would probably take more pause to question his own approach. Yes, there are cheats out there. Yes, there are morons out there. I think most of us know that. But it "belittles our universe", to paraphrase Dawkins himself, to think that sitting down with an individual medium who gets things wrong (most do, actually...even the good ones) shows that mediumship is a crock. Sit down with the SPR records, sit down with modern day researchers, take the time to find the top five you can through the scientific process. Is it worthwhile me going out and asking high school students about microbial evolution, and then laughing at their ignorance? No.

The further thing worth contemplating - and entirely separate to the notion of scientific proof as justification for anything - is whether life should consist of absolute, objective truths only, or whether life is made of more than this. I've always been in search of these objective truths, but the more I search, the less inclined I am to believe that they are really that important. What's important is getting through life to the best of your abilities, being good to others, and enjoying yourself (IMO). Here's a question that I'm not sure has an answer. Who does more damage to a person's life? A fraudulent spirit medium (note I'm not saying they all are) who charges $50 to tell a grieving mother that her murdered son has 'carried on' into an afterlife, giving her respite from her pain, or Richard Dawkins saying that the truth simply is that her son died an agonising, terrifying death, wasting what little life he had, and that she will never have a connection to her child again? Spare me the "the truth is all that matters, no matter how much it hurts" - I've been over that a million times already, and I'm not sure it's the answer. There's a reason for the body producing pain too, but you still take painkillers.

The trouble with Richard Dawkins - who, in most respects, I'm a fan of - is that he thinks he knows far better than everyone else, despite not having walked a step in their shoes. I'm not sure how he expects to educate and 'convert' the masses, when he so regularly sneers down his nose at their stupidity and ignorance. Which is a shame, because he has some wonderful things to say.

News Briefs 07-08-07

12 Monkeys featured today…

  • Timebomb diseases that scientists are breeding in our labs.
  • The dream of time travel.
  • The Sudarium of Oviedo - better than the Turin Shroud?
  • The origin of tektites.
  • The downside of diversity.
  • The origins of Europeans: the teeth tell the tale.
  • Lightbulb: a kinetic sculpture.
  • Rutgers scientists debunk panspermia based on dirty snowball comet model.
  • 8 million year old bug is alive and growing.
  • Sightings of mysterious bird in San Antonio.
  • Scientists reveal secret of levitation.
  • The world’s most advanced bionic arm.
  • Has SETI been barking up the wrong tree?
  • Largest known planet befuddles scientists.
  • Alexander the Great’s gulf outpost uncovered.
  • Ancient ruler’s tomb, gold trove found in Bolivian pyramid.
  • Hardtalk: Richard Dawkins interviewed on Atheism and Religion.

Quote of the Day:

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.

Oscar Wilde