Darklore Volume 1

I'm pleased to announce that the title of the Daily Grail anthology is Darklore, and it will be a regular journal of exceptional observations, hidden history, the paranormal and esoteric science (all the stuff us Grailers love), by only the best writers and researchers in the alternative field. The book files are in the printer's hands as we speak, so hopefully it will be available for ordering in a fortnight or so (just in time for Halloween...cue spooky, demented laugh).

For those that would like a sneak peek at how Darklore looks, I've uploaded a few sample shots of the essay title pages (double page spread): my essay on the sounds of 'border phenomena', Robert Schoch's Sphinx discussion, and Blair Blake's incredible Roswell tale. For the other 15, you'll have to buy the book (okay, maybe I'll show a few more next week...big softie that I am.) Spread the word...Darklore is coming!

Riverside Rock

A heads-up for all music lovers that Polish prog-rock group Riverside have now released their album Rapid Eye Movement stateside (also available over the pond). If you've heard their previous work you won't be disappointed in the new material, and I'm pretty sure I even detected some TOOL influence in the new recording (if you haven't heard their previous work, you're missing out). Combining intricate 10-minute rock/metal journeys with great melodies and harmonies, it's all good. Support great music, and treat your ears, by buying a copy. Better, wait around for a couple of weeks, and buy it with our anthology (and get some free shipping), and use it as the soundtrack to your reading...

Update: I should have mentioned, the band's MySpace page has 5 sample tracks to listen to, though only one from the new album (02 Panic Room). And strong as those tracks are, I probably would have picked 5 different tracks if I was going to showcase their best material...

News Briefs 10-10-2007

You may say that I'm a dreamer...

Thanks Greg, Kat and Brian.

Quote of the Day:

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

John Lennon

Nexus 14:6

The latest issue of Nexus magazine (14:6) has been released, and as usual there are some sample articles available on the intarweb:

Check the website for the full rundown. Also, the Nexus conference is on next weekend on the Sunshine Coast, so anybody nearby might want to check on that.

News Briefs 09-10-2007

I guess all these yoga masters must not understand what yoga is supposed to do.

  • Great floods cut off Britain.
  • Current not responsible for Antarctica's ice.
  • Sun to blame for mysterious blemishes on Saturn moon.
  • I am creating artificial life declares scientist.
  • Giant jellyfish of doom.
  • Evolution transforms junk DNA into genetic machinery. Or pre-determinded plan unfolds over time.
  • Searching for God in the brain.
  • Relativity derived without calculus possibly centuries ago.
  • Do infants have an innate spider detection mechanism?
  • The top ten outlandish mega disasters.
  • River reveals jurassic dragon.
  • Spacecraft surfs Jupiter's magnetic tail.
  • When yoga hurts.
  • New evidence for quasar ejection.

Thanks Greg

Quote of the Day:

The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.

William H. Borah

Viral Cryptozoology

There's an excellent write-up on cryptozoologist Loren Coleman (another contributor to our upcoming anthology) online via the website of the Sun Journal. The article features an open and honest chat with Loren, along with some great images from his Cryptozoology Museum. Additionally, you'll find extra information, images and audio in a new Cryptomundo posting from Loren. The story also got a mention on Boing Boing, and so now that I'm posting it here on TDG I think we can classify Loren Coleman as having officially gone 'viral'.

Tuesday Roundup 09-10-2007

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Best UFO Resources

For those interested in our saucer-sailing friends from elsewhere, here's a great resource: Best UFO Resources. The site features a summary of ufology, technical overviews, relevant videos and much more...without the semi-usual kookiness you usually find on such sites. Well worth stopping by for a browse. (h/t/ UFO Mystic)

Radio 09-10-2007

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: In this week's edition of The Hilly Rose Show, Zecharia Sitchin talks about the culmination of his book series The Earth Chronicles (Real Audio or mp3).

Coast to Coast AM: First hour Monday privacy expert Lauren Weinstein shares an update, followed by Graham Phillips discussing his new work on how comets can contaminate the atmosphere with chemicals that cause aggressive behavior, leading to escalation of warfare. On Tuesday Richard C. Hoagland and former Boeing aerospace engineer Mike Bara will discuss the secret history of NASA. Wednesday's guest is Prof. Jon Klimo who will discuss his research on contact with other dimensions and inhabited realms, as well as communications with suicide victims. On Thursday 'alien abductee' Jim Sparks will discuss how he went from resistor to cooperator..

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website. You can listen to C2C live, or to recent archived shows, at CJOB.com.

News Briefs 08-10-2007

Better late than never...

Thanks, Cernig and Rick.

Quote of the Day:

Perhaps I'm old and tired, but I always think the chances of finding out what really is going on are so absurdly remote that the only thing to do is to say "Hang the sense of it" and just keep yourself occupied.

Slartibartfast, in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.