Digging Deep for RAW

Blair from Toolband.com points out that writer Douglas Rushkoff has made an appeal for support for the legendary Robert Anton Wilson, author of books such as Cosmic Trigger and The Illuminatus Trilogy. Apparently RAW is going through tough times at the moment, so Rushkoff is asking for anybody inspired by RAW's writing to give a little back.

Zorgy Nom Anyone?

UFO and paranormal documentary maker Paul Kimball has called for nominations for the 2006 Zorgy Awards on his blog "The Other Side of Truth". I'd imagine that TDG qualifies in the "Best UFO/paranormal website [news summary]" category, and Sub Rosa in the "Best UFO/paranormal website [magazine]", so who wants to nominate us? Nominations close on November 21, and the top three recipients of nominations in each category will be placed on the ballot. If you'd like to see TDG/Sub Rosa on the ballot, we need as many nominations as possible sent via e-mail to ZorgrotOnEarth@aol.com. I leave it to you!

Tuesday Roundup 02-10-2006

A strange assortment to get you through the week...


Return of the Binnall

You can stop popping Xanax now - Binnall of America Audio is finally returning for Season Two. The season premiere is now available, with Tim interviewing Jim Marrs about his new book The Terror Conspiracy (Amazon US and UK). The audio is available in mp3/podcast format, as well as via streaming audio using Flash. Tim tells me he has plenty of other great interviews cued up and waiting as well, so things look to be taking up where they left off last year. Check the BoA Audio page for the archive of previous interviews, including Adam Gorightly, Loren Coleman, Richard Dolan, Colm Kelleher and many more.

News Briefs 02-10-2006

So glad to see you...

Quote of the Day:

Something kinda sad about, the way that things have come to be.
Desensitized to everything, what became of subtlety?

TOOL - 'Stinkfist'

Skeptical Investigations Updates

The Skeptical Investigations website has a host of updates which are worth checking out. First off, Guy Lyon Playfair has added part 3 of his series "Has CSICOP Lost the 30 Years' War?", with the latest instalment being titled "How Scientific is CSICOP?". You can find "Part 1: Birth of a Movement" here, and "Part 2: The Gauquelin Effect" here.

Guy Lyon Playfair has also contributed a review of Michael Shermer's skeptical book The Borderlands of Science to the website. You'll also find a summary and update on Professor Brian Josephson's defense of the Bubble Fusion Project Team from a recent attack by Nature. Head to the SI Homepage for a full index of what's available on the site.

Radio 01-10-2006

Here's the alternative radio schedule for the first half of the week.

Fate Radio: No new show this week, just a bunch of encore presentations including Bruce Maccabee, Kevin Randle and Frank Drake.

Coast to Coast AM: Monday's guest is research scientist Dr. Jim Hardt who will discuss biofeedback and the electro- physiological basis for spiritual states. On Tuesday physicist and parapsychologist Russell Targ will discuss his latest research into non-local awareness and remote viewing. Wednesday is still TBA (check the link for an update), while on Thursday Ron Quinn will discuss his many adventures in Southern Arizona including The Mysterious Plateau and his book Little People about real life encounters with leprechaun-like beings.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the C2C website.

News Briefs 02-10-2006

I survive Kung Fu training unharmed every lesson, yet I break my hand washing dishes. Today's news is short and late because I'm typing one-handed ...

  • Huzzah, the future is finally here! The Chinese are making clothing from recycled chicken feathers, and Japanese researchers have developed a wearable power suit that amplifies human strength.
  • A new dessert sold from a roadside stand in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district is unique -- it tastes exactly like freshly fallen snow. Wouldn't it be funny if it actually is snow?
  • A new study confirms that when two people are talking to us at the same time, our perceptual frequencies get jammed. Mmm, strawberry.
  • Here's a link to an audio interview with UFO researcher Timothy Good and Australian illustrator Graeme Base.
  • Phenomena Magazine has an editorial on whether UFOlogist Nick Pope, who used to run the UK Ministry of Defence's UFO project, is involved in government cover-ups. Trust no one.
  • Two naked Eurotrash television presenters host a show described as an idiot's guide to human beings -- and it will be beamed into space for the entertainment of alien civilisations only. There's an episode of Futurama the producers need to watch ...
  • Richard Branson unveils his Virgin rocket. That's enough, Dr Freud!
  • UFOlogist Lisa Shiel discusses over 60 UFO sightings across Michigan's Upper Peninsula reported since 1968.
  • Meetings With Remarkable Aliens by Linda Moulton Howe allows two alien abdutees to discuss their experiences.
  • Ellen Lloyd says there is evidence of the biblical race of giants and ancient civilisations destroyed by cataclysms. "Voices From Legendary Times" is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • The Meru Foundation, led by Stan Tenen, researches mathematical structures and geometric metaphors in the Hebrew alphabet. You can watch video of Tenen introducing his research.
  • Perhaps you'd like to watch video of Noam Chomsky discussing human destiny. What's a broken hand compared to a broken planet?
  • One of President Bush's closest advisors, Dan Bartlett, denies that Bush is in a "state of denial", and that investigative journalist Bob Woodward didn't "connect his own dots". Geez, even George can finish the connect-a-dot sections of his My Pet Goat activity books.
  • A US government program designed to build a national stockpile of biodefense drugs has a bad reputation.
  • A New Scientist journalist, with all the patriotism of Mao's Red Guard, accepted her assignment to sample legal 'high' drugs and write about her experiences. Good read, but it would have been a more interesting if she wrote whilst high.
  • US scientists say stem cells aren't necessary for cloning and other cells may even be better candidates.
  • Scientists are attempting a world-first by extracting DNA from fossilised bones thought to be of a 35000-year-old Neanderthal man. Neanderthal Park?
  • Dr Richard Grossman has written about ayahuasca and its healing properties for John Sondericker's excellent blog Non-Prophet.
  • Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan by Paul Kekai Manansala examines how the seafaring traders known as the Nusantao from Insular Southeast Asia influenced world history. Available only from Lulu Print On Demand at the moment, but I recommend ordering a copy if you enjoyed Graham Hancock's "Underworld" or Stephen Oppenheimer's "Eden In The East".
  • If you aren't brave enough to try Jameske's whisky and vodka cocktails, then try this article about ancient Chinese brewing techniques.
  • A University of Illinois professor and his team have discovered incredible rock art in the Egyptian desert, but keep their source a secret.

Thanks Greg, Lance G, David, Xavier, Matt Sparkes, Rod, John Sondericker, Paul Kekai Manansala, and the cute nurse who x-rayed my hand.

Quote of the Day:

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

Douglas Adams

The Flip

We have a new advertiser helping support the website, the authors of a new book titled The Flip:

An incredible shift in consciousness, a flip, is taking place affecting every aspect of our lives. Will you embrace it or deny it?

The Flip, a new book by Jared Rosen and David Rippe, illuminates a clear path to a vibrant enlightened world where millions of people already live and thrive. It describes in vivid detail and real examples evidence of an upside down world in decay and a Right Side Up world of authentic beings bright with possibility.

The Flip is an owner’s manual for the twenty-first century full of insights, conversations with recognized experts, thought leaders, and visionaries, and actionable exercises and tips you can use to begin your own personal flip.

As mentioned previously, these advertisers help to defray the expense of running TDG, so please support them in return by, at the very least, checking out their wares.

John Higgs on Timothy Leary

I've just recently finished John Higgs' excellent biography on Timothy Leary, and was lucky enough to chat to John about the book, and everything Leary-related. I've added the interview to the website today, under the title "I Have Leary Surrounded: An Interview with John Higgs. Forty years on from the 'Summer of Love', and ten since Leary passed away, it certainly is eye-opening stuff for anyone not fully conversant with the history of that time. Hope you enjoy it, I thoroughly recommend the book (Amazon US and UK).