News Briefs 16-09-2016

“For an eternal moment he was still all things at once: the bird, the fish, the rodent, the reptile, and man.”

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Quote of the Day:

“Genius is play, and man's capacity for achieving genius is infinite, and many may achieve genius only through play.”

W. Saroyan

News Briefs 15-09-2016

I was dreamin' when I wrote this...

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Life is just a party, and parties weren't meant to last.


The Hunt for Planet Nine is Afoot!


Ever since the team of Mike "Pluto Killer" Brown and Konstantin Batygin noted an anomaly in the outer solar system, Earthlings have been waiting on pins and needles to see if we have nine planets once again. The anomaly in question being the convergence of orbits of several trans-Neptunian objects, like Sedna and VP 113 "Biden", suggesting they're under the gravitational influence of something huge!

In a couple of weeks, Brown and Batygin will be hogging the Subaru telescope in Hawaii for six days hoping to find our solar system's long-lost sibling. Where is it? Mike Brown gave a few clues to Patt Morrison at the Los Angeles Times:

We have done a pretty good job of narrowing down where in the sky it should be. It’s pretty close to the constellation Orion, which is kind of fun because that’s a constellation everybody knows. If people get up early in the morning this time of year, they can see Orion coming up and they can think, Planet Nine is right around there somewhere.
We’re waiting for another couple of weeks before it’s up high enough in the sky that we can start observing it and then we’re going to start systematically sweeping that area until we find it.

Click the map for a better view.

Despite tipping the scales at ten times Earth's mass and potentially two to four times Earth's diameter, spotting Planet Nine will be like finding a needle in the cosmic haystack. Outshone by Pluto 10,000 times over and more than 150 billion kilometers from the sun, you're not going to glimpse it with any amateur telescope.

Still there's an outside chance our solar system's family will be whole again by the holidays. As for naming this object, Brown and Batygin have been calling it George, Jehoshaphat, and Phattie. But Nibiru might be the best fit considering its highly elliptical orbit and proximity to the inner edge of the Oort Cloud, which is made up of icy objects and comets. Finding, and tracking, Planet Nine (or Nibiru) could help humanity keep an eye out for incoming icy impactors that could send us all back to the Stone Age.

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Gratitude to Joe Stieber for his assistance, and finding the star map.

News Briefs 14-09-2016

Read this before you go obsolete

Quote of the Day:

Homo sapiens is an obsolete algorithm

Yuval Noah Harari

News Briefs 13-09-2016

TFW you realise our message to aliens was that we are a bunch of stalkery swingers...

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Quote of the Day:

We just don't know at this point, because we haven't had the chance to interview any clowns.

Greensboro police spokeswoman Susan Danielsen, discussing recent 'creepy clown' reports.

New Study Finds That Major Earthquakes Are Likely Caused by Lunar Forces

Moon rising over Glastonbury Tor

No the Moon and planetary bodies are not able to influence human behaviour, so shut up astrologists and full-moon fever theorists. They can only exert tiny forces, and thus can only be blamed for causing little things such as major earthquakes...

An almost-full, half-pie, waxing moon hanging lopsided in the night sky has long been a symbol of things to come. Now scientists have a new symbolism for the lunar phase we call first quarter: a looming risk of earthquakes.

...Studying data from the past two decades, Satoshi Ide and colleagues from the University of Tokyo measured the timing of high tides and reconstructed the amplitude of the moon’s pull at those times, focusing on the two weeks prior to large earthquakes. They measured the amplitude of the tides against the timing of those quakes, and found some of the largest and most devastating earthquakes in recent memory happened when the Earth’s crust was under the highest tidal stress.

...The mechanisms underlying this connection are not clear, however. The moon’s pull causes tidal disruptions that are orders of magnitude lower than those experienced in an earthquake. And not every change in tide comes with an attendant earthquake. Part of the problem is that scientists still don’t know exactly what causes a major earthquake. But one theory holds that they begin as smaller fractures that build up via a cascading process.

Link: More Evidence that the Moon Contributes to Earthquakes

News Briefs 12-09-2016

Reality used to be a friend of mine...

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Quote of the Day:

The possible has been tried and failed. Now it's time to try the impossible.

Sun Ra

The Prankster and the Assassin

JFK in limousine

This article is excerpted from Darklore Volume 9, which is available for sale from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Darklore 9 features essays from Alan Moore, Mike Jay, Robert Schoch and others, on topics ranging from hidden history to the occult.

Kerry Thornley was born on April 17th, 1938 in Whittier, California, the very same conservative bastion of Orange County blandness that bestowed upon us the honorable Richard M. Nixon, who some consider the physical embodiment of the Curse of Greyface.1

In 1958 – as an apparent counterbalance to Nixon’s ascension into the office of Vice President – Thornley and his teenaged pal Greg Hill (while sipping coffee in a Whittier bowling alley) inadvertently invoked Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos and discord. In the aftermath of their caffeine-induced vision, Hill and Thornley founded the so-called spoof religion Discordianism, as well as its disorganizational branch, The Discordian Society.

Initially an in-joke between Hill and Thornley, by the late 1960s the Discordian Society began to attract a loose knit group of writers, artists and free spirits who often adopted comical Pope names. Thornley embraced the Discordian persona of Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst while Greg Hill became known as Malaclypse the Younger.

Other Discordian Popes included Playboy editors Robert Anton Wilson (Mordecai the Foul) and Robert Shea (Josh the Dill), who in tandem co-authored the counterculture classic, The Illuminatus Trilogy, with the first book in the series dedicated to none other than Hill and Thornley. Throughout Illuminatus are numerous references to Discordian memes such as The Law of Fives, The Sacred Chao, and the John Dillinger Died For You Society.

Many Discordian activities concerned pranks designed to not only poke fun at organized religion and uptight people, but also as a means of illumination through the use of surreal and irreverent humor. In recent years, the Discordian Society has grown into a worldwide underground phenomenon, although the only thing that its Popes and Momes can generally agree upon is that tried and true Discordian maxim: “We Discordians must stick apart!” For further information/confusion refer to Principia Discordia or How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her.

During Thornley’s junior year of high school in the spring of 1956, he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves, attending boot camp that summer, then returned to high school in the fall of 1957 for his senior year. The following year he attended the University of Southern California as a journalism major, but quickly lost interest in pursuing the academic life.

A budding writer intent on traveling the world, Thornley figured the most immediate way to do so was by fulfilling his two-year active duty in the Marines. Kerry enlisted in the spring of 1959, and his first stop was El Toro Marine Base, located near Irvine, California. It was here that his life was forever altered when his path crossed that of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Prankster and the Assassin

At the moment I have every reason to believe I may get 20 years in a Louisiana prison for: 1) having gone to USC at the same time as Gordon Novel did; 2) having written a novel based on Oswald which re-inforced his apparent Marxist cover; 3) having been from that point out the victim of either the most fantastic chain of incriminating coincidences or the most satanically evil plot in history…

I was never very interested in the Kennedy assassination until lately. But goddamn and sweet Jesus do I want to see those bastards brought to justice now! Not out of revenge, but just simple self-preservation.

As I’ve been telling people, I’m up to my ass in a cheap spy novel. And right now that means I am in over my head.

– Letter from Kerry Thornley to Greg Hill, dated February 17th, 1968

Kerry Thornley and Lee Harvey Oswald were stationed at El Toro over a three month period, and much of their interactions occurred either during off duty hours at the rec hall, or in between drills and field exercises when the two engaged in ... Read More »

News Briefs 09-09-2016

“If you forget yourself, you become the universe.”

Quote of the Day:

“All beings are by nature are Buddhas, as ice by nature is water.”

Hakuin Ekaku