The Bloodline Tomb

The Rennes-le-Chateau Research website now have a large number of video clips from the upcoming documentary film Bloodline available for viewing. They give a good feel for the movie, with excerpts of interviews with key players and researchers, as well as visits to locations of interest.

Further to the topic of locations in the film, the producers of Bloodline have been kind enough to offer a pre-release exclusive from the film for Daily Grail readers: apparent confirmation from a Priory of Sion insider that the tomb discovery of 'Ben Hammott'/'The Tomb Man' (see attached picture) is genuine. Here's the entire release, with some of my own comments afterward:


Priory of Sion confirms Hammott’s tomb: “One of three in the area”

Nicolas Haywood, representing the Priory of Sion, confirmed both by email and in phone conversations to the Bloodline producers, that Ben Hammott’s tomb is real and that it’s one of three tombs in the area near Rennes-Le-Chateau. He said that the three tombs each contain a shrouded corpse, and their locations form a triangle around a larger central ‘repository’, and that at least one the tombs contains a woman. He also said that there are items in all three tombs that come from this larger ‘repository’. He would not be drawn on any specifics about what was in this repository, but according to the producers, the inference was that it had been used to hold both Templar and Cathar relics, archives and treasure since it was first hidden there in the 13th century.

Bruce Burgess said: “He implied that most of what had been stored down there had been either looted or melted down, but that the larger objects, much harder to move, were still there. When I asked him what they were, he said that it was possibly the great Menorah from the Temple in Jerusalem.”

These tombs are considered sacrosanct by the Priory of Sion and Haywood was blunt with us about tampering with them in any way, noting we would get ‘much more than we bargained for,’ and there would be immediate and severe consequences’ if we thought of looting the tomb. He said that ‘ would not be, and could not be allowed’.

Haywood explained that up to the French Revolution, generations of local noble families, incuding the De Blancheforts, Aniorts, de Negre d’Ables and Hautpouls had been guardians of these tombs, but thereafter that responsibility fell into the hands of the local priests. Hence the involvement of Abbes Bigou, Sauniere, Boudet and Gelis. Since the death of Sauniere, the tombs and the site have been left in disrepair. Abbe Sauniere blocked up the entrance using similar stones for which he constructed his grotto up at RLC.

According to Haywood, the Abbe Sauniere had looted from the tomb that Ben has discovered, hence the open chests, and scattered objects. Apparently, Sauniere had been repeatedly warned not to do so, and it was likely that his death was not an accident.

Producer, Rene Barnett, said: “So far we have only very limited access to Ben’s tomb, but we have a good idea of where the other two are, using simple trigonomics. So we hope to soon be able to get to this main repository, either through one of the underground passageways, or from ground level. This is tremendously exciting.”

Ben Hammott said: “I knew when I discovered the tomb that it could be important, but now that it could be part of an even bigger underground complex which houses some of the Templar relics and treasure…I’m speechless. These discoveries keep getting bigger and bigger. We don’t know much about this guy Haywood or the modern Priory of Sion, but I think it’s great that he has authenticated the tomb I found.”

Burgess had this to say finally: “ Ben and the film have come under quite a lot of fire for our amateur archaeology, especially with the tomb, but the fact is that when Ben found it, it was damp and water was leaking into it, slowly rotting the contents. Ben then sealed it up, and it is now bone dry and protected from the water, so in fact, Ben Hammott has saved this tomb.”


Firstly, I feel compelled to note that I have had inside information from a few sources that the credentials of this "PoS insider", Nicolas Haywood, may well be dubious (I'm not willing to say much more than that at this point). So I would warn 'caveat lector' in regards to any of his statements - although I would probably the same even if I thought he *was* connected to the semi-mythical secret society.

The real story here is whether Hammott's discovery is of something ground-breaking (pun not intended), or if it has more prosaic origins. In any case, it's all wonderful cloak and dagger stuff - just remember to keep your wits about you while taking it on board. Note that you can see a video interview with Haywood (amongst many others) at the above-linked Rlc Research website.

Update 22nd March, 2012: 'Ben Hammott' has confessed to hoaxing the entire thing.


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24 January 2006
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This is pretty exciting! Can't wait to see it!

Gwyllm Llwydd

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1 May 2004
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My prediction is, that after the "Bloodline" film we'll all be as wise as we have been before. Anyone remebers Andrew's and Schellenberger's "The tomb of god"?
They claim that Jesus' tomb is located hidden in some rock face near RLC.
Unfortunately it is completely inaccessible; but they know it's there.
Graham Hancock found the ark of the covenant in Aksum but unfortuately nobody is allowed to enter the chapel where it is kept. Graham Phillips writes in "The Templars and the ark of the covenant: The discovery of the Treasure of Solomon" about the secret location of the this treasure somewhere near his hometown in England. Of course he doesn't find this treasure (just some gem-stomes that create eerie light phenomenon....)
The list of all these "revelations" is long. Hammott anounced years ago on his web-page,that his "book" was almost finished ; looks like he finally got a better deal with Mr. Burgess.
Reading the statement of the alleged Priory of Sion grand master, we already get the clue as to how this will evolve. He "threatens" the couragous film-makers and Mr. Hammott to not investigate these "tombs" any further :"and there would be immediate and severe consequences if we thought of looting the tomb.He said that ' would not be, and could not be allowed' "
As we can all imagine, this is the "escape policy" for everyone involved in this "Bloodline" project. They really want to reveal the truth, but the mighty Priory of Sion threatens them and so they decide, with great regret, that they don't want to risk their lifes for this discovery "that could be one of the most explosive and controversial of the century" (according to Elisabeth Snead of the Los Angeles Times; has she seen the film already a few months ago?- at least that's her quote on the Bloodline web-page)
Hammott discoverd this "tomb" about two years ago and conveniently there is no real access, just the hole for his video-camera. According to his illustrations the objects in this "tomb" seem to be in a fairly decaying state.Ther's a "codex" that seems to suffer from the "flooding" a while ago. Given the potential significance of this find, wouldn't we all expect him to instantly contact the french authorities to access the "tomb" and save these precious objects from further destruction by the elements? Instead he "seals" the "tomb" and establishes contact with a film-maker...who's film was, as Hammotts book, announced already a long time ago and never materialized. If there is no real access to the "tomb", how can Mr. Hammott be sure that his "sealing off " of the "tomb" keeps all those objects and the "body" safe?
Try to solve this riddle:
"F I T A"

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12 April 2007
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I suppose I share your pessimism Senesino. But nonetheless I would like to know more about their findings.

Of course, I am highly skeptical of anything PoS related.

It's not the depth of the rabbit hole that bugs me...
It's all the rabbit SH*T you stumble over on your way down!!!

Red Pill Junkie

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Elisabeth Snead is not a film reviewer - she's a fashion and style reporter for the Los Angeles Times who provides coverage of "red carpet" events, "who's wearing who" and that sort of thing. On the off chance that she's seen this film and the comments attributed to her are actually hers, I'd take them with a grain of salt.

And speaking of "caveat lector", isn't this Nicolas Haywood person the same one who masquerades from time to time as a priest?

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I can confirm that no French government department knows of this find.

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Isn't it amazing the degree of emotional response you can get when delving into the musty basement of faith? In the darkness of that unknown space, you stumble around hoping to discover God but at the same time, just all too frightened that you might succeed.

In 20 years, what will this story have done for humanity? Will it have enlightened us? Will it have been proven a hoax and forgotten?

Will the powers that exist in the Church and Government allow these secrets, if real, to be openly shared with humanity?

What may or may not lie waiting in any hidden cave, our ancestral home, hinges greatly on how we approach the problem of the discovery. Belief based on faith alone is good for God, but it generally fails the test when dealing with the honesty of man.

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9 June 2008
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8 years 34 weeks

..generally objective so far. So I am not sure to what your comment regarding 'the degree of emotional response you can get' refers to. Similarly, your 'hope of finding God' seems to relate more to your own search, rather than anyone elses views in this thread.

As a professional archaeologist however, I certainly agree with your final words regarding faith in relation to God and man. Not much accurate, archaeological information ever surfaced based on faith, but accuracy (at least as much as can be achieved) associated with a competent excavation is central in the search for something close to the truth. So to reiterate my earlier headline comment then - the Bloodline 'investigation' is a hoax.

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18 November 2011
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Nicolas Haywood hey? Watching his pathetic I am so important grin in the bloodline movie made me sick to my stomach. Funny thing is, he wouldn't have the time of day for a nobody commoner like myself. He can hide behind his name and his latkes. His spot in this movie had nothing to do with truth. It had to do with leading people on a wild goose chase. The movie was actually okay. Less Haywoods appearance. His smug response, his fake smile and his self important attitude was just about enough to make me want to puke. So here is my offer. If Mr.Haywood would like to actually make an effort to give a pion like myself a chance to ask him a few questions So as to change my mind and actually find some respect for him and his views then I might just give him a chance. So Mr Haywood, here's your chance. Email me at I will wait with baited breath. Let's see if he has the common courtesy and balls to let me ask him a few questions.
Then and only then will I have an ounce of respect for this propaganda driven game player. I know the ending to this story already. Not a chance in hell that I hear from him. And why? Because I am no use to him. I am not important enough. Really too bad.

Steel hip

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20 January 2009
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This week under pressure of the public and his own research team Ben Hammott confessed that all his discoveries are in fact forgeries.

"Statement from Ben Hammott

It has been a long time coming and something that is long overdue. And to tell the truth, for once, I am glad it has all finally come out and I thank Andrew for being the intermediary that facilitated this outcome. I have thought many times about coming clean and telling the truth, but lacked the guts to do so.

Everything I said I discovered is a hoax, planted by me and only me.

Sandy, Bill, Pat, Rene and Bruce, my brother, and everyone else were unwitting pawns in my game, for the lack of a better word. I have no idea why I did it, or carried on what was at first a stupid prank that escalated out of control. My intention was never to deceive, but then of course it was by doing what I did.

Perhaps I did it for the money, though very little was ever forthcoming and realised early on that it probably never would.

Did I do it for fame and attention? Perhaps. I did enjoy it at times but it wasn’t the driving force behind it.

Maybe I just carried on to see what I could get away with. I really don’t know.

I know saying sorry to the many friends and acquaintances I have made and deceived over the years, can in no way make up for what I have done. There is probably nothing I can say or do now to right the wrong. But I am very, very sorry and know that many of them I will lose, which apart from the deceit, is perhaps the worst thing about this sorry and despicable act of mine.

Have I made money from my exploits, yes, a bit through book sales, but nearly all the money I have made has paid for further research and my many trips to rlc to try and find something real that I still believe to be there, to in some way hope to make up for my past deeds. I do believe Saunière found a secret, something hidden in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau, and there is something truly amazing to be found. It is something that I will continue looking for.

I have had nothing since bad luck since I become involved with the Rennes-le-Chateau affair, bad karma, almost certainly. Today I have no money, no family life, no home and now probably very few friends. It is perhaps a well disserved outcome.

I apologize to everyone who has supported me over the years, everyone who bought my book, but most of all I apologize to my friends and family for letting them down. I cannot say sorry enough to Sandy, Bill, Rene and many others for being my friends and supporting me all these years. I have lied to you and let you down in such a big way I cannot even hope for your forgiveness.

Anyone who would like to return my book can contact me for a refund and when I have the money I will reimburse them.



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6 April 2010
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But any bottle digger like myself could have told you that because all of the bottles he dug out of the ground in the movie were from the late 1800s, mostly (and a bit ironically) snake oils that were sold in the US and England at the end of the Victorian Era. They could not have been buried by anyone living in the time of Saunire or the Templars. I had a feeling it was all a hoax, but that being said I still believe there are some mysteries to Rennes le Chateau and others like it that should be left to the archeologists rather than the treasure seekers.

...I forgot how I got here but everyone seems to be heading off in that direction. I hope someone brought food. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey................

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I'm not sure what to think about the hoax, or is the claim of hoax an attempt to call off the hounds? Why would the Priory verify Hammott's find? Where did Ben get a mummy? How were Bruce and Rene able to verify the age/identity of objects, haplotype of the mummy's hair found in the tomb? What's going on with the mystery now? If the search has been effectively silenced, perhaps the claim of hoax has served its purpose.

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Read this, it may help clear some things up:

...I forgot how I got here but everyone seems to be heading off in that direction. I hope someone brought food. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey................