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News Briefs 05-01-2014

Back on the Grail bike we hop, with a weekend news briefs collection to get through some of the things we've missed over the break...

Quote of the Day:

Our myths matter a good deal, and how we think of elves is of vital importance to how we think of ourselves

Jordan Jeffers

News Briefs 01-01-2014

Happy New Year to you all! To start 2014, a look back at the year that was...

Thanks @anomalistnews!

Quote of the Day:

Considering modern data, it is likely that many of the fakirs of the past, who are now known as saints, did, or to some degree did, perform the miracles that have been attributed to them. Miracles, or stunts, that were in accord with the dominant power of the period were fostered, and miracles that conflicted with [it]…were discouraged, or were savagely suppressed…And that, in the succeeding age of Materialism—or call it the Industrial Era—there is the same state of subservience to a dominant, so that young men are trained to the glory of the job, and dream and invent in fields that are likely to interest stockholders, and are schooled into thinking that all magics, except their own industrial magics, are fakes, superstitions, or newspaper yarns.

Charles Hoy Fort

News Briefs 20-12-2013

"And in the end…

  • Titan’s seas in totality.
  • Highlights --scientifically-- for 2013.
  • Europa’s tectonic shift.
  • Lift-off for Europe’s Gaia.
  • Our kaleidoscopic sun.
  • Valve repair on ISS leads to Gravity-like spacewalk. Don’t. Let. Go.
  • Exoplanets gain mass.
  • Your own Carbonite Solo?
  • Ozone hole healing under heat lamp.
  • U.nidentified F.loating… A.rk?
  • The waters of Mars.
  • Alternative Three-esque ‘batch consignments’?
  • Kimberlite and Antarctic diamonds.
  • Electron shape, recalibrated.
  • If I could turn back time…
  • Soundwaves & windshield-wipers.
  • Evolving the definition of being human.
  • Quietly moving toward fusion. But is it cold?
  • U.K. from B.C.
  • Antarctica’s about to get more crowded.
  • Lost data creates new mysteries.
  • The winners of Nat Geo’s 2013 photo contest.
  • On an ice-free Iceland?
  • Table salt: Forbidden Alchemy.
  • Human vs. nonhuman progress.
  • EVP evidence remains intriguing but elusive.
  • Lego cars for bigger kids.
  • Olympus Bioscapes photo competition--Ready for its close-up.
  • Video of Jade Rabbit’s deployment.
  • Evidence of the looming robot uprising…

Quote of the Day:

...You make."

P. McCartney

News Briefs 19-12-2013

"Ho ho ho! Come on Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dronner & Blitzen!"

Thanks to y'all. See ya on 2014!

Quote of the Day:

"Bah, humbug!"

~Ebenezer Scrooge

News Briefs 18-12-2013

This is my last news briefs for 2013. Thank you for reading my mad wanderings & eclectic finds. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. So until next year, here are a few of my favourite things...

Thanks to the trickster of pronoia.

Quote of the Day:

I have some discomfort both with believers and with nonbelievers when their opinions are not based on facts. I am extremely uncomfortable with dogmatic atheists, who claim there can be no God; to my knowledge, there is no strong evidence for that position.

I'm also uncomfortable with dogmatic believers; to my knowledge, they don't have any strong evidence either. If we don't know the answer, why are we under so much pressure to make up our minds, to declare our allegiance to one hypotheses or the other?

~ Carl Sagan (Amazon)

News Briefs 17-12-2013

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Thanks Rick.

Quote of the Day:

The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.

Philip K. Dick

News Briefs 13-12-2013

"We are not born into the world. We are born into something that we make into the world."

Quote of the Day:

“There is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it — from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons — are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time.”

Michael Talbot

News Briefs 12-12-2013

Cuix amo nican nica nimonantzin?
Cuix amo nocehuallotitlan, necauhyotitlan in tica?
Cuix amo nehuatl innimopaccayeliz?
Cuix amo nocuixanco nomamalhuazco in tica?
Cuix oc itla in motech moneoui?

Thanks Kat, Susan, Jasun & Tonatzin.

Quote of the Day:

"To create a replica-self out of conscious thoughts and memories is like taking a single word out of the collected works of Shakespeare, turning it into a Broadway show, and expecting a standing ovation."

~Jasun Horsley

News Briefs 10-12-2013

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Quote of the Day:

Religion, mysticism and magic all spring from the same basic 'feeling' about the universe: a sudden feeling of meaning, which human beings sometimes 'pick up' accidentally, as your radio might pick up some unknown station. Poets feel that we are cut off from meaning by a thick, lead wall, and that sometimes for no reason we can understand the wall seems to vanish and we are suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of the infinite interestingness of things.

Colin Wilson

News Briefs 09-12-2013

-15F last Wednesday -- now that's what I call a six-cat night!

Thanks to pov and RickMG.

Quote of the Day:

Gut physiology appears to have effects on what are currently presumed to be brain functions.

Professor of Biology Sarkis K. Mazmanian, here.