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News Briefs 21-09-2016

Happy face

Quote of the Day:

The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back.

Bryant H. McGill

News Briefs 20-09-2016

To infinity, and...

Thanks Kat and Cat.

Quote of the Day:

All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities.

Frank Herbert

News Briefs 19-09-2016

A reminder: Darklore 9 is now available (featuring articles from Alan Moore, Robert Schoch, Mike Jay and others)! You can grab the paperback or limited edition hardcover from

Thanks Kat and Chris.

Quote of the Day:

Who wants to live forever,
Who dares to love forever,
When love must die.


News Briefs 16-09-2016

“For an eternal moment he was still all things at once: the bird, the fish, the rodent, the reptile, and man.”

With thanks to Kat!

Quote of the Day:

“Genius is play, and man's capacity for achieving genius is infinite, and many may achieve genius only through play.”

W. Saroyan

News Briefs 15-09-2016

I was dreamin' when I wrote this...

Quote of the Day:

Life is just a party, and parties weren't meant to last.


News Briefs 14-09-2016

Read this before you go obsolete

Quote of the Day:

Homo sapiens is an obsolete algorithm

Yuval Noah Harari

News Briefs 13-09-2016

TFW you realise our message to aliens was that we are a bunch of stalkery swingers...

Thanks @AnomalistNews.

Quote of the Day:

We just don't know at this point, because we haven't had the chance to interview any clowns.

Greensboro police spokeswoman Susan Danielsen, discussing recent 'creepy clown' reports.

News Briefs 12-09-2016

Reality used to be a friend of mine...

Thanks Kat, Cat and Chris.

Quote of the Day:

The possible has been tried and failed. Now it's time to try the impossible.

Sun Ra

News Briefs 09-09-2016

“If you forget yourself, you become the universe.”

Quote of the Day:

“All beings are by nature are Buddhas, as ice by nature is water.”

Hakuin Ekaku