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News Briefs 16-02-2009

To cheer you up today, there's a youtube blues video linked below the quote.

  • The hunt for ET comes home -- to Earth.
  • Aliens may be living among us, undetected by science.
  • Argentina: Remarkable UFO filmed 24-01-2009, with multiple witnesses.
  • Pope's star-watcher to visit NASA to talk aliens. I'm hoping that means NASA's head honcho will soon visit the Vatican to discuss angels.
  • There may be one hundred billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy -- and 10 billion trillion in the Universe.
  • More details emerge about possible Mars 'hot' springs.
  • The Cat’s Eye Nebula displays an abundance of plasma-discharge properties that leave standard gravity-and-hot-gas theories floundering.
  • A mini-nuke on the Yukon?
  • Nuclear submarines collide in the Atlantic. State-of-the-art detection system completely failed.
  • RAF Tornado came within 30ft of a mid-air collision with another aircraft in the skies over Britain. (Includes cockpit video.)
  • NY crash plane was on autopilot.
  • Report gives stark warning over dangers posed by military robots. Like sci-fi movies aren't enough?
  • Apes and monkeys appear to have consciences and the ability to remember obligations to other animals.
  • Thousands of bear cubs left to starve as Russian elite kill mother bears.
  • Charles Darwin - who believed that compassion for other sentient beings was the highest moral virtue - may have been inspired by Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Roots of obesity epidemic found in evolutionary changes to the human brain two million years ago.
  • Human brains evolved to the very limits of instability -- a gift which can become a dangerous curse during the numerous developmental changes of the teens.
  • Alzheimer's disease could be tackled by treating the liver of sufferers, so they can dispose of a toxic protein linked to the illness.
  • Women's faces reveal their character, while men's faces are closed books, new study finds.
  • Receptor for DMT identified.
  • LSD to be downgraded on UK's dangerous drug list?
  • Climate change outstrips predictions: Scientists say we're now looking at a future climate that's beyond anything they'd seriously considered in climate model simulations.
  • Dire warnings about future devastation sparked by global warming haven't been dire enough.
  • CO2 reduction treaties are useless, action to curb carbon emissions is failing: Britain should prepare for massive loss of landmass, engineers warn.
  • Global warming is changing the distribution, abundance and diversity of marine life in the polar seas, with profound implications for creatures further up the food chain.
  • Poor Brazilians rejoice as loggers return to pillage the rainforest.
  • UK's ex-science chief predicts century of resource wars, says Iraq conflict was the first, and climate change will only fuel more.
  • Think you'd remember the face of your torturer? Think again.
  • US banking oligarchs vs. everyone else: Sorting out the US banking fiasco comes down to one question -- how tough are you willing to be on the people who control the country’s large banks?
  • Britain's bankers plumb new depths: The seething sense of unfairness is almost palpable. The view that a small elite not only caused the crisis, but continues to profit at the expense of everyone else, is near universal.
  • Uproar as BMW confirms 850 job cuts: Workers reportedly threw fruit at bosses, as staff say they lost jobs with an hour's notice.
  • Nighthawkers: English Heritage says metal detector users are illegally raiding protected archaeological sites across the country.
  • Pikas, Sasquatch, and Snowmen.
  • Science unlocks Neanderthal secrets.
  • A brief account of Abraham Lincoln's precognitive dreams.
  • Seances in the White House: The recent History Channel special neglected to mention that Lincoln believed, and acted on, the information he received.
  • Update: For more about Lincoln's many paranormal experiences, check out Susan B Martinez book, The Psychic Life of Abraham Lincoln (Amazon US, with some excellent customer reviews, & UK).
  • The Madness of Mary Lincoln, via a recently-discovered trove of letters, long believed to have been destroyed.
  • Lincoln's inner life talks about the relatively few close friendships Lincoln had. Lincoln's long-time law partner, William Herndon, said Lincoln was 'the most reticent and mostly secretive man that ever existed: he never opened his whole soul to any man: he never touched the history or quality of his own nature in the presence of his friends.
  • This article on Lincoln's melancholy offers a quote from Allen C Guelzo's Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President: ‘With all his awkwardness of manner, and utter disregard of social conventionalities that seemed to invite familiarity, there was something about Abraham Lincoln that enforced respect,’ wrote Donn Piatt. ‘No man presumed on the apparent invitation to be other than respectful.’ Henry Clay Whitney also found that there was in Lincoln ‘an indefinable something that commanded respect.’ It was a respect that invited, and sometimes even indulged, treatment as an equal, or even as a ‘brother.’ But that ‘something’ also provided a curtain that the respectful found themselves unable and unwilling to penetrate.

Thanks, Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Well there are people still in darkness
And they just can't see the light
And If you don't say it's wrong
Then that says it's right

We got to try to feel for each other
Let our brothers know that we care
Got to get the message
Send it out loud and clear

None of us are free
None of us are free
None of us are free if one of us are chained
None of us are free

None Of Us Are Free -- Solomon Burke and the Blind Boys of Alabama. (Audio only version.)

News Briefs 13-02-2009

“Been here so long, got to calling it home…”

Big thanks to RPJ, Greg, Kat, Perceval… and the mighty Quinn

Quote of the Day:

“Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills, One man gathers what another man spills…”

R. Hunter

News Briefs 11-02-2009

New world disorder...

Thanks Greg & Kat

Quote of the Day:

If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to follow the Tao.


News Briefs 10-02-2009

Better late than never - thats what you get for falling asleep in the late morning.

  • Project seeks to reverse engineer the mind.
  • Poisonous killer comet is heading for Earth.
  • Steorn raises the magnetic curtain.
  • Where does science end and magic begin?
  • Astronomers spot cosmic dust fountain.
  • Seeing down tunnels.
  • Moist air could stave off the flu.
  • Asteroid bound for earth. Warn your grandchildren.
  • Moth eyes inspire more efficient solar cell.
  • Its no secret, the theory of directed effort.
  • Census of modern organisms reveals echo of mass extinction.
  • Study suggests why gut instincts work.
  • The nasty truth about TED.
  • Psychopaths early release con.
  • Mummies found in newly discovered tomb in Egypt.
  • The birth of culture? The strange world of Neanderthals.
  • Armenian links to stonehenge explored.

Quote of the Day:

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.

Philip K. Dick

News Briefs 09-02-2009

Sorry for the delay -- computer problems.

Quote of the Day:

Everybody's gone. Everybody's gone. Everybody. Their houses are gone. They're all dead in the houses there. Everybody's dead.

Bushfire survivor Christopher Harvey, as he walked through the town of Kinglake, where most people were killed.

News Briefs 06-2-2009

Congrats to TDG admin 'Turner Young', for the good thing that has come his way...

Thanks Ross and RPJ.

Quote of the Day:

My friend has a baby. I'm recording all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant.

Stephen Wright

News Briefs 05-02-2009

"What's the story, morning glory?"

  • If Science confirms we're all living in a Holographic Universe... do we still have to pay our taxes next April?
  • Worship of Virgin Mary apparition banned in Africa. The guys in Rome says you gotta follow the rules, see? You have to do things by the book. I mean what would happen if... Oops! Never mind :-/
  • Angels & Demon Hounds of WWI.
  • A green comet approaches Earth. Confusing, since I was under the impression that Superman had already arrived.
  • Obama's pledge to seek a ban on space weapons got rants from both the Pentagon, and die-hard Trekkies who are dying to see REAL phasers in action.
  • Video interview of Nick Pope explaining how the RAF has desperately attempted to prevent Prince Charles from becoming King... by igniting a War of the Worlds.
  • Alien Safari, part I: Slime Worlds"Yeeha! that 3-headed critter is gonna luck mighty fine on top of mah fireplace" :-P
  • In his newest book, 'The next 100 years' (Amazon US & UK), George Friedman envisions another century of American hegemony, infantrymen armored in Mecha-suits, and a possible war between the US and... Mexico?? Mierda!! @_@
  • Are you in the White House Not-Terrorist list? It's easy! you just have to PROVE you're not a terrorist.
  • The war of Man vs Malaria continues, with a few small victories on our side.
  • Sponge Bob's oldest ancestors found on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Horton hears a WTF?: 'Seuss-like' Sea Creatures discovered in a marine reserve near Tasmania.
  • Ancient snake found in South America was as long as a *fraking* bus. But are the mammoth reptiles truly extinct?
  • You know, you should stop using the term 'bird-brained' as an insult...
  • For our ancestors, big brains were not as important as strong jaws.
  • Living in a cave is not so gloomy if you have a few chocolates to cheer you up.
  • Pimp my Pyramid... NOT!!!
  • Another controversial discovery from the shipwreck salvage company Oddysey. This time, it's the Brits who are pissed.
  • It's nice to know modern roboticists are following the guidelines of Brad Bird to create self-assembling automatons (Video).
  • Being the leader of humanity after Judgement Day is a pretty stressing gig. I hope the movie is worth it, though... Oh! BTW, guess WHERE they're filming it.
  • ...But Bale is not the only scary Batman you should be weary of in America (H/T UFO Mystic).
  • Aslan fears coming to Mexico and flees to Australia... pussy!
  • Tempted to click on that 'Marry an Ukranian Girl' website, aren't you; you might want to make sure first that your bride-to-be is not a member of Asgarda.

Thanks Greg & Filip.

Quote of the Day:

"I predict the US won't switch to solar [energy] until somebody figures out a way to meter sunlight, so some small group of already-extremely-rich bastards can charge an outrageous price for it."


News Briefs 04-02-2009

Rick's Macbook is symbiotically tied to its master Steve Jobs. As such, Rick's out of action today...

Thanks Marcel, Ross and Filip.

Quote of the Day:

There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.

Robert Oppenheimer

News Briefs 03-02-2009

Birth of god, birth of religion, other worldly encounters and psychotic art. Just your average day.

Thanks Greg

Quote of the Day:

For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-not-worth-knowing.


News Briefs 2-2-2009

It sure is nice to be in such fine company here. Thanks, guys.

Thanks to one and all for a big bunch o' news -- passed on by Turner Young.

Quote of the Day:

There's going to be a whole generation of people who, when they think of the Maya, think of 2012, and to me that's just criminal. There is no serious scholar who puts any stock in the idea that the Maya said anything meaningful about 2012. The whole year leading up to it is going to be just crazy, I'm sorry to say.

David Stuart, director, Mesoamerica Center, University of Texas at Austin.