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News Briefs 28-08-2007

Archaeology, UFOs, ghosts, and Middle Eastern crises: plenty for everyone.

Quote of the Day:

No one can predict how deep the decline in Western economies that is underway will go, because there is so little transparent information. Within the U.S., the government is hiding the severity of the crisis in order to prevent a collapse of consumer confidence.

from an article by Richard C. Cook for Global Research, August 28th 2007

News Briefs 28-08-07

It’s official. The moon is gay.

  • Lost city of Mu found.
  • $4.5 Billion bet on another 911 within 4 weeks.
  • Mars direct.
  • Graphic changes to rings on Uranus.
  • Evolution balls up.
  • Scars of evolution: the aquatic ape hypothesis.
  • Footage of airplane struck by lightning.
  • Superstition blamed for killing thousands of black cats in Italy.
  • Frozen bacteria repair own DNA for millennia.
  • Expanding earth debate. Part 1, part 2 and part 3.
  • Great wall mark two in Iran.
  • Jupiter’s protective pull questioned.
  • AIDS is caused by HIV: it is an established fact beyond any reasonable doubt. Here is the reasonable doubt.
  • Mystery of the black triangle UFOs.
  • I’m no conspiracy theorist, but…

Quote of the Day:

I daresay one profits more by the mistakes one makes off one's own bat than by doing the right thing on somebody else's advice.

W. Somerset Maugham

News Briefs 27-08-2007

Are you being targeted by the perps? I'm pretty sure they've been dogging me for decades.

Quote of the Day:

I froze in amazement - there stands something like a large, black silo framed in white limestone formations. It is a glass-smooth flank of a seemingly man-made structure. Even the thought of a tower-sized artifact embedded in rock in the middle of an obscure mountain is bewildering.

Antonin T. Horak's Diary, October 23, 1944, quoted from 'A subterranean artifact in Slovakia'.

News Briefs 24-08-2007

A shout-out to my big sis for her very big birthday yesterday...

Quote of the Day:

I think the very rigidity of science has made it an incredibly powerful investigative tool into nature - we reap the benefits of that daily. But that same exclusivity has made it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do major investigations of some very important questions.

Deborah Blum

News Briefs 23-08-2007

Crayola's 'magenta' has been my favorite color since grade school. According to new research, it's a predictable preference.

Quote of the Day:

I champion the weak, the poor, the oppressed, the simple and the persecuted. I maintain that whosoever benefits or hurts a man benefits or hurts the whole species. I sought my liberty in the liberty of all, my happiness in the happiness of all. I wanted a roof for every family, bread for every mouth, education for every heart, light for every intellect. I am convinced that human history has not yet begun, that we find ourselves in the last period of the prehistoric. I see with the eyes of my soul how the sky is diffused with the rays of the new millennium.

Anarchist Bartolomeo Vanzetti

News Briefs 21-08-07

Diversity without too many platitudes. Post your bs.

  • Is this the end of English literature?
  • Modern cosmology: science or folktale?
  • Rare dead star found near Earth.
  • Scientists hail frozen smoke as a material that will change the world.
  • The expanding Earth debate: part 1.
  • Modelling the Earth's climate mathematically is hard already. Now a new difficulty is emerging.
  • We’re not from here.
  • Where is the rest of the universe?
  • Social psychology, religious belief, censorship and the Holocaust.
  • Risky business: gene therapy.
  • Drug found to erase memory in rats.
  • Were ancient seafarers living on the Queen Charlottes islands 16000 years ago?
  • Is there a theory of everything?
  • How ads affect our memory.

Quote of the Day:

Platitude: an idea (a) that is admitted to be true by everyone, and (b) that is not true.

H.L. Mencken

News Briefs 21-08-2007

Rain here today. It's been so long, such a beautiful sound...

Thanks Kat and Ross.

Quote of the Day:

The deadliest enemies of nations are not their foreign foes; they always dwell within their borders. And from these internal enemies civilization is always in need of being saved. The nation blest above all nations is she in whom the civic genius of the people does the saving day by day, by acts without external picturesqueness; by speaking, writing, voting reasonably; by smiting corruption swiftly; by good temper between parties; by the people knowing true men when they see them, and preferring them as leaders to rabid partisans or empty quacks.

William James

News Briefs 17-08-2007

So much of interest to learn about, so little time on this Earth...

Thanks Kat and Ross.

Quote of the Day:

Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.

Marshall McLuhan

News Briefs 16-08-2007

Nietsche vs Dawkins - now *that* would be an interesting debate...

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Do you believe that the sciences would have arisen and grown up if the sorcerers, alchemists, astrologers and witches had not been their forerunners; those who, with their promisings and foreshadowings, had first to create a thirst, a hunger, and a taste for hidden and forbidden powers? Yea, [and] that infinitely more had to be promised than could ever be fulfilled?

Friedrich Nietzsche

News Briefs 15-08-2007

Can the internet spring a leak? I have no idea how my house used up 12gig in one month. Wait a second, the cat told me about the cheese article...

Thanks Greg, Kat and cat.

Quote of the Day:

This 'flying saucer' situation is not at all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.

Gen. Nathan Twining, Chief of Staff US Air Force (1953 - 1957)