News, news and more news. We don't just fill your Xmas stocking, we're here for the duration.

News Briefs 30-07-2007

Kat's taking a well deserved rest, so it's just you and me tonight. Isn't this cozy...

Quote of the Day:

But although life is not energy, any more than it is matter, yet it directs energy and thereby controls arrangements of matter.

Sir Oliver Lodge

News Briefs 27-07-2007

Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas ...

Thanks Rick and Baldrick.

Quote of the Day:

There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum.

Arthur C. Clarke

News Briefs 26-07-2007

Ten years to the day since my life changed for the better...

  • The Maya: Glory and Ruin. A National Geographic feature.
  • Hidden city found beneath Alexandria.
  • Answers to the secrets of the Cosmos, without a 42 in sight.
  • Psychedelic author and investigator Peter Stafford has sadly passed away.
  • Burning Man festival to invite corporate participants?
  • Einstein and extra-dimensional humans (and no, the story is not about people who can't fit into a size 18.)
  • Russian submarine sets sail for the Arctic, to claim it for the Kremlin. I think if they're setting sail in their subs, that could explain a lot about the end of the Cold War...
  • Yes, those Mars rovers are still going. I say pick them up when we do a manned mission and bring them home for a ticker tape parade.
  • How romantic would it be to head down to the beach with your betentacled green spouse and watch a quadruple sunset?
  • Conservation biologist says renewable energy sources could 'rape Nature', and suggests nuclear energy as the alternative.
  • Peru makes ambitious move to regrow lost forests.
  • Historical evidence uncovered for facts in Biblical book?
  • San Francisco's Cab #666 may soon be retired. The Antichrist needs to drive cabs to make ends meet?
  • Mobile phone mast illnesses are all in the mind.
  • Adolescent rats enjoy cannabis more than their elders. Punks.
  • Megafish project to look for real-life 'monsters'.
  • Human skin to replace animal tests.
  • The booms are back...
  • Inside the files of cryptozoology legend Bernard Heuvelmans.
  • And another entrant in the headlines you can't make up department: dead cybernetic-frog with webserver for guts can be 'brought to life' by Internet users. Now if this doesn't catch on as new funeral option soon, I'll be amazed. "Make grandpa's leg kick Jimmy, go on..." (with apologies to any Jimmys reading today whose grandfathers have recently passed away.)

Thanks Rick.

Quote of the Day:

The irony of man's condition is that the deepest need is to be free of the anxiety of death and annihilation; but it is life itself which awakens it, and so we must shrink from being fully alive.

Ernest Becker

News Briefs 25-07-2007

News was slow today so I made a lot of it up.

Quote of the Day:

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!”

W.B. Yeats

News Briefs 24-07-07

Dangerous ideas? Like I am going to kill you!!!

  • In defence of dangerous ideas
  • What people with autism can tell us about honesty.
  • Fruit fly gene from out of nowhere is discovered.
  • Supergiant star spews molecules needed for life.
  • The race is on for the God particle.
  • Antarctic atmosphere could give Gaia hypothesis a boost.
  • Weather-changing scientists want to fool Mother Nature.
  • Lunar craters: a failed theory.
  • New mutations implicated in half of autism cases.
  • The New 7 wonders vs. the Ancient 7 wonders.
  • Assassins fort secrets out.
  • DDT and global warming.
  • Lascaux on the Nile.
  • The Ephesus of the Black Sea to be unveiled.

Quote of the Day:

The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

William James

News Briefs 23-07-2007

Now that Monday's news is done, where was I? Oh yes - The Battle of Hogwarts...

My overwhelming gratitude to Rico for being incredibly thoughtful - and, apparently, psychic as well.

Quote of the Day:

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.

Flannery O’Connor

News Briefs 20/07/2007

That sound you hear is the rustling of money in pockets, being magically summoned to J.K. Rowlings' bank account...

Thanks Rick.

Quote of the Day:

I can, of course, put myself into the sectarian scientist's attitude, and imagine vividly that the world of sensations and of scientific laws and objects may be all. But when I do this, I hear that inward monitor of which W. K. Clifford once wrote, whispering the word 'bosh!' Humbug is humbug, even though it bear the scientific name, and the total expression of human experience, as I view it objectively, invincibly urges me beyond the narrow 'scientific' bounds.

William James

News Briefs 19-07-2007

A great line-up assembling for our Daily Grail anthology - stay tuned...

Quote of the Day:

When a person identifies himself with a group his critical faculties are diminished and his passions enhanced by a kind of emotive resonance. The individual is not a killer, the group is, and by identifying with it, the individual becomes one. This is the infernal dialect reflected in man's history.

Arthur Koestler

News Briefs 18-07-2007

Pollution, all around, sometimes up, and sometimes down.

  • Here's a video news story from China with footage of the mysterious boat-sized creatures seen swimming in Kanas Lake. It's the Chinese women's swimming team.
  • Beijing persuaded the World Bank to cut from a report findings that pollution has caused about 750'000 premature deaths each year, according to the Financial Times.
  • Excellent Sky News video story with further proof of rampant pollution in China causing death and illness. As long as it's not causing Global Warming, who cares right?
  • This year could see the biggest dead zone form in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico since records began.
  • Thousands of coins from China's Tang Dynasty era have been found in a central Vietnam province.
  • Archaeologists think naming Petra as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World will see more tourists damage the ancient ruins.
  • A group of Israeli archaeologists has condemned the Antiquities Authority for allowing Islamic trust officials to carry out a dig on the Temple Mount.
  • Roadworks in Greece have unearthed a rare Mycenaean grave thought to be over 3000 years old.
  • Blistering barnacles, Tintin in the Congo has been removed from the children's section of Borders stores in the UK, US and Australia because some find it racist (Amazon US or UK).
  • A century after Ota Benga, a Congo pygmy, was displayed in a New York City zoo, a troupe of pygmy musicians visiting Brazzaville for a music festival were made to stay in the local zoo.
  • The president of the Pagan Awareness Network in Brisbane says the magic of Harry Potter rings true for Wiccans. Please don't turn me into anything unnatural, Kat.
  • Pagans have pledged to perform rain magic to wash away a giant outline of Homer Simpson painted next to the Cernes Abbas giant. If it's to promote the new film, surely they could just use CGI?
  • Can't make it to New Mexico for the 60th anniversary of Roswell, then watch this video.
  • At last, footage of eleven UFOs chased and filmed by the Mexican Air Force three years ago. A plethora of pinyatas?
  • The anthropic principle is dividing physicists, exciting multiverse pundits, and confusing me. Which me is confused, I don't know yet.
  • Out of sight and sound, Michael Prescott discusses NDEs and OBEs.
  • New treatments for sudden cardiac arrest are saving more patients, and providing more Near Death Experiences.

Thanks Kat and Eibon

Quote of the Day:

“We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit.”

David Suzuki

News Briefs 17-07-07


  • Why did Rome fall? It is time for new answers.
  • La Brea yields oil eating bacteria.
  • Mercury’s gooey centre raises problem of origin.
  • Rock hypocrisy and the warming hoax.
  • Deep inside you are a comma.
  • Moebius strip solved at last.
  • Planets go splat on stars.
  • Seeing circuits.
  • What science can and can’t tell us about the insanity defense.
  • A race to solve the mystery of the subterranean chambers of Mystic Pointe.
  • Homer-sexual.
  • Back from the dead.
  • Evidence found for novel brain cell communication.
  • The myth of consistent scepticism.

Thanks Greg

Quote of the Day:

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Oscar Wilde