News, news and more news. We don't just fill your Xmas stocking, we're here for the duration.

News Briefs 04-07-2007

I'm in need of inspiration. Or money. Either would brighten my day...

Thanks Rick and Kat.

Quote of the Day:

How happy is the blameless Vestal’s lot?
The world forgetting, by the world forgot:
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d .

Alexander Pope

News Briefs 02-07-2007

It's a wild and woolly news day, folks.

Quote of the Day:

This is to certify that you have passed W.O.M.B.A.T. Grade 3 and have been awarded the classification of Outstanding.

You are a witch or wizard of extraordinary flair and sagacity. Very few candidates achieve 'Outstanding' at Grade 3 W.O.M.B.A.T. Have you ever considered a teaching post at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Application owls from such highly qualified candidates are always welcome. Heartiest congratulations!

Kat's test results on the W.O.M.B.A.T. (Wizards' Ordinary Magic & Basic Aptitude Test) Grade 3 at

News Briefs 29-06-2007

O'Hare airport, Channel Islands...the UFOs seem to be returning.

  • I've just posted a brilliant video interview with the pilot involved in the Channel Islands UFO case (from the Richard and Judy show) here on TDG - if it's moved off the front page by the time you read the news, follow the link provided. Covers topics such as lenticular clouds, rather than the usual fluff (h/t to Orange Orb). Also, see this earlier interview with Capt. Ray Bowyers, in which it is evident that he was not at all happy to be in the air with this 'thing'.
  • Col. John Alexander, the Pentagon's former psychic visionary, tells how witches ended up working on Intel. Not sure if he's referring to the group known as 'the witches' in the RV program (see Paul Smith's Reading the Enemy's Mind), or some other project involving psychics/witches.
  • Bigelow Aerospace launches second orbital module successfully.
  • Bigfoot caught on tape? I see nothing. This Tom Biscardi guy seems to show up regularly though...
  • Alien dreamtime: the guy who envisions an alien abduction rollercoaster.
  • New home appliance the size of a paperback novel predicts quakes before they hit. I'm not sure if seconds are going to cut it.
  • Will science render men unnecessary? Not until they make a robot that can wash dishes! Oh, they've done that already? Errrr....
  • Evidence for 'anniversary reaction'? Woman's defibrillator activates one week to the hour after her father died, while she was standing beside the open grave of her sister, who died when she heard about her father's death. Tough times in that family...
  • A review of Gerd Gigerenzer's Gut Feelings: The Intelligence Of The Unconscious.
  • Norway hosts witchcraft experts.
  • There's nothing funny about Michael Moore's Sicko.
  • How far away is fusion energy?
  • Space Diving: Extreme sport of the future.
  • Mars dust storm could threaten rovers.
  • House cats' wild ancestor found. If his name is 'Toby', I know that fact, I have a few scars courtesy of him.
  • Exercise grows new brain cells. I'd just like to raise one pertinent word....'Schwarzenegger'.
  • Potential cure for HIV discovered.
  • Corpses Wanted: Inside America’s body farms.
  • Archaeological team unearths stone circle in one of Britain's most remote areas.
  • Debate continues over Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • China's massive 3 Gorges Dam is changing the weather.
  • Do toilets really flush in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere? Let me just go check...
  • Professor claims to survive on just sunshine and fruit juice. Michael Prescott comments.
  • Hospital cures man's headache, by removing a bullet from his skull.
  • We thought it was extinct, but now - a new glimpse, in the wild, has shocked the world: journalistic integrity rediscovered...

Thanks Rick and Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Steadily, unflinchingly, we strive to pierce the inmost heart of Nature, from what she is to reconstruct what she has been, and to prophesy what she yet shall be. Veil after veil we have lifted, and her face grows more beautiful, august, and wonderful, with every barrier that is withdrawn.

Sir William Crookes

News Briefs 28-06-2007

Mmmm, lots of tasty stories today. Dig in...

Thanks Kat and Baldrick.

Quote of the Day:

Human nature is such that it recoils from facing momentous issues. From the close of the last century onward a number of famous scientists announced to the world that after a personal investigation, extending over a great number of years, they found human survival an established fact of science. The world apparently is not ready to believe that religion need no more be a matter of hope and faith, but that it is a matter of knowledge. It prefers to think that even the most famous scientist may, in some respects, go off his head.

Nandor Fodor

News Briefs 27-06-2007

Brown is the new black.

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

I don't mind how much my Ministers talk, so long as they do what I say.

Former British PM, Margaret Thatcher

News Briefs 25-06-2007

Two major news outlets seem to be suggesting we may need to quickly hone our hunter-gather skills.

Quote of the Day:

We are chronologically illiterate and cannot easily conceive of the very distant past. Like the Piraha of north-west Amazonia, whose only numerical concepts are said to be "one", "two" and "many", most of us can only really deal with "now" and "ages ago". As a result, it is rather difficult to imagine your way past the last Ice Age. You can take a set of relatively steady steps back through time until you bump up against Stonehenge and Avebury. Tentatively, you might then move out into the fragmentary, half-articulate moment of the mesolithic, with their piles of limpets and hazelstick shelters. But after that what? At about 10,000 or 12,000 years ago, the imagination comes to a stop, the great curtain of ice descends, and the more distant past seems almost nothing to do with us. Very cold, presumably, with mammoths; a sort of Rannoch Moor with tusks. And as for before the Ice Age, it seems more inaccessible than Mars.

Adam Nicolson, writing in The Telegraph, in a review of Homo Britannicus.

News Briefs 22-06-2007

I love the sound the weeks make as they zoom by...

Thanks X_O. And Kat.

Quote of the Day:

I should dearly love that the world should be ever so little better for my presence. Even on this small stage we have our two sides, and something might be done by throwing all one's weight on the scale of breadth, tolerance, charity, temperance, peace, and kindliness to man and beast. We can't all strike very big blows, and even the little ones count for something.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

News Briefs 21-06-2007

It's all relative. I'm freezing my butt off today, in temperatures which had London marathon runners collapsing due to heat exhaustion...

Thanks Pam.

Quote of the Day:

Sooner or later, psychical research will demonstrate to the educated world, not only the existence of a soul in man, but also the existence of a soul in Nature

William Barrett

News Briefs 20-06-2007

We've swapped news days, but we haven't swapped bodies. So why do I feel like a pint of Guinness and some Yeats?

Quote of the Day:

Being prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think is what deserves the name of thinking

Jean-Francoise Lyotard

News Briefs 19-06-07

The world is about to end, and I was just getting used to it.

  • Earth is in imminent peril.
  • Fabrication of stone objects, by geopolymeric synthesis, in the pre-incan Huanka civilization.
  • The Gore dossier: the front man of the global warming hoax.
  • Stones confirm golden past of ancient African kingdom.
  • Embattled scientist on the edge of deletion.
  • Mystery of Earth’s innermost core solved.
  • We are running out of oil.
  • Flying a kite.
  • MAPS-ing a new frontier in psychedelic research.
  • Bees on the battlefield and other US military experiments.
  • Isaac Newton saw the end of the world in 2060.
  • Warnings of internet overload.
  • Drug resistance doesn’t always come from drugs.
  • Pick your favourite flood story.

Quote of the Day:

Life is an unbroken succession of false situations.

Thornton Wilder