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Pyramid Scheme

Over on the Daily Grail's User-contributed News Stream, TDG member zsitchin has linked to a news item on the construction of the pyramids at Giza. In the story, Dr Zahi Hawass says that new evidence - in the form of the tombs of those who worked on the huge structures - confirms the theory that slaves did not build the pyramids; instead the workforce was made up of willing Egyptians.

"These tombs were built beside the king's pyramid, which indicates that these people were not by any means slaves," Zahi Hawass, the chief archaeologist heading the Egyptian excavation team, said in a statement.

"If they were slaves, they would not have been able to build their tombs beside their king's." He said the collection of workers' tombs, some of which were found in the 1990s, were among the most significant finds in the 20th and 21st centuries. They belonged to workers who built the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre.

Hawass had earlier found graffiti on the walls from workers calling themselves "friends of Khufu" -- another sign that they were not slaves.

There have been plenty of theories thrown around over the years about the construction of these massive edifices, ranging from orthodox to off-the-planet (literally). So I've added a new poll (on the right-side of the front page) asking who you think built them.

Voynich Manuscript Dated?

According to TDG reader Nick Pelling, an Austrian documentary due to air on Thursday, 10th December 2009 (on ORF2) has had four samples of the Voynich Manuscript's vellum dated, with very interesting results. The likely date range is 1404 to 1438 at 95% confidence, and apparently have found evidence that the ink was added in the same period. As Nick says, "that pretty much rules out Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, Leonardo da Vinci, and indeed more or less everything pre-1400 or post-Columbus." That is, pretty much every theory ever offered on the origin of the mysterious manuscript!

The programme teaser is here (German language). The first English site to run a story following the press conference was Earthtimes.org, while Nick was the first to post and discuss the news at his own Voynich-related research site (more on the story here).

Maybe XKCD got it right. Thanks to Nick for the heads-up.

Previously on TDG:

Zahi Forever

For those that thought that Egypt's ancient history would soon be loosed from the iron grip of Dr Zahi Hawass (with his mandatory retirement from his position in May 2010), think again:

This past week the President of Egypt signed a decree naming me the Vice Minister of Culture. I was very honoured by his decision, as it shows his continuing support of my work to preserve the monuments of Egypt.

There is a rule in Egypt that when a government official reaches a certain age, they retire. Therefore I was planning to retire next May. There are many good people at the Supreme Council of Antiquities who have experience and whom I hope could do a good job protecting Egypt’s history. However, I was concerned that the government would decide to appoint someone from the University to fill my position, who did not have experience in archaeology. Such a person might be impressed by the glory of the job and not focus on the monuments, and all the projects I have initiated would be abandoned.

Although this worried me, I was planning my life after the SCA. I was planning to have a new office with all of my books, where I could continue writing. I would continue to give lectures and travel all over the world, and also continue my excavations at Saqqara and the Valley of the Kings. But then President Mubarak called me on the phone to ask me when I am really retiring. He said he would appoint me the Vice Minister of Culture, which would mean that I would not have to retire next year, as Ministers and Vice Ministers in Egypt have no set age for retirement.

Yes, it's a very good thing that we didn't end up with someone who "might be impressed by the glory of the job", and abandon all the projects you initiated Zahi...

I get the feeling that this has been in the pipeline for some time. A no-brainer really, given Dr Hawass' work in conserving the monuments, as well as his pursuit of stolen artefacts, watchfulness against Zionist conspirators, and creation of New World Orders.

Lost Symbol Conference

While I'm stuck here in Australia, the 'Decoding the Lost Symbol' conference will be taking place next weekend in Los Angeles, California. Speakers include Michael Cremo, John Major Jenkins, and William Henry:

Join your fellow travelers Sunday, November 8, for a day-long exploration of hidden history, signs, symbols, and secrets hosted by international best-selling author, Simon Cox.

Beginning at 10:00am, we will present a series of talks featuring cutting edge speakers from the United States and Great Britain, a musical interlude from world-renowned artists and multimedia presentations highlighting the latest research. It promises to be a day to remember.

Details available from the website.

My Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol

As mentioned last week, I've just published my revised version of The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and it's available from Amazon.com for just $9.95 (or alternatively, Amazon UK for £7.99). As many of you know, I first published a guide to the sequel to The Da Vinci Code five years ago, in 2004. Much of what I predicted to be in The Lost Symbol turned out to be spot-on, so a number of chapters have just been reworked a little, while there are completely new chapters on Noetic Science (the inclusion of which surprised me somewhat), the 'Lost Word', and the cipher techniques discussed and utilised by Dan Brown. So, as a heads-up: if you bought the original guide you will not get a lot of extra material if you buy the updated version. If you don't have it though, there's plenty of fun and informative reading in there which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

I posted a chapter excerpt last week here on the Grail, titled "Dan Brown and the Lost Word". Over at The Cryptex you can also read a full chapter on the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C. in its original format as a PDF download (see the link in the left-hand column at the site). For the full rundown on the impact of Masonry on the Founding Fathers, the hidden history of America, the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C., Noetic Science, and the secret traditions which are at the heart of Robert Langdon's journey in The Lost Symbol, pick up a copy of the book. Or the Baby Jesus will cry:

A New Arcadia

One of my favourite websites, Andrew Gough's Arcadia, has had a major redesign and now goes to 11 on the purtiness dial. Created by our good buddy Mark James Foster, the new site design provides a perfect backdrop for the articles that you can find there. Here's what Andrew has to say about the new look:

I love the notion of Arcadia; a paradise or golden age lost in antiquity, preserved in mythology, and commemorated by countless generations. In harmony with this theme, I’ve chosen the motif of a bee entering a hive - brilliantly designed by Mark Foster - as a symbol of an initiate's immersion in knowledge, for this is what a beehive represents, esoterically; the collective wisdom of the ages.

Arcadia provides a perspective on history's mysteries. And while it features my writing, research and insights, it also showcases the new and fascinating ideas of others, both in the Forum and in Guest Articles. Want to share your work? Well then, this is your chance.

Welcome to Arcadia. Now that you’ve entered the hive, isn’t it time you immersed yourself in the mysteries?

There are some great articles and interviews on Arcadia worth reading (if you haven't already), so give the website a thorough look when you get the chance. The Arcadia forum is also a good place to hang out and discuss things, if histories mysteries are your thing.

Dan Brown and the Lost Word

The following is an exerpt from Greg Taylor's newly released book The Guide to Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, available now from Amazon.com. Greg correctly predicted many of the locations and themes in Dan Brown's latest book five years ago, and in this guide presents deeper insights into Freemasonry, the hidden history of America, the sacred landscape of Washington, D.C., Noetic Science, and the secret traditions which are at the heart of Robert Langdon's journey in The Lost Symbol.

This chapter excerpt looks at the concept of 'the Lost Word', and how through it Dan Brown has once again challenged 'orthodox religion'. As a warning to those who haven't read the book yet: there are some minor plot spoilers.


Quest for the Lost Word

Dan Brown certainly packed a lot into the 500-plus pages of The Lost Symbol. But perhaps the key element to the story is the search for the ‘Lost Word’, and – in the final pages – Robert Langdon’s discovery as to what that actually means. In the early chapters, Langdon explains to Sato that the Lost Word was “one of Freemasonry’s most enduring symbols”…

…a single word, written in an arcane language that man could no longer decipher. The Word, like the Mysteries themselves, promised to unveil its hidden power only to those enlightened enough to decrypt it. “It is said,” Langdon concluded, “that if you can possess and understand the Lost Word . . . then the Ancient Mysteries will become clear to you.”

Later, when Langdon is incredulous at Peter Solomon’s insistence that the ‘treasure’ buried in Washington, D.C. is the Bible, he is counseled that powerful secrets are hidden within its pages: “a vast collection of untapped wisdom waiting to be unveiled.” This seems a quantum leap: the ‘Lost Word’ has jumped from legendary Masonic treasure, to being hidden Biblical wisdom. What is Dan Brown getting at?

The answer lies in one of Brown’s major sources for his previous novel: the ‘Gnostic Gospels’, a collection of early writings about the teachings of Jesus which are not part of the Biblical canon of mainstream Christianity.

Drilling Under the Sphinx

A new video on YouTube features Dr Zahi Hawass and Dr Mark Lehner discussing the recent drilling under the Great Sphinx at Giza on-site during the project. The testing was ostensibly done to establish whether the monument is at risk from the rising water table, though much of this video seems aimed at debunking the 'New Age' claims that there is a secret chamber beneath the Sphinx's paw.

Interesting that Mark Lehner mentions these 'New Age' claims, and that he started work at the Great Sphinx with Zahi in 1978, without mentioning that he began his work there looking for those exact chambers through his association with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). As for Zahi, the possibility of 'secret chambers' seems to depend mostly on whether he gets the credit for discovering them...

The Lost Symbol Hoax

** Edit: Added a competition to The Cryptex: Give your prediction of the plot of The Lost Symbol. Win a signed copy of the upcoming Darklore 4!

For those still arriving and seeing the 'new' Daily Grail for the first time, click here for an explanation. Please excuse the lack of visible updates to the site - I've been working behind the scenes to sort a few things out, and also working on various other projects (Darklore 4 and The Guide to The Lost Symbol in particular).

Not only did I update The Daily Grail's look, I also added a fresh look to my Dan Brown news site 'The Cryptex', just in time for the release of the sequel to The Da Vinci Code - wander over and take a look, and tell me what you think (your TDG login should work over there - I hope - if you want to comment at all). While there, you might be interested in a fascinating story I just posted:

Last month, The Scotsman posted an interview with Masonic historian Robert Cooper, in which Cooper claimed the plot of The Lost Symbol had been leaked. The story was said to be about how George Washington was actually working for the British, and was a traitor to the Revolutionary cause. The story was picked up in various places and reproduced as an insight into Dan Brown's upcoming book.

Except, it's not. And the full story (which I uncovered with some major help from TDG's Perceval), is quite bizarre: Go check it out - "Washington as a Traitor - Redux!". Curiouser and curiouser.

Occult America

Want to know more about the 'occult history' of the United States? Next month will see the release of Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation (preorder from Amazon US and UK), by one of our very good friends, >Mitch Horowitz:

It touched lives as disparate as those of Frederick Douglass, Franklin Roosevelt, and Mary Todd Lincoln--who once convinced her husband, Abe, to host a séance in the White House. Americans all, they were among the famous figures whose paths intertwined with the mystical and esoteric movement broadly known as the occult. Brought over from the Old World and spread throughout the New by some of the most obscure but gifted men and women of early U.S. history, this “hidden wisdom” transformed the spiritual life of the still-young nation and, through it, much of the Western world.

Yet the story of the American occult has remained largely untold. Now a leading writer on the subject of alternative spirituality brings it out of the shadows. Here is a rich, fascinating, and colorful history of a religious revolution and an epic of offbeat history.

I've been lucky enough to have a read of an advance copy of the book, and can say its superbly researched and written. Not only does it reveal a lot of hidden history about America's romance with mysticism, I think it also gives some good insights into the evolution of the American psyche due to the influence of these factors.

Mitch has previously posted some fascinating blogs here on TDG in the past, as well as contributing an article on Ouija to Darklore Volume 1. He's also currently Author of the Month over at Graham Hancock's website - you can read an article about Occult America over there, and chat to/question Mitch directly on the Author of the Month messageboard. Already some fascinating topics being discussed there (if I find time, I'd love to take part myself), so if the topic is of interest to you I recommend joining in.