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Historia Discordia - Documenting the Origins and History of the Discordian Society

Intrepid chronicler of fringe culture (and Darklore writer) Adam Gorightly has a fantastic new project, a website (and future book releases) dedicated to documenting the origins and history of the Discordian Society: Historia Discordia. Discordianism is a philosophy - some might not even call it a religion - dedicated to the 'worship' of the principles embodied in the Greco-Roman goddess of chaos, Eris/Discordia (more cogently, Discordianism is somewhat of an 'anti-religion', rejecting dogmatism and parodying many of organised religions' more ridiculous practices):

And what are the Discordian Archives? Geez, I thought you would never ask.

The Discordian Archives are, of course, Greg Hill’s archives, who — along with Kerry Thornley — co-founded Discordianism in the late 1950s. Historia Discordia Book Cover by Michele WitchipooNot only was Greg one incredibly gifted individual, but he meticulously saved damn near every project he ever worked on. And that was a good thing.

After his death in July of 2000, Hill’s archives were rescued from being potentially tossed into a dumpster by one Dr. Robert Newport, another seminal Discordian and good friends with Hill and Thornley. For a few years, Dr. Bob — as I fondly call him — entertained the notion of creating some sort of online Discordian Archives, but eventually became more interested in pursuing his passion of landscape painting. That’s where I come in. My name is Gorightly, I carry the Chao.

...In the years to follow, I periodically checked in with Newport inquiring if, at some point, I could use these materials to produce a book on the history of Discordianism. Newport, bless his heart, always gave the thumbs up to this potential project, which sat on the Gorightly Productions backburner for the next several years. Every now and again I would touch bases with Dr. Bob just to make sure he was still OK with my eventual use of the materials, and the answer was always positive and supportive. Then, in 2009, as I started getting a bit more serious about moving forward with the project, I yet again contacted Dr. Robert and as always he was totally down with whatever I wished to do. Additionally, Newport suggested that the next time I was down L.A. way I should drop by his place and he would give me the collection and “whatever else I wanted.” Granted, I’m a little dense at times, so I wasn’t quite sure what Newport meant, as I had assumed I’d seen the entire Discordian Archive contents back in 2001 at Wilson’s apartment. Never one to let an opportunity pass, I took Newport up on his offer, and — at that time, by the grace of Goddess Eris — he passed on several boxes of rare Discordian artifacts including the original versions of the Principia Discordia, editions 1 – 5.

At the top of this post is a video of Adam with the 'Bible' of Discordianism: the complete, 60 page first edition Principia Discordia (one of only five copies).

For updates regarding the Historia Discordia website and the related publishing project, follow @AdamGorightly on Twitter.

Link: Historia Discordia

If You Weren't Paranoid Before, You Will Be After Watching This Video

Information Awareness Office

Remember when we used to talk about those crazy government conspiracy theories of a total planetary surveillance system, like the Information Awareness Office? We were such dorks back then. But if you pride yourself on not being one of 'those' conspiracy theorists, you may not want to watch the video below (transcript here) from the recent 30th Chaos Communication Congress (30C3). In it, security researcher Jacob Appelbaum works through the various spying technologies and techniques currently being utilized by the NSA (as revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, and a number of canny security researchers). If you're not a technology head, you may not understand everything that is said, but there are more than enough jaw-dropping revelations accompanying the talk to make it worth your while. I could pull out various items and focus on them, from iPhone pwnage through to suggestions that world leaders might be able to be assassinated through radiowaves (hello Hugo!), but that would do a disservice to the overall revelation: In short, the NSA wants, and pretty much now has, the capability to snoop on *everyone*.

I hope all of you, as citizens of the various nations of the world, take the time to watch it and see how your own tax dollars are being used to violate you and control you, and may even ultimately result in putting you at risk from other malicious agencies.

You can view videos from the entire conference here, or simply by searching YouTube for '30C3'.

The Zapruder Film and JFK Conspiracy Theories: Like a Snake Eating Its Own Tail

Zapruder Film Frames

With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy less than two months away, the Smithsonian Magazine has published an interesting article on the iconic 'Zapruder film' that ignited a virtual conspiracy industry. One part of the feature discusses the 'Umbrella Man' mystery - in particular a short documentary of that name made by film-maker Errol Morris - as an illustration of how sometimes conspiracies become like "a snake eating its own tail". The six-minute documentary Umbrella Man consists of Morris talking with Josiah “Tink” Thompson, one of the first and most respected of Warren Commission critics:

“So here is Tink,” Morris says, taking us back to Thompson’s Life magazine days, “hunkered down over the Zapruder film looking at it frame by frame by frame. And he notices there is a man, a bystander among the crowds waiting for the Kennedy motorcade—and he’s holding an umbrella. And indeed he looks really out of place.”

“Because the sun is shining.”

“The sun is shining. As I say to Tink, in my film, ‘it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood,’” Morris says in a wry Mister Rogers imitation.

“And the Umbrella Man became an icon of conspiracy theorists?” I ask. “They believe that when he raised the umbrella it was a signal for the assassins?”

“As in all of these theories, there are multiple versions, there are variants. There’s the version where the umbrella was a signal to the co-conspirators. There’s another version where the Umbrella Man himself is one of the assassins...with the umbrella.”

...In Morris’ film, Thompson discloses something I hadn’t known: that the Umbrella Man had eventually come forward and explained himself. “The Umbrella Man himself showed up to give testimony to the House assassinations committee,” Morris says.

And he reproduced a clip of his appearance before the committee in his Umbrella Man film. His name was Louie Steven Witt and he testified that he brought the umbrella on that sunny day because—wait for it—he wanted to express his displeasure with JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy.

“Who,” Morris says, “had been ambassador to England in the 1930s and [was] known for his policies of appeasement to the Third Reich.”

“Symbolized,” I say, “by the umbrella that Neville Chamberlain carried back from Munich, after Chamberlain claimed to have brought ‘peace for our time’ by letting Hitler swallow up half of Czechoslovakia, giving Hitler the impetus to launch World War II. The umbrella became the symbol of appeasement in 1938 and here in 1963, this guy carries an umbrella and thinks, ‘Whoa, people are really going to be blown away, this is really going to make a statement!’ And it turns out he becomes a symbol himself. It’s almost like history is a kind of snake swallowing its tail.”

“Part of the problem of rationality and irrationality—and it really is a problem—is how do you separate the two? Where is that line of demarcation between nutso thinking and good thinking?”

Which brings us to the double irony: Morris and Thompson’s attempt to nail down this one tiny factoid ended up getting them linked to the coverup by a conspiracy theorist.

Expect plenty more articles and news stories related to the JFK-assassination in the coming couple of months.

Air Force General Dons Captain America Mask for Briefing

Air Force General Dons Captain America Mask

In today's WTF moment: the official Instagram account of the U.S. Air Force yesterday posted a picture of Chief of Staff General Mark A. Welsh donning...a Captain America-styled luchadore mask during a briefing.

Military Times also posted its own image of Welsh, who was talking at the Air Force Association’s Annual Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition.

Consequently, a few commenters on the Instagram account called the mask “creepy” and noted that “the regs” (regulations) probably don’t allow for masks in uniform.

Military Times reported: “Pointing to the ‘A,’ he said, ‘A is for Airpower.’”

To the contrary though, Business Insider’s own Paul Szoldra rightly noted that Captain America was in the Army, not the Air Force.

“Creepy” or not, generals of his rank can do stuff like this.

Link: Air Force Chief Of Staff Gives Brief While Wearing Captain America Mask

Auditory Hallucinations, Brought to You by [Insert Name Here]

It's 6 pm and you're riding the subway back home. It's been a long, hard day & you feel your eyelids are getting heavy. Suddenly, just when you rest your head on the window & start to doze off, you hear a voice offering you a nice discount on a smartphone plan.

You lift your head startled, and the voice instantly disappears! You turn around to see if one of the passengers was talking to you, but everybody is silent.

You rest your head on the window again, and the voice returns, now telling you to consider a trip to Jamaica. WTF??!!

This episode, which seems straight out of a Philip K. Dick novel, could one day become a reality, 'thanks' to a technology that relies on the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Using the same principle, 2 German companies have released a video purportedly showing train commuters receiving audio messages through the vibration of the glass windows:

"Some people don't like advertising in general. But this is really a new technology. [It might] not only be used for advertising, but also for music, entertainment, mass transport information, weather reports and so on."

Because you know advertisers will never be satisfied until they can invade your very thoughts & dreams.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the answer is YES: they can hear your voice through the vibration of walls & windows, too:

Srsly, wiretap bugs are sooooo 1960's... but I guess some agencies are too nostalgic.

Guidestones - Conspiracy Web Series

Guidestones is a web series that uses the enigmatic Georgia Guidestones as the basis for its conspiracy-themed storyline. You can watch the entire series on your computer at for free, and/or purchase the entire series for download from iTunes. I've embedded the trailer above, and a synopsis below:

Based on true events, GUIDESTONES is the story of Sandy Rai (Supinder Wraich), as she and a fellow journalism student investigate an unsolved murder that sends them around the world in search of the truth.

Shot on location in Canada, the United States, and India, GUIDESTONES is a unique, interactive experience that combines narrative and documentary filmmaking techniques while blending mystery, action, and drama in a Da Vinci Code-style thriller.

Link: Watch Guidestones.

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Bill Hicks Explains Presidential Disappointments

Remember when President Obama was going to bring 'Change!' to the White House. Wondering where it all went wrong, with continued extra-judicial killings etc? Bill Hicks explains it all, very simply, above (NSFW language).

Resurrect Dead

One of the more interesting modern mysteries is the case of the Toynbee Tiles - hundreds of anonymous messages embedded in the streets of numerous major cities. For those interested in going further down this particular rabbit hole, you can now download a documentary about the enigma - Resurrect Dead - from iTunes. Here's the trailer:

Most people don't notice the hundreds of cryptic tiled messages about resurrecting the dead that have been appearing in city streets over the past three decades. But Justin Duerr does. For years, finding an answer to this long-standing urban mystery has been his obsession. He has been collecting clues that the tiler has embedded in the streets of major cities across the U.S. and South America. But as Justin starts piecing together key events of the past he finds a story that is more surreal than he imagined, and one that hits disturbingly close to home.

The documentary's website also has a gallery of tiles found so far.

Face. Off.

Just in case you're not paranoid enough already: real-time face swapping (video) technology.

Stunning - imagine how smooth it will work with a few more years of development and evolution. Science fiction become real...

(h/t @leeunkrich)

A Model Conspiracy

For the modeling enthusiasts out there: check out Tamiya's new line of conspiracy-flavored kits, from the JFK shooting to a faked Moon landing, and even Roswell (click the image for a larger version):

Tamiya Roswell Kit

In reality, the Tamiya conspiracy series is likely just a clever viral advertising campaign. But man, I wouldn't mind a Tamiya Roswell spacecraft...although its likely my destructive dog would create its own debris field before too long.