Freemason document expose - star chart with blazing star

As an author on the subject of Archaeo-astronomy, in 2003 I published a theory on the pyramid-star map link between different pyramid civilizations, in my book The Hidden Records.

I was fortunate to come across some forbidden material but could not publish it at the time because of it being protected property.

The balance of my research was incomplete without this material, that included a chronological measurement between three prime epochs of visitations by "those that come from above".

A lineage that was once very advanced who most likely seeded our beginnings here on Earth.

My overall research involved a recurring star pattern showing where they came from.

It was evident in the pyramids of Egypt,and the area around Stonehenge. The biggest surprise came when the Mars anomalies showed evidence of the same pattern.

Ancient civilizations all seemed to be obsessed with a specific representation of a common star area around the star cluster M45 (Pleiades) and some nearby sun-like stars.

Since the publishing of my book, the First Degree Tracing Board star map of the Freemasons became a historical document that has now at last become accessible to the public. It has been released by the University of Bradford.

I believe the time is right to publish the solution to it and make it available to all those interested. When analysing this tracing board, what will become apparent is that it compares to a common star pattern that recurs also in the relics and tombs murals left by just about every ancient civilization.

The reasoning of the Freemason star chart with images is on line at:

If TDG would like the entire page as an article please email me at:

I am willing to do this because it is quite likely there will be some resistance to stop this story (released 19th July 2007), so the more it spreads across the internet the better.

kind regards

Wayne Herschel


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you got a great web site there wayne

but for your rome solution for the vacation star i think its wrong-incomplete - try comparing gary osborn washington pryamid layout solution (but rotate 180 degrees and mirror image - only the washington picture) to rome.

or my pic of it using rome and washington (washington rotated 180 and mirror pryamid)

you will see that the vaction star - (angelo castle)
relates washington penagon. and that the jefferson monument relate to the piazza del popolo - main obelisk is there .

last june i offer this rome solution to hall of matt.
funny thing was shortly after posting it - some guy in rome mentions the grail there - i cant help but wonder if he saw my post.

also i see you depicing horus with spear -
in another picture i depiced horus the red,
hor-descher (dendra zodiac shows mars above capricorn)
in depiction of hero killing chimera and noted his spear
near belt with z with orion.

its at bottom of my html page

basically i using that inregards to a theory i have about
year 3571 - just a theory cant prove nothing just numbers.

anyhow i am currently sitting on 2 of egypts greatest secrets - one of them i wont reveal at any price -

and the other is huge too - but it brings up a another question. i may reveal this one shortly.

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This is a very interesting post; but, I'd like to reserve comment until have studied your web site a little more! It's a great web site!

What do you think?


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thankyou cnn-

its pretty clear to me - and the layout of rome and
washington(washington mirrored and rotated 180) have strikeing similaries

wayne dont forget to give me credit on your site if you
use infor i just gave


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