Media or Terrorism

The fact I saw the most horiffic thing on the news tonight makes me angry, if we didnt see it, would it of happened? I fear the media feed this cruel denial of life. Should we carry on fueling the fire of terrorism, or should turn away from it all, walk away and let the fire go out.
Fcuk knows......but i realised tonight......seeing the gruesome result of this media circus (every channel is running the video of that poor American), are we are all turning on the circuits of terror by proxy, or is just knowing better than seeing?
Dont get me wrong, I'm 100% behind freedom of speech/information, but does this serve the purpose we aggressively fumble for, or could we find another way. A better way
Please discuss.
(yes i've had a drink....:)


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Hi Sieco,

I think this is just impossible to answer. On the one hand, I agree that showing such video is exactly what the terrorists/insurgents were seeking...publicity for their cause etc. I have no wish to reward such animals for their despicable acts.

On the other hand, by censoring images of war/terrorism we shield ourselves from the truth of such conflicts. Anyone to see uncensored images, such as children turned literally inside out by a bomb dropped from an aircraft, would understand the true costs of 'collateral damage'.

(I find it interesting that if 'we' try and assassinate somebody using an aircraft-dropped bomb or cruise missile, the 30 left dead are simply unfortunate damage associated with it, but if we ran in with a machine gun and sprayed bullets all over a restaurant to kill him, we would have responsibility for the murder/manslaughter of those individuals).

It's all stuff that makes me sick to my stomach. Why doesn't it have the same impact on those who would go to war?

Peace and Respect

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On TV is one answer of no....

But on the net as an elective that's another issue.

I still haven't made up my mind if I want to see it or not. But it is good that I have the option.