"Amazing Race" CBS-TV hidden link to Ethiopia/Ark of Covenant?

CBS-TV "The Amazing Race" Episode 9, set in Lalibela, Ethiopia, aired on January 18. This interestingly coincided with the ancient "Timkat" festival, one of the holiest days on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church calendar, celebrated Jan. 17-19. Across Ethiopia, priests adorned similarly to those depicted on "The Amazing Race" parade "tabots", representing the Ark of the Covenant, supposedly hidden at one time in Ethiopia, through the streets. Stories hold that the true Ark, or "Tabota Zion" is in a church in nearby Axum.

One female Team member (Kris?) wore in this episode (and I believe in several previous episodes) a cap bearing the number “1.618”. This number is also known as “phi” or the “golden ratio”. It is also an approximation of the ratio of length to width of the Ark of the Covenant as delineated in the Old Testament (4 cubits x 2.5 cubits x 2.5 cubits, I believe?). It will be interesting to see whether she continues to sport this cap on subsequent episodes of "Race".