Holy Blood Holy Grail Mystery Solved OUOSVAVV

The Shepherd’s Monument Mystery – Solved.

I was reading Holy Blood and the Holy Grail when I came across the “mystery” of the bas relief based on Poussin’s painting “Les Bergers d’Acadie. The authors said that the inscription DOUSOVAVVM was impossible to decipher, even with a computer. This sounded too wild to be true and I took the challenge of solving the mystery, without a computer. It took four hours, hardly impossible to decipher. My proof is listed below, I will not go into details of the references, they can easily be found on the Internet.

Clues to the Solution (not in order)
Ø Village of Rennes-le-Chateau is perched on a rocky outcrop
Ø Antoine Bigou miscarved the date MDCCLXXI as MDCOLXXXI. He changed C to O (not a Roman Numeral) and added an extra X or number 10
Ø Poussin painted Les Bergers d’Acadie – the title is French
Ø Sauniere discovered a parchment “…Poussin…hold the KEY”
Ø Location of Poussin painting in Les Pointls, near Rennes-le-Chateau
Ø A reverse bas relief carving of Les Bergers d’Acadie is located at Shughburough house near Staffordshire England
Ø There are eight letters on one line of the bas relief, two letters on next line
Ø Sauniere decoded the messages and found the Grail even though he was not a Templar initiate – he did not possess the esoteric knowledge thought to be needed

Solution (Order of learning the first five clues is unimportant: The last step can not be deciphered until the first five are understood, and you have the KEY.)
1. Bigou replaced C with O and added reference to number 10 - CLUE
2. There are 10 letters on inscription, eight on one line – CLUE
3. Poussin painted Les Bergers d’Acadie - CLUE
4. Bas relief is a “REVERSE” of Poussin’s painting – CLUE
5. Bas relief has a casket obscuring view of Rennes le Chateau – CLUE

6. Sauniere parchment refers to Poussin – KEY
7. Replacing O with C in the eight-letter word and reading it REVERSED (i.e. upside down and mirrored) gives for the first line: AAVACSNC. This is an anagram in French “Ca Canvas” (That Picture). The bas-relief in England is obscuring the location of the Holy Grail in France - SOLUTION

No esoteric knowledge needed.
Solution by Ed McGrath May 16, 2007 (not Jan 17th)


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All the solutions that I see ignore the context. The inscription is attached to a mirrored image of a famous painting yet, solvers ignore the monument and tackle the inscription. It is easy to create a solution, without context but how can it be validated?
The monument took longer to make than the inscription and it is a puzzle too. Why include it if the inscription is the only important part? It would be better (and faster) to ignore the monument and just carve an inscription.

My solution may not be right, but it is in context with its monument and it can be validated (e.g. Sauniere found a parchment referencing the same painting)

I have not seen a solution that ties the inscription to the monument and that seems odd.

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O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V- 757 (PAPAL STATE HERITAGE PETER).Holy grail musta be where is ST.PETER"S ROME.