The Blue People of Troublesome Creek

I found the link to this article (via Pravda's 5 page plus photo ) on Crystalinks two days ago. Pravda had taken it verbatim from a Rootsweb article,
I looked up the illness cited, Methemoglobinemia and found this link which cites it as a rare genetic disorder.

Then there was a discussion of blue people here at this link.


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7 February 2005
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I had no idea...wild information.

Funny.. the thought that pops into my head.. is Ringo's cartoon self screaming "BLue Meaaaaaaaaaanies!!"

in the movie "Yellow Submarine"

maybe it was Paul....

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28 June 2006
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Thank-you for the links! This is a very interesting medical condition. I'm going to study it!

What do you think?


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