"Minister Louis Farrahkan and the Nation of Islam: A Need For a Successor"

Have Minister Farrakhan and Nation of Islam Changed Direction?"

By Fahim A. Knight

The Nation of Islam was founded on July 4, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan by one W.F. Muhammad (Master Fard Muhammad) who by 1933 had reincarnated and transformed himself into a messianic and Christ like figure. Thus, his student Elijah Poole who later became known as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad eventually elevated W.F. Muhammad (Master Fard Muhammad) to the status of Allah (God) in person and created a counter theological perspective to Christianity.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked what he believe to be the number one (1) Essential Question, was God a Spirit, Spook or some Mystery? (Reference: Elijah Muhammad, Message to the Blackman in America; pgs 1-16) Muhammad through a comparative religion study process ascertains that God was a man and that the unique historical experience of the Black man and Black woman in America qualified them for the coming of a Savior (Reference: Jabril Muhammad, This Is The One, and The Most Honored Elijah Muhammad: We Need Not Look For Another.

Muhammad taught and it had become a tradition that all his ministers opened their speeches with salutations giving "all praises are due to Allah (God) who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad". He did not teach his ministers and followers to give praise to the Arab mystery God concept nor was Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah of 1400 years ago considered the last messenger of Allah (God), this lofty position was held for Elijah Muhammad only.

Muhammad taught that black people's history was shrouded in Biblical prophecy under the symbolic name called Jew and Israel (Reference: C.I Scofield, The Holy Bible; the book Genesis 15: 13-15). Muhammad taught that their 400-year sojourn in America was foretold and that Allah (God) would come to rescue his chosen people who are none other than the Black afflicted in America and persecute their White tormentors. Muhammad taught that the White world rule ended in 1914, but Allah gave the White race a 70 year grace period (Reference: C. Eric Lincoln, The Black Muslims in America), in which the white race rule ended in 1984 and blacks were supposed come up out of America with great substance.

It appears Minister Farrakhan has strategically demoted W.F. Muhammad status to that of Mahdi (redeemer and reviver of the faith) and the context of the original theological status of Allah (God) has been removed; thus, Muhammad taught that "we believe that Allah (God) appeared in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930; the long-awaited "Messiah" of the Christians and the "Mahdi" of the Muslims (Reference: Nasir Makr Hakim, The True History of Master Fard Muhammad).

The majority of top national laborers which include: Abdul Akbar Muhammad, Donald Muhammad, Kemal Muhammad, A'ishah Muhammad, Charlene Muhammad, Abdul Arif Muhammad, Abdullah Muhammad, Frank Muhammad, Shelby Muhammad, Claudette Muhammad, James Muhammad, Eugynee Muhammad, Ishmael Muhammad, Ava Muhammad, Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, Jabril Muhammad, Tynnetta Muhammad, Jamil Muhammad, Nisa Islam, Abdul Khadir Muhammad, Rasul Muhammad, Tony Muhammad, Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad, Mustafa Farrakhan, etc., this writer have not read or heard them open with salutations to speeches in the name of Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad in quite sometime. What is the reason for negating such an important theological plank? Does Nation of Islam hierarchy still believe the Master Fard Muhammad is the Supreme Being and Allah in person? Moreover, if so, why do not they openly teach it anymore?

Muhammad taught that his teachings could be summed up in six
words "accepted your own and be yourself". Elijah Muhammad warned Minister Farrakhan "not to change the teachings" the Messenger stated "although he was going away, but if he (Minister Farrakhan) is faithful, when I (Muhammad) return Allah would reveal the new teachings through him". The new teachings can not be Sunni Orthodox Islam because in 1977 Bernard Cushmere (Jabril Muhammad) and Minister Farrakhan severed their religious relationship with Imam Warithudeen Mohammed (Wallace D. Muhammad) and his World Community of AL-Islam In The West who had taken Elijah Muhammad's followers toward Sunni Orthodox Islam (Reference: Clifton E. Marsh, From Black Muslims to Muslims: The Transition from Separatism to Islam 1930 –1980).

Minister Farrakhan vehemently disagreed with Elijah Muhammad's son, and then named Wallace D. Muhammad for betraying the programmatic and theological foundation of the original teachings. W.D. Muhammad stated, "this man (W.F. Muhammad) came with reverse psychology and he began convincing people of the black community in America that he was a saint or mystic or perhaps even God in the flesh. I am convinced that he himself, never told anyone that he was God in the flesh, but strongly believe that he hinted it intentionally so that others would say he was God in flesh" (Reference: Wallace D. Muhammad, As The Light Shineth From The East).

Farrakhan who served as an international ambassador to W.D. Muhammad and was known then as Abdul Haleem Farrakhan raised an organizational challenge and eventually reestablished the Nation of Islam based on the original tenets of Elijah Muhammad. Minister Larry X (Abdul Akbar Muhammad) wrote in Saviour's Day 1981 Historic Souvenir Journal that "the departure of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad brought many drastic changes to the Nation and Minister Farrakhan in particular in that he was viewed as a threat to the new leadership. After approximately 3 years (30) months) of wrestling with himself and the turn around from the Messenger's teachings by Wallace Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan turned back to the Messenger's teaching and decided that if he was truly to serve his own and work like his leader and raise the Blackman from the mud of civilization that he would have to teach the message that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught."

Although Minister Farrakhan and Jabril Muhammad were well aware that Minister Silis Muhammad of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam In the West was the first to openly oppose Wallace D. Muhammad In 1977 (Reference: Mattias Gardell, In The Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam) and declared a "Spiritual War" against the teachings of Wallace D. Muhammad (Reference: Silis Muhammad, The Wake of the Nation). Minister Farrakhan had adopted a puritanical and loyalist position to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, which was juxtaposed to the so-called new ideological changes being initiated by W.D. Muhammad.

Moreover, he (Minister Farrakhan) told the Muslims that 1). That he believed with all his heart in the divinity of God who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. 2). He believed in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad being the last messenger of Allah (God) and the exalted Christ. 3). Minister Farrakhan said he believed the entire white race was a grafted race of devils made by Yakub. 4). He said there could not be Black-White unity and that separation was the only solution to the 400 year old problem in America. 5) (Reference: Steven Barboza, American Jihad: Islam After Malcolm X).

Minister Farrakhan promised his earlier followers, if they supported him, he would never deviate again from what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had taught. The work to rebuild the original Nation of Islam began on these convictions and many gave of themselves based on these premises. What happened to the original intent, vision and the path Minister Farrakhan so passionately and eloquently convinced his followers and supporters to accept when he stood back up to reconstruct the Nation of Islam in 1977? (Reference: Haki R. Madhubuti, Claiming Earth Race, Rage, Rape, Redemption; Blacks Seeking a Culture of Enlightened Empowerment).

Farrakhan in the early reestablishing days (1977) often told a public account of how depressed he was and he was contemplating going back in to show business, but his long time minister friend from Temple #32 Phoenix, Arizona Bernard Cushmere (Jabril Muhammad) in a West Coast restaurant gave him a manuscript written by himself titled, Is It Possible That the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive?). This manuscript helped Minister Farrakhan to reassess the work of his mentor Muhammad and he committed himself to rebuilding the Nation of Islam as a nationalistic and separatist organization (Reference: Arthur J. Magida, Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan and His Nation.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad blood brother John Muhammad wrote, "Bro. Cushmere (Jabril Muhammad), why do you write such claims of signs and use old prophecy from different books trying to prove the living life of my brother, Elijah Muhammad, when you know he is dead, and he was only a messenger sent by Master W.F. Muhammad whom you never saw, but I did, and many times I was in his presences at the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. How do you feel to guide people to such belief which is false?" (Reference: John Muhammad, The Journal of Truth).

Muhammad taught separation for over 44 years he said, " since we cannot get along with them in peace and equality, after 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe our contribution to this land and the suffering forced upon us by whites America, justifies our demand for Complete Separation In A State or Territory Of Our Own"

Does Minister Farrakhan still believe and openly teaches separation? If he does not, then he has truly deviated from the political teachings of Muhammad who never compromised his true beliefs on separation. Muhammad asked for some states or territory inside the United States or outside the United States. Did not Qadafhi, leader of the Nation of Libya offer the Nation of Islam a 1 billion dollar monetary gift; although, the United States Treasury Department blocked the gift, Why did not Nation of Islam keep the money overseas and use it to buy land in Africa as a small step toward our plight for separation?

Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad has lived in Ghana, Africa since 1990 and serves as the international representative of the Nation of Islam, other than touring Africa and visiting cultural sites and having dinner with heads of states, he has not capitalized off the tremendous trade opportunities that exist on the continent. All nations have import/export needs. Africa buy western products sugar, grain, oil, automobiles, building materials, medical supplies, meats, etc., the United States banks will honor letters of credit in various forms and even has a program called Export Credit Insurance where EXIMbank will underwrite 98% of the value of an export loan. Minister Farrakhan went on three (3) World Friendship Tours to different parts of the world establishing diplomatic ties with heads of states. Yet, the Nation of Islam has no International Trade Department in order to capitalize off Minister Farrakhan's foreign influence.

Minister Farrakhan convinced his earlier followers (between 1977- 1985) of the Nation of Islam that Muhammad teachings were "right and exact" and in 1981 his first Savior's Day he subtitled his speech, "The Rebirth of a Nation"; moreover, those earlier followers believed with all their hearts that Minister Farrakhan would restore the original image, work, and legacy of Elijah Muhammad that was destroyed by W.D. Muhammad and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Minister Malcolm X paved the way for Elijah Muhammad to make Hajj (the holy pilgrimage to Mecca) in 1959 (Reference: Claude Clegg, An Original Man: The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad); thus, this experience did not change Muhammad's convictions to the plight of Black people in America. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad saw the entire Hajj as nothing but mere ritualism and symbolism. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "All the world of Islam has to learn what has happened here in America. Islam of Muhammad of 1,400 years ago served that time. We need a new Islam to serve this day. My mission is to convert all Black people on earth into the knowledge of God. Acquaint them all with a new Islam and God. There will be a new world all together" (Reference: Nasir Makr Hakim, The True History of Elijah Muhammad: Messenger of Allah).

Did Minister Farrakhan take Shahada (confession of faith) by stating, "there is no God, but Allah (not W.F. Muhammad) and that Muhammad (not Elijah Muhammad, but prophet Muhammad of Arabia) is the last messenger of Allah?" Elijah Muhammad did not advocate that his followers to give any such confession or declaration of faith outside writing the Savior's Letter and asking W.F. Muhammad for a holy name in the form of an X and to be recorded in the book of life. In addition, Muhammad required all his followers to past the "Student Enrollment" examination at a 100% satisfaction rate. Elijah Muhammad did not use Muhammad's Temple #2 now known today as Mosque Maryam as setting for Jummah Prayer nor as Masjid to accommodate, Arab oriented Sunni Orthodox Islam and to show the universality of the life giving teachings.

We have witness since the early 1990's Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Bin Omar leading the Nation of Islam in a form of prayer that is deeply steeped in the "spook God" concept. The Nation of Islam and The World Islamic People's Leadership on July 3-6 1997 co-hosted a Sunni Orthodox Islamic conference, where Minister Farrakhan allowed Sheikh Muhammad S. Bello of Cyprus, Sheikh Alaa Al- Azayem of Egypt, Sheikh Ibahhim Al-Wazir of Egypt, Sheikh Abu Ghazela of Jordan, and Sheikh Abdul Razak Tahir Muhyideen of Nigeria crown him as a Sunni Orthodox Islamic Imam.

Farrakhan in 1985 made Hajj to Mecca, but he was a well international traveler from 1965-1975 as the National Representative of Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan unlike the Nation of Islam's rank and file members has been well aware of the Sunni Orthodox Islam's theology for a very long time. He has said in his public speeches "one day we will teach the Arabs in the east", but it appears he has accepted the Arabs teaching the Nation of Islam their form of Sunni Orthodox Islam.

Why is Minister Farrakhan slowly moving the Nation of Islam towards Sunni Orthodox Islam; in particular knowing how unsuccessful this transition was for Wallace D. Muhammad? Minister Farrakhan knows that even in Mecca you will find the African-Arab Muslims as servants to the white Arabs Muslims and throughout the Middle East where ever there is a Black-White dynamic, the White Arab Muslim is seen as superior to the Black-Arab Muslim (Reference: Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization); hence there is no such teachings of universality under the banner of Sunni Orthodox Islam, it is only an illusion.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad also was well aware of Sunni theology, he sent his youngest son, Akbar Muhammad to study Islam abroad at the prestigious Al Ahazar University at Cairo, Egypt, but the Honorable Elijah departed us in 1975 as a true believer according to the teachings giving to him by W.F. Muhammad, he did not waiver.

Minister Farrakhan in 1983 convinced himself and the Nation of Islam that we had a moral obligation to participate in electoral politics and back Reverend Jesse Jackson's bid for the presidential nomination (Reference: Jabril Muhammad, A Special Spokesman), which was unprecedented in the history of Nation of Islam and went very contrary against the original teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad taught against voting and did not allow his followers to participate in the electoral process.

Muhammad never gave a political endorsement to any candidate, although he liked the late Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. The Nation of Islam who had giving Jesse Jackson money, man hours, security and only to witness this "Negro" betray Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in order to be in the political bed with his former slave master and gain support from reactionary blacks. The United States Secret Service Agency initially would not even provide this "Negro" with security, but the Fruit of Islam put their lives on line for a politician who has never come back to apologize to the young innocent Black men who was willing to die for Jackson because they believed in the righteousness of Minister Farrakhan's cause.

In 1988 the Nation of Islam's Fruit of Islam (the military training of the men who belongs to Islam in North America) got into a conflict with a gun toting dope dealer in Washington, DC and the unarmed Muslims were able to beat and apprehend this thug, but the incident was caught on camera and Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, the minister of Muhammad's Mosque #4 used the incident as a public relations ploy. The Nation of Islam began receiving praises from conservative politician Patrick Buchanan and Jack Kemp of Housing and Urban Development and United States Government later entered into government backed security contracts with the Nation of Islam; however, this relationship between the United States Government and the Nation of Islam ran contrary to the original teachings of Elijah Muhammad.

Muhammad did not receive grant monies from the U.S. Government nor was the Nation of Islam's financial records open for government scrutiny. Henry Cisneros the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas who replaced Kemp as HUD Chairman continued this relationship with the Nation of Islam until Congressman Peter King (R-NY) began to expose the HUD and Nation of Islam improprieties as it pertains to government tax based grant rules and conditions. Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad (William X Johnson) former Supreme Captain of Nation of Islam and his buddy Akil Muhammad (Rodney X) the two mindsets behind NOI Security contracts perhaps had no real experience managing government grant money nor understood 501C (3) R nonprofit conditions and requirements.

Congressman King's actions was far from him being a good political steward of public tax based money, he is a Zionist Jew perhaps a member of Anti Defamation League who was opposed to Farrakhan's organization raking in millions of dollars, which to support a movement that the ADL did not approve. We need to be clear that the Nation of Islam security teams did a tremendous good job in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angles, etc., ridding the said public housing communities of crime and drugs.

But Nation of Islam did not realize that the government grants had legal conditions attached such as: non-discrimination clause, nonpolitical clauses, employee wage requirements, fiscal management requirements, non-proselytizing clauses, IRS filing requirements, government oversight requirements, US Veterans stipulations, etc., these were the areas that Congressman King exploited in the name of a US Grant recipient (Nation of Islam) failing to comply with United States law and policy.

King's political lobbying led to all the Nation of Islam Security contracts being terminated and rescinded. King even declared that Minister Farrakhan was the invisible CEO of the NOI Security contracts and he should have been held financial and criminal liable for any conduct that was deemed unethical. Most Black observers of this recent history knew that King's attempt to bring Farrakhan in to a court of law was mere nonsense.

This writer was also disappointed in the lack of political objectives that came out of October 16, 1995 "The Million Man March". This was a great day in the history of Black America, but at the same time, it was equally a sad day. Minister Farrakhan's theme "A Holy Day of Atonement and Reconciliation" for the march was conciliatory at best and non-threaten to say the least, it was no different from Dr. Martin Luther King 1963 "I Have Dream" march. At least out of King's march Blacks got passed the 1964 Civil Rights Bill and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, two political goals that were met along with a host of other public accommodation legislation.

Minister Farrakhan spent a great majority of his speech decoding Masonic symbolism and talking about the inner symbolic mystery of the Capitol's architecture layout (Reference: Tynnetta Muhammad, Million Man March, 1,000,000 (10,000 X 100) One Ten Thousands part of one equal: Women In Support of the Million Man March), in reality it was one of the poorest speeches I have every heard Minister Farrakhan deliver.

Farrakhan on that day, had the attention of the world, and sadly to say he made no demands. He did not address reparations and separation, leaders like the late Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad and Minister Silis Muhammad who would have address these issues were precluded from speaking at this historical event. Minister Farrakhan could have just read and quoted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's Program titled, "What the Muslim Want and What the Muslim Believe" this would have been more than sufficient in addressing the political, economic and social conditions of the 30 to 50 million so- called American Negroes in the United States.

The Nation of Islam is dying a slow death, not because of the correctness of the theology nor is the theology antiquated, but the leadership has become corrupted by unchecked petty-materialism, undisciplined laborers, and scandalous behavior, which has reduced a once respected organization to the level of a cult.

The organization has always been required to support a very heavy top Chicago leadership, who has acquired huge sums of money, upscale vehicles, mansions, expensive clothing, jewelry, businesses and the majority of the Nation of Islam hierarchy live petty bourgeoisie life styles. This is done at the expense and sacrifices of the tithes giving by the poor Believers and very few of the organizational material perks ever trickle down to the Believers who worked so hard in the name of their faith (Reference: Vilbert White, (Inside The Nation of Islam: A Historical and Personal Testimony By A Black Muslim).

This writer can recall at the completion of five (5) million dollar Salaam Restaurant, Minister Farrakhan announced in 1997 that he would establish a chain of Salaams in cities such as: New York, Newark, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Va, Durham, NC, Detroit, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc., we are five (5) years removed and not one (1) city other than Chicago has a Salaam Restaurant that is financed by the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam in 1998 even decentralized the organization, it is interpreted as legally meaning that Nation of Islam headquartered in Chicago bears no direct or indirect connections to its local mosques, membership and all other entities described as local Nation of Islam; thus, each mosque shall function as an independent and sovereign corporate entity. This new legal status absorbs and indemnifies the Nation of Islam Chicago of any responsibility and liability to those who pay the high salaries of the Chicago administration. Who dare to question the actions that run contrary?
to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

Minster Farrakhan's Chief of Staff and son-in-law Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad he did not pay any rank and file dues and was never a foot soldier, how and why did he become so powerful, so quick as the top, laborer in the Nation of Islam? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said you should try a man under authority before you make him the authority.

Benjamin F. Muhammad (Benjamin F. Chavis) who became the leader of Mosque #7 did not have the slightest idea about the new faith that he embraced in 1997 nor did he understand Muslim politics, how did he become chosen over qualified ministers to head New York Muhammad's Mosque #7? This is not to say Minister Conrad Muhammad and Captain Dennis Muhammad should not have been removed from their respective leadership positions because both of them were corrupted to the core. How and why was convicted Malcolm X killer Norman X Butler (Abdul Aziz Muhammad) giving the captain's post over New York Mosque #7 and made the East Coast Regional Captain after serving twenty-five (25) years in prison?

However, in February 1994 Minister Farrakhan suspended his perhaps most loyal recruit Khallid Abdul Muhammad (Harold X Vann) for so-called insensitivity remarks towards Jews, Whites, homosexuals and the Pope. Khallid in this writer's opinion was only preaching his radical version of Islam as taught to him by his leader Minister Farrakhan. This is not to say that Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad was some Nation of Islam moralist who was without fault, because even he had deviated from what the Muslims calls "the life given teachings".

Minister Khallid Muhammad joined and help founded the New Black Panther Party and in the name of self-defense pick up guns and went around the country advocating a violent retaliation against the white man. Minister Khallid Muhammad understood best that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did not advocate violence, in fact Muhammad advise his followers not to even carry a penknife. What led
Minister Khallid Muhammad to such a desperate and unwise decision?

Khallid Muhammad died feeling like the organization that he once helped rebuild and had giving his life to, had betrayed him and most of all had had betrayed the true principles teachings of Elijah Muhammad. In May of 1994 Muhammad was giving a speech at the, University of California at Riverside and a Muslim gun man by the
name of James Edward Best attempted to assassinate Khallid Muhammad, he riddle Muhammad's legs with bullets before being subdued by his followers. Who was really behind the attempt assassination on Khallid Muhammad's life, was it the U.S. Government or the zealots from the Nation of Islam?

However, all of the above said decisions have left this writer and thousands of others baffled and the above represent serious tactful, strategic, and unexplainable errors on behalf of the Nation of Islam's hierarchy that has affected the organization's ability to win new recruits and new allies. In essence, organized religion has failed humanity. Minister Farrakhan has to understand and at least be honest with his followers and either tells them that Wallace D. Muhammad's transitions to embrace Sunni Orthodox Islam twenty seven (27) years ago was correct and perhaps he was wrong, in particular if Minister Farrakhan is now leading the Nation of Islam to Orthodox Islam.

Lastly, this writer can remember at the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1975, it left the Nation of Islam in complete organizational chaos. Muhammad appointed no successor to head the organization at his death and the worst of it all organizational
assets were being described as part of Muhammad's personal assets because he left no Will or Estate. Moreover, millions of dollars in real and personal property was eventually contested in a Chicago Cook County Probate Court by Muhammad's so-called illegitimate children, where lawyers were given the titled as Muhammad's twenty-second heir because the bulk of the money went to them. The poor people who believed in righteousness of the organization lost millions as a community.

Who will be chosen to succeed Minister Farrakhan at death? Oftentimes successors of "great men" sometime arrive from family blood linage and certain sectors within the organization start covertly priming blood members to start thinking about succession. In reality, more than not, the only thing a man from God may have
with those who claim family is blood. This will lead unqualified family members to start jockeying for organizational recognition within, because for them blood validates and overall predisposition for them to rule.

They are quick to claim "I am the Messenger's or leader's son, daughter, wife, brother, sister, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandchild, etc.,"thus, I should be afforded supreme organizational rights and privileges because of my biological kinship with the man of God. No, one questions nor challenge whether these bloodline throne seekers are ideologically and philosophically connected to the leader, because most of us have accepted their unjustified claims.

However, the prerequisite to being true kinship to a Messenger of God lies in the likeness of mind that exists between the Messenger and his blood family. What are the ultimate goal, objectives and ulterior motives of the bloodline throne seekers? Many of them have become comfortable with extravagant and material life styles, i.e., lavish upscale automobiles, palaces, mansions, jewelry, unlimited expense accounts, travel accounts, organizational aura, etc., and they will do anything in their power to maintain this status.

When the "Messenger" or leader die normally infighting starts over inheritance rights and family members are looking to steal the personal and real property from the community who worked so hard in the name of their faith. The bloodline throne seekers has only one interest and that is maintain the status quo and to fulfill their self-interest, these positions can often lead to murder, grand thief of organizations resources, civil judicial procedures, and ultimately organizational destruction.

Bloodline throne seekers view themselves as part of a chosen divinity only because they had bloodline ties to the leader or Messenger. Who dare to question their ideological loyalty or human integrity because even we assume that they must be good human beings because they are blood related to the Messenger or leader? The ingredients for hypocrisy lies in envy and jealousy and the bloodline throne seekers have always desired to take the place of the so-called Messenger or leader even prior to their death. The bloodline throne seekers desire the unconditional love, commitment, and admiration giving to leader for themselves and most of them think they could do a much better job than the "chosen one".

The bloodline throne seekers will always claim that the Messenger or leader ignited them with private lessons, in which they swore to convey to the people at the Messenger or leader's death and no one questions the credibility of such claims. Thus, no one else was privy to such pristine and secretly preserved scrolls with the exception to a bloodline throne seeker. Who will question their intent after all they share kinship with God's man?

In the majority of our religious organizations, it is your blind devoutness that wins you favor in these organization's not your ability to reason and draw critical analysis. The bloodline throne seekers are a dangerous reactionary sector because they shared in the Messenger or leader's personal lives and they know his/her strengths and weaknesses. Bloodline throne seekers are quick to come public with false allegations in order to defame the Messenger or leader's character after death. Who will question their lies, after all they are bloodline throne seekers?

Then the final discord leads to bloodline throne seekers dividing amongst themselves based on nuclear bloodline verse extended family bloodline. The former claiming a higher hierarchical right to divinity, meaning they are due more rights and privileges and the latter charging them with trying to hoard and not willing to divide the spoils of war in a just manner. The Nation of Islam will be left to choose between the bloodline throne seekers, who will they choose after all both of the above sectors are blood tied to the Messenger or leader? At Minister Farrakhan's death the Nation of Islam will be forced to contend with the family bloodline throne seekers and believe me they do exist. However, the advantage this present day Nation of Islam has is the history of the former Nation of Islam headed by Elijah Muhammad and the affect his physical departure had on the Nation of Islam. When will Minister Farrakhan
heed the call?

There are so many similarities between the present and past Nation of Islams. In both inner circles of hierarchy, there exist key personnel who blood lineage connects them to the Messenger and Minister Farrakhan. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had his son Elijah Muhammad, Jr. serving as the Assistant Supreme Captain to his son-in-law National Supreme Captain Raymond Sharrieff; thus, Minster Farrakhan's son Mustafa Farrakhan once served as the Assistant Supreme Captain under ousted Supreme Captain Abdul Sharrief Muhammad. Under Elijah Muhammad, Herbert Muhammad (Jabir Muhammad) was the top business representative in the Nation of Islam. Minister
Farrakhan has appointed Leonard Farrakhan Muhammad his son-in-law as his chief of staff interprets by many as meaning the second in charge of the organization's affairs. In addition, Minister Farrakhan's daughters are active in the movement.

The Muhammad and Farrakhan family have relied on family members from their bloodline to function in key positions for organizational logistics, financial managers, ministers, organizers, business liaison officers, protocol officers, etc. most of the bloodline throne seekers ties to the movement is strictly business related, than they fully believing in the organization's goals and objectives. Minister Farrakhan has never proclaimed messianic prophet hood or having some divine linage to God, but that is not to ignore the often-subtle suggestions and intentional inference spoken in his public addresses, that he is from a divine essences. Unlike the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who taught openly that he was a direct Messenger from God and his immediate family felt and Muslims made them feel that they were part of a royal priesthood.

Minister Farrakhan has said he owns very little as far as personal estate and the Nation of Islam assets belongs to the community. But in the past, as I have stated above, we have witness the bloodline throne seekers seeking judicial civil procedures, contesting organizational assets and have in the past seized them as part of their own personal estate. How protected is the Nation of Islam against these bloodline throne seekers who will rise at the death of Minister Farrakhan?

They will lie in front of white judicial officials, thus manipulating the blood, sweat and tears of the grassroots membership who struggled to make their number 2 Poor charity and was consistent obligations required per the Nation of Islam Three (3) Year Economic Plan. Many believe in the moral correctness of this movement for human salvation and no bloodline throne seeker has the right to steal the organization's collective dreams, hopes, and aspirations in the name of family greed.

Many of these bloodline throne seekers never sold a "Muhammad Speaks" nor a "Final Call newspaper, they only benefited from the fruits of others labor. These are just some of the challenges that will be facing the Nation of Islam at the death of its patriarch Louis Farrakhan. What about the Nation of Islam "Provisional Constitution" and the lines of authority established as by-laws proposed in this document? Like all great documents, it will be subject to interpretation or misinterpretation by silver tongue lawyers and deceitful followers.

There is another sector within the Nation of Islam that this writer considers reactionary claimers to the organizational throne, they are as equally dangerous as the bloodline throne seekers, this writer refers to them as the ideological loyalist. This sector claim to be fundamentalist and the original intent scroll documenters, who hears everything the leader says and interpret everything he did not say, but let them tell it, they possess special inner powers to read into the Messenger's message in order to ascertain higher meaning. The ideological throne seekers are constantly searching the Holy
Scriptures to find where everyone is in scripture; moreover, always searching for prototypes, similes, metaphors, allegory, etc., in order to draw divine approval or divine damnation on individuals.

The ideological throne seekers in the Nation of Islam claim to always know the next step after the death of the Messenger or leader because of their so-called innate spiritual powers. They divide the organization into two categories----those who are spiritually
centered and the hypocrites(disbelievers). The ideological throne seekers and the bloodline throne seekers are always in a cold war with each other, hence each is seeking and quietly fighting for the approval of the Messenger or the leader's approval. The ideological throne seekers after the death of the Messenger or leader will always setup splinter movements proclaiming spiritual heir to the vacant leadership position. We have seen this happen at the physical departure of Elijah Muhammad and twenty-seven (27) years later, there are perhaps fifteen (15) different groups called the Nation of Islam.

Many of the ideological throne seekers shared in the perks of being part of Muhammad's inner circle and they too enjoyed petty bourgeoisie and materialistic life styles, they flaunt their given titles as symbols of prestige as a mandate to insure that the believers keep them in a superior class. The ideological throne seekers often preserve public and private text from the leader showing him bestowing praises on them. They tell the organization, it was them who the leader confided in and some even erect themselves as equals and in some cases superior to the Messenger or leader after his death. Who will question and oppose these ideological throne seekers, after all they were seen on stage with the leader and appeared to be close to the Messenger or leader?

Minister Farrakhan renamed many of his top laborers with holy attributes and righteous names such as: Jabril Muhammad bestowing the name Jabril, it having an Arabic translation from the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible that originates from the Angel Gabriel. Minister Farrakhan chose this name Jabril for his friend drawing a direct parallel from the history of Prophet Muhammad of 1400 years ago, thus it was the archangel Gabriel (Jabril) who instructed Muhammad to read in the name of his lord. It was Jabril Muhammad who came to Minister Farrakhan in 1977 at a time that the minister was in spiritual darkness and instructed him what he need to do in order to reclaim his lord and savior. He would be considered an ideological loyalist.

Tynnetta Muhammad one of the so-called wives of Elijah Muhammad who is a theologian in her own right and has drawn a lot of her concepts from Sufi Islam, astrology, numerology, freemasonry, esoteric and has infused them in a body of thought that this writer refers to as mystic "Black Muslim theology". She has become over infatuated with the number 19 and is always search in a metaphysical method in order to ascertain higher spiritual interpretation. She also had children by Elijah Muhammad and has many followers in side the Nation of Islam who believes in her astrological predictions. She also would be considered the chief ideological loyalist.

Abdul Alim Muhammad, a native of York, Pennsylvania, former Minister of Washington, DC Mosque #4 and CEO of the Abundant Life Clinic who specializes in AIDS treatment. He is a surgeon by trade and one time was on the faculty of Howard University Medical Hospital School. This writer likes Dr. Muhammad he seems to genuinely believe in tenets of Nation of Islam and he possess integrity and credibility. Moreover, would make and excellent choice to succeed Minister Farrakhan as the leader of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad's low dose alpha interferon AIDS treatment has drawn criticism from western media, but in my opinion, he is a solid individual. Will Minister Farrakhan ego blind him or will he allow the bloodline throne seekers and ideological throne seekers to sway his decision against such as common sense decision? Appoint Dr. Muhammad as his successor.

Ishmael Muhammad, the oldest son of Tynnetta Muhammad and the biological son of Elijah Muhammad. He is the minister over Farrakhan's Mosque Maryam in Chicago. His is loyalty is to Farrakhan, but he tries to imitate and mimic his leader to much and do not have any leadership originality; moreover, he is cross between ideological throne seeker and definitely fit in as a bloodline throne seeker, but even he would have to contend with Minister Farrakhan's nuclear family, if something was to happen to Farrakhan.

Ishmael Muhammad did not get his fame from his father and I think that at his father's departure he was too young to have remembered Elijah Muhammad. Farrakhan has been very generous and kind in this area; he has included a sizable amount of Elijah Muhammad's so-called "illegitimate children" in his Nation of Islam's inner circle. What Minister Ishmael Muhammad has is youth and he seems to be quite intelligent, but does those two qualities alone translate into him being a good national leader, is at best questionable.

Then you have that old group of ministers such as Abdul Allah Muhammad, Abdul Rahman Muhammad, Don Muhammad, etc., who labored under Elijah Muhammad and now function as ministers emeritus under Minister Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. Many of them have been affiliated with the Nation of Islam as long as Minister Farrakhan and if they out live Farrakhan, how will they respond to the bloodline throne seekers or the ideological throne seekers upon them seizing control over the organization? The youth movement may not have any loyalty to the old pioneers.

Ava Muhammad who is a very charming and articulate lawyer has held top positions in the Nation of Islam, but she constantly confronted by a majority Black male organization who has little respect for women leaders. Ava Muhammad became perhaps the first fulltime female minister over a mosque ever in the history of the Nation of Islam in the late 1990's when she was appointed to head Atlanta's Mosque. This appointment by Farrakhan destroyed over sixty-eight (68) years of sexism that had been practiced by the organization. Although Muhammad taught that seventy-five (75) percent of his teachings was for the Black woman.

Farrakhan's other lawyer Abdul Arif Muhammad who is originally from East Baltimore, Maryland, brothers from the streets knew him as George Cure, and a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus has also been loyal to the Nation of Islam and perhaps could have made more money in a private law practice. There are other top rated ministers in the Nation of Islam such as Jamil Muhammad, Rasul Muhammad, Khadir Muhammad, Tony Muhammad, Benjamin F. Muhammad, etc., Which one of the said individuals will betray Minister Farrakhan's mission? Minister Farrakhan is obligated go ahead and name his successor, and not leave this organization guessing about what the future may hold.

Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be reached at fahimknight@yahoo.com.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight