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Hello Fahim, all

I pass on this information. I can not vouch for its accuracy, but it has been found to be accurate by others.

I pass this on from Educated Indian, who wrote: "Found this site run by a Mason doing incredibly detailed and exhaustive research. A good way to sort thru all the bizarre and confusing claims made about or behalf of the group."

I hope this clears up any confusion. (and Fahim, I wish you the best in your studies)

Objections to Freemasonry Religious Objections Masonic Religion!?? Is Freemasonry A Religion?

Famous Mason: Albert Pike The Pope & The Pornographer - Leo Taxil
Albert Pike's Philosophy - Roscoe Pound
Pike's Racism
Pike's Statue

Wicca & Freemasonry: A Connection?
Worshipful Master
Masonic Symbols Emblems of Mortality/Freemasonry

The Infamous Baphomet
The Obelisk - it's relation to Freemasonry
Satanism and Freemasonry
Esoteric Freemasonry
B'nai B'rith
Knights Templar
Red Fez
Spurious Charges: Freemasonry is Anti-Catholic
Knights of Columbus
Excludes Jesus
Name of Deity

Social Objections Pike & Mazzini
Masonic Charities Overview
Masonry as a Cult
Racism - Freemasonry
The Illuminati Illuminati Con Games

The Kennedy Assassination
Denver International Airport
The Great Seal of the United States
The Pyramid's Eye
Bloody Oaths - the real story of Masonic obligations
The Elders of Zion
Supreme Truth - the Japanese Cult
Kenya's Devils
The Ku Klux Klan and More
The Morgan Affair
P2 Lodge
Murder and treason alone excepted
33rds RULE!
National Treasure - Freemasonry in the Movies
Our Wives Rite of Destitution

Other Objections Masonic Authors and their Backgrounds
Jack the Ripper
The Goat
Charges of Sexism
Listing Evils
Nazism and its hatred of Freemasonry

Reality Check: Stop and THINK! What Masons Believe
Responding to the critics of Freemasonry Ode to an Anti
Before You Surf... The Web - A Primer

Debating Anti-Masons
Not Everyone's An Anti....

Where There's Smoke....Huh
Common Misumptions

Joining Freemasonry Approaching A Lodge for Membership
Consider becoming a Mason? How Much?
Should I wait?
If, You Will My Brother Be

The Investigation Committee's Visit
Before You Enter the Lodge After Petitioning Freemasonry
The Lodge Room Over Simpkins' Store

Grand Lodge List
What about Women in Freemasonry?
Masonic Recognition How To Tell

Fake masonry Alharam Phonies
Democratic Republics
Regular Grand Lodge of England - Bogus! Hidden Leaders
Masonic Menace

Grand Lodge of All England
Grand Orient of US He's SO Grand! The GOFUS nonsense continues....
It's the Vulcans!
Brad Cofield

More Phonies
Malachi York
Fake Masonry: The "Nigerian Twist"
Al Nuir/Al Malik Grand Lodge - a front for criminal activities?
United Grand Lodge of America - another "PHONY" group Memphis and more.... images/ga_memphisedict1.jpg

Seeking Something
Told Ya So....

Esotericism FAQ
What Goes On At Masonic Meetings?

Famous Freemasons Famous Masons A-L
Famous Masons M-Z
Famous Non-Masons - President Obama

Our "Masonic Black Sheep" Embezzlement
New York Masonic Shooting Incident

Infamous Non-Masons
Masonic Gravestones images/P8180063a1.jpg
A Masonic Gravestone?

Masons ARE Perfect
Copyright Theft

Masonic Charities Masonic Charities: Caring Concern Masonic Charities: Shriners Hospitals
Masonic Charities: Dentistry for the Handicapped
Masonic Charities: Scottish Rite Learning Centers
Masonic Charities: Knights Templar Eye Foundation
Masonic Charities: Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center, Georgia
Masonic Charities: VA Hospital Visitation Program
Organ Donation

Masonic Charities: Saving History Masonic Charities: National Heritage Museum
Masonic Charities: George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Saving History: DeWint House
Washington Bible

Masonic Charities: Helping Hands Masonic Charities: North Carolina Masonic Children's Home
Masonic Charities: National Masonic Foundation for Children
Masonic Angels
Disaster Relief
Masonic Charities: Vermont C.A.R.E.
Masonic Helping Hands: Tennessee's Vision Program
Masonic Charities: Scholarships
Masonic Charities: Not Just Money

A Short List of Masonry Frequently Asked Questions Bodies of Masonry
Please Explain These Things....
Our Secrets
Did You Know?
Quotes from/about Masons & Masonry
Quick Answers Spear of Longinus Hitler and the Occult by Ken Anderson Richard and Adolf

Masonic Education Reading
MasonicInfo: Book Reviews The Secret History of Freemasonry
Freemasons for Dummies
Celebration of the Craft
The Freemasons
A Pilgrim's Path - John J. Robinson
The Meaning of Masonry - Perkins
Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry?
David vs. Goliath - A book to read!
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Thorne
The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight: Book Review
The DaVinci Code
Freemasonry: Mankind's Hidden Enemy - Book Review
Freemasonry in the 21stCentury by Don Bradley
Occult Conspiracy - Howard: Book Review
The 'Adept' Series - Kurtz & Harris
Born In Blood
Mason & Dixon - Pynchon
American Freemasons
Book of Fate
Templar Code for Dummies
101 Things You Didn't Know about the Freemasons - Book Review
The Complete idiot's Guide to Freemasonry
Solomon's Builders
The Plot
Secret Plots & HIdden Agendas - Paul Coughlin
Two Crowns for America - Kurtz
Quips, Squibs
The Second Messiah - Knight & Lomas
The Hiram Key - Knight & Lomas
Freemasonry & Judiasm: Secret Powers - Book Review
Freemasonry: The Hidden Cult In Our Midst - Harris
Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry - Burns
Masonic Rites & Wrongs - Tsoukalas
The Magic Flute Unveiled
The Temple and The Lodge
Reasoning from the Scriptures books/Reasoning-Masons.pdf

A Concise Dictionary of Cults & Religions
Holy Blood Holy Grail
Secret Architecture
Cult & Ritual Abuse - A total waste of money!
Freemasons for Dummies

Masonic Book Sources
Some Masonic Resources The Masonic Society

Objectors Types Religious Intolerants - A Description Attack on America
Stomping Satan
Religious Objections: Preachers (?)

Conspiracy Theorists Conspiracy Examples
Conspiracy Arguments from anti-Masons
Conspiracy Theorists: Militias/Patriots

Hate Groups Anti-Masonic Hate Stamps

Self-Servers More Self-Serving

Groups That Oppose Freemasonry
Anti-Masons named The Secret Founding of America
Present Anti-Masons Anti-Masonic Examples: Neil Brick
Anti-Masonic Examples: Ed Brown
Anti-Masonic Examples: Tony Brown
Anti-Masonic Examples: Dr. Cathy Burns
Anti-Masonic Examples: The Cutting Edge The Dull Edge
Lies & Videotape-for sale at Cutting Edge

Anti-Masonic Examples: The Freemasonry Watch Website Rewriting History - the Freemasonry Watch Way
Watchy's Diversions

Mike 'Fishy' Gentry
Anti-Masonic Examples: Jack Harris
Anti-Masonic Example: Richard Hoagland
Anti-Masonic Examples: Larry Holly
Anti-Masonic Examples: David Icke
Anti-Masonic Examples: Kansan1225
Anti-Masonic Examples: Maurice Kellett
Anti-Masonic Examples: Ephesians 5-11 / Larry Kunk
Anti-Masonic Examples: Texe Marrs
Anti-Masonic Examples: Ken Mitchell Anti-Masonic Examples: Ken's Identities
Anti-Masonic Examples: Ken's Beliefs
Anti-Masonic Examples: Ken Mitchell's Quackery

Anti-Masonic Examples: Sam Moser images/moser.2.gif
Anti-Masonic Examples: Sam Moser a/k/a Jerry Newport

Anti-Masonic Examples: "Pastor" Brian Boggs
Anti-Masonic Examples: Mike Restivo Mike Restivo's Entrapment Games
FAQ about Mike Restivo
Mike Restivo's Spam - and more Spam!

Anti-Masonic Examples: Ministry of Bible Defense / Sonny Rene Stermole
Anti-Masonic Examples: "Saint John The Reformer" The "Saint" and his Sublime Diversions
Deceptions of a "Saint": Saving Canada

Anti-Masonic Examples: Skip Sampson
Anti-Masonic Examples: Bill Schnoebelen
Anti-Masonic Examples: Jim Shaw
Anti-Masonic Examples: Chris Stevens (UK)
Anti-Masonic examples - Selwyn Stevens
Karen Trenouth
Leo Lyon Zagami - Another Anti-Mason
Anti-Masonic Examples: VOMIT
Anti-Masonic Examples: Duane Washum Anti-Masonic Examples: Duane's 'Testimony'

Anti-Masonic Examples: Roger "El Gato" Bullock
Anti-Masonic Examples: Chick Publications
Anti-Masonic Examples: Greg Lambert Anti-Mason Greg Lambert: Fake Gospel

Anti Masonic Examples: Pat Robertson
Anti-Masonic Examples: Acacia Press
"True" Catholic Dot Org
Anti-Masonic Examples: The Others (A-L)
Anti-Masonic Examples: The Others (M-Z)
Anti-Masonic Examples: Echos The "Marginals" on alt.freemasonry images/daryl_ring.jpg

Past Anti-Masons Past Anti-Masons - John Quincy Adams Anti-Masonic Party Convention

Anti-Masonic Examples: Ezra Cook
Past Anti-Masons - Bernard Fay
Past Anti-Masons - Rev. Charles Finney
Past Anti-Masons - Erich Ludendorff
Past Anti-Masons: John Robison
Past Anti-Masons - Thaddeus Stevens

"Famous" Anti-Masons

Anti-Masonic Tactics Strange Doings of Anti-Masons
Anti-Masons Use FRAUD
Tall Tales Told as Truth
Anti-Masonic Meetings
Tricks & Tactics: Caught Ya!

Masonry's Top Leader Speaks
Freemasonry Primer
What's New at whatsnew_files/filelist.xml
What Was New at
A Diary of Masonicinfo.Com Web Changes Freemasonry by Mark Stavish
The Rosslyn Hoax
Michigan Beacon

Some Facts About - and some links too! Policies
masonicinfo's 'Thanks' Page Personal - The Story of Prince Assumptions

Our Awards Page! Our Masonic Awards - Our Other Awards

E-Mail Garbage

Contents of
Site Map
Search Our Site Looking for something? What others sought....

For ISPs
Usenet Freemasonry FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions usenetfaqhistory.htm
Newsgroups - A Primer Usenet: alt.freemasonry


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28 November 2004
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5 years 52 weeks

Can't wait to delve into that site. It looks very interesting!

Sometimes we get what we need instead of what we want.

fahim knight's picture
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22 December 2007
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17 weeks 4 days

Thanks E.P. I did not know that you had posted this Masonic Bibliography. I am just reading over these sources and some of the authors and names I am familiar with and there were others that I am not familiar. This looks like an exhaustive list of pro and con opinions on Freemasonry and I do appreciate you sharing this. I do find Masonry as a fascinating and intriguing topic of research and discussion. There is so much to be learned from this school of thought. Lastly, I am junkie for trying to understand the symbolisms behind people's cultures and traditions.

Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
Fahim A. Knight-El