The Carbonaro Effect

I have become a devotee of the TV show "The Carbonaro Effect" - it constantly reminds me of how government and the financial system operate - sleight of hand and misdirection.

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Cloaking Errors?

Video and still images of what appear to be high tech craft in the skies caught in faint, transient cloaking errors and often associated with the "mystery booms" being reported all over the place.

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Beyond the Light Barrier

At that distance from Earth, my mind became aware of a new dimension. Humans there—
with all their petty quarrels, cruelty and vicious occupancy of all their bits of territory—ceased
to exist. Gone were the insular and selfish ways of human beings on Earth, their fecundity
destroying the beauty of their planet like parasites swarming over her surface. The mother
planet harbored life on her surface and within her surface. She protected it against the
radiations of space and provided it with abundance, yet she shielded a viper within her

Alcoa Presents... the Magic Mushroom

Alcoa Presents... The Magic Mushroom
"Four days after John F. Kennedy was inaugurated,
an Alcoa sponsored TV series introduced American
television watchers to the wonder of magic mushrooms.

Here's the very popular episode from the series
"One Step Beyond" which was pulled from syndication
and never shown on TV again."

Extraordinary Exertions of Chi Energy on Animal Herds

Extraordinary Exertions of Chi Energy on Animal Herds by a chi master

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More masters of the art:

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Quail Reactions To Scalia's Passing

“As a quail, I’m a firm believer in not getting shot out of the sky while transporting leaves to line my nest with. But I’m also a conservative, and I can’t help but think Scalia’s brilliant and ferocious opposition to judicial overreach will not easily be replaced in my lifetime. Especially since that’s like 5 years, tops.”

911 Inside Job UR-Site

Most of the solid 911 inside job evidence is on this site - all in one tidy and detailed package.

The Wolski ET Encounter - The Perfect Abductee

"The scientists found that Wolski was a remarkably credible witness. For instance, wrote Bolnar, “results of the thematic perception test fully indicates that the witness has no ability whatsoever to invent stories of any kind. His mental creativity is not apparent. He is unable to tell a fictitious tale, even a simple one.” Likewise, extensive questioning and background checks revealed that “the witness is an honest, truthful, decent person, and this was confirmed in cross-examinations.” He was highly regarded within his community and was not known to drink alcohol, smoke or exhibit any other social vice.
Above all, it is Wolski’s own practical, down-to-earth personality that is most convincing. The witness showed a general “low inclination to fear” and “has not recognized the situation in which he found himself as threatening.”

"In 2005, the Warsaw-based UFO organization Nautilus Foundation erected a monument commemorating the Wolski case, which shows a metal cube balanced on top of a rock, thus becoming the first alien abduction anywhere in the world to have its own memorial."

The Santilli Anti-Matter Telescope

This appears at face value to be legit. If so, it is fairly revolutionary and probably "disruptive." The claim of Thunder Energies Corporation is that this unusual telescope can see anti-matter and has thereby discovered some heretofore unusual "entities" zipping around the planet.

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The Afghan Giant

This from Sasquatch Chronicles may already be queued up by TDG, but if not perhaps it should be.