Ghost Mine

The SyFy Channel's series "Ghost Mine" ended two days ago, and I must say it was one of the more fascinating paranormal reality shows I have seen. It starts off a bit clunkily, but then really gets going when the miners break through to a shaft that had been walled off. This shaft was loaded with high grade gold ore, but also contained some rather nasty spirits which may be why it head been sealed off in the first place. As fevered as the miners were about working in the rich new shaft they were finally driven off by the paranormsl activity which included as a coup de grace the collapse of the mine entrance over night. The nearby mostly deserted mining town is also haunted, and the paranormal crew also has some very well doucumented experiences there.
This will probably play in reruns for awhile. I highly recommend it. The ghost busting crew that came along for the ride and to keep the miners abreast of potential dangers were very professional. The above link contains some highlights. This mine was a well known haunted area which is why the show had been organized around it in the first place.