The Gunning Nuns

The Sandy Hook police scanner radio transmissions describing people in nuns habits fleeing the scene in a purple van may be the key to the whole op. Satanic mocking of christianity has a long history of the participants dressing up as nuns habits while performing orgies and sacrifices.. The Hellfire Club in Benjamin Franklin's milieu was known to indulge themselves thusly.


Pakalert has some amazing findings and images concerning nuns and guns re:Sandy Hook. This includes another "synchronistic" article in the Chicago Tribune on the day of the SH masacre that you really need to see. This looks like yet another "revelation of method" leak. As discussed in previous emails there is a long tradition of satanists donning nun outfits during orgies of Christian mockery and ritual sacrifices which Sandy Hook is coming more and more to resemble.
Packalert is also keeping up with the sudden pulling of all incriminating videos, police scanner reports, etc from the internet in what looks like a panicked purging of circumstantial evidence.