Netflix's HD Streaming Paranormal Reality Shows

I just recently discovered that the excellent SyFy paranormal reality series "Paranormal Witness" is available for HD streaming on Netflix. The three best of the series "Rain Man," "The Poltergeist," and "Haunted Highway" are there. The list of shows is highly limited but "Rain Man" is one of the best paranormal stories ever told on TV. It includes interviews with the police officers and prison wardens who got tangled up in this amazing event. "Haunted Highway" also includes interviews with police officers. "The Poltergeist" contains lots of footage of frightening activity happening in real time in the affected home. These are all pretty much groundbreaking paranormal documentaries for TV, and they look great on my 24 inch LED computer screen.

My interest in these has to do with my interest in the occult as it is used for nefarious purposes by criminal cliques. I try to learn everything I can about the mechanics and dynamics of the occult and the satanic, so as to have some possible ideas about both identifying it in its truly active forms and defeating it. I consider this series to be "science" and good science at that. I am not going to bullshit you and say my interest is purely scientific. I can get wrapped up in scary stuff like any child can, but by now I have watched so many of these shows good and bad that my interest is now almost purely clinical.


Here is the HD streaming Netflix page for another excellent series "The Haunted." Start with "Terror At Maple Dale Farm." " The Haunted" is an Animal Planet offering and often revolves around household pets who become embroiled in the activity. Because the pets are not "actors" the stories can be very convincing. Again there are profuse interviews with the actual witnesses inserted throughout the dramatic reenactment. As with "Paranormal Witness" there are Halloweenish production values, but the quality of the evidence make it easy for me to overlook the spookhouse stuff.