Crop Circles Reconsidered\

Photographic images of crop circles found on the 1945 Google Earth overlay of parts of Australia thus debunking the idea that all crop circles are hoaxes. Undoubtedly, some of them are as the "stomper board" striations can be seen in the flattened crop, but now one has to wonder if contemporary hoaxers are being hired to deflect attention away from the reality of the situation. I have always wondered at the hoaxers' apparent immunity from prosecution for property damage.


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The famous and intricate "Julia Set" crop circle that appeared within 15 minutes beneath a strange mist in a field near Stonehenge. Multiple witnesses.

"It was gradual and you are standing there and you are thinking what is going on and everyone is discussing it and more and more traffic is building up and everything and you just think that all the time you don't really realise what is happening and then you think then that's it and the thing is getting bigger and you are thinking of the beginning and end. But you don't realise what you are looking at. I didn’t understand what was happening."

"The mist wasn't anything from the ground as there was a clear space between the ground and the mist. There was no wind and no dust (she is an asthmatic). It was strangest thing I have ever seen. It was a calm summer’s day.”

“When I asked her how long she stayed looking at the event, she said it was hard to say, but maybe 20 minutes or so, but she couldn’t say as she had lost track of the time as she could not believe what she was seeing. The mist was still there when she left but whether the formation was still expanding she couldn't say."

“What colour was the mist? “Well it wasn’t brown or blue or pink; it wasn’t coming off the ground. And it didn’t go far up into the sky”.
Did you feel strange? “I felt My God what is going on, look what’s happening, are we going to see a leprechaun or the men for Mars or a Sputnik in a minute or something.”