Saint Theresa

Theresa Caputo just keeps blowing me away. People like this are having a huge effect on the general consciousness of the human race as it dawns on more and more people that living is continuous beyond death and cannot be extinguished.
This two part episode of "Long Island Medium" called "On the Road" has a nice mix of Caputo reading people by appointment and what I like to call her "drive by's" as she bumps into random people out in the world and 'reads" them" with uncanny accuracy. It is always people in "need" though, and it is striking how departed spirits are hovering around family and friends watching and participating in their lives. It is also striking how much a work in progress the departed still are. The consciousness is not sitting on a cloud playing a harp but is embroiled in yet more lessons of being. Jerks on this side do not necessarily quit being jerks on the other side.
Caputo's bag is relating to people who have passed on but who want very badly to leave the bereaved with a message that might calm and reassure them.
In a sense, the purported 2012 shift in consciousness really is taking place right here and right now. Forget December 21 - we are already there. Because of the internet it's now much easier to find people with these gifts and bring them before the public without their having to wade through a lot of corporate filtering and inertia. Viral videos spread the news like wildfire so that it is easy to know where to go on the television to find these shows. I have never been much into TV guides and such and rarely had television shows I watched with any regularity, but the Youtubes are something passed around very freely among the social networking sites. That is how I ran into Caputo and her ilk and then made it a point to catch the series on TV. Otherwise, I might never have paid much attention.

See video

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There is another new series called "The Haunting Of (Name of Haunted)" which is also more upbeat and less Halloweenish than the majority of paranormal TV shows these days. This series features the medium Kim Russo who like Caputo is relentlessly upbeat and also spends a lot of time explaining the dynamics and mechanics of paranormal phenomena so as to demystify it and empower people not to be afraid of it when it is encountered.
Both of these mediums assiduously avoid the "cold reading" tactic employed by people like John Edwards and others who are so obviously clever but popular fakes.


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14 April 2009
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i hope she continues to be able to be fortunate enough to help people :3

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake

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I do wonder if her gift will ever leave her. That would be tragic. Her entire life is given over to helping people in this manner.